King and queen of swords relationship

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king and queen of swords relationship

How to Interpret 'Sword Cards' in a Relationship Reading (Simple Snapshot Knight of Swords Upright Queen of Swords Upright King of Swords Upright. Seeing any of these matched pairs, such as the King and Queen of Cups, the . The Queen of Swords in a relationship spread shows up as. The King of Swords is a powerful card with powerful messages. For couples, the King of Swords represents a relationship where everything In the Minor Arcana, there are 16 court cards: 4 Pages, 4 Knights, 4 Queens, and 4 Kings.

Vicious rows and accusations. Words designed to hurt.

Swords – Love and Romance Associations

A love triangle — third person in a relationship or external interference. Legal wrangles between couples. Feeling down and depressed about your relationship. Past hurts and unreleased pain tainting current relationship or attitudes towards relationships. Feeling fatalistic about love. Much effort is required to get past this stage. Stabilisation of relationship issues as communication opens the door to healing.

king and queen of swords relationship

Sorting out your relationship. Releasing anger and bitterness. Opening your heart to forgiveness. The beginning of healing after a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.

king and queen of swords relationship

On the other-hand, it could signal all out war and plunging the swords further into the heart. Refusal to let go and move on. Bitter fight to the end. Repression of true feelings. Outwardly appearing to be fine about everything but festering within. Yes, it could be that the storm is over, but then again it could be No, a hurricane has moved in instead.

Just Leave Me Alone. A relationship has brought you to this. Four of Swords — A partner becomes distant or remote. Feeling your relationship is dying. Needing to distance yourself or retreat from a relationship in order to gain perspective.

king and queen of swords relationship

Not being very open to communication with your partner. The slow acceptance of the end of a relationship. Taking time out to grieve and heal. Not feeling very sociable. Possible need for counselling or marriage guidance. Finding sanctuary away from an abusive relationship. A relationship that has sucked the life out of you. Relationship causing depression and severe stress. Constantly worried or anxious. A partner who is ill or hosptialised.

If you are hell-bent on saving it, then professional help may be needed. For she is very solid and can appear calm.

Queen of Swords and King of Swords combo

But like the air she is ever moving and changing. She could very well be described as aloof. Next to the trees are a small river flowing down a small hill.

She is a queen and queens rule the watery emotional world. The small river suggests that she remains mainly unemotional about life and situations.

It also suggests that she rarely shows her emotions. When she does it's going to be for a good reason. She carries her sword of justice straight up, dividing her center where her heart is. This suggest that she makes decisions that are for the good of all involved.

king and queen of swords relationship

Her decisions are never drawn from her emotions. She rarely has time for love, but seeks the truth above all else.

She is the only queen who is not married to her king. She rules the airy realm of thoughts. She is sharp as a razor and can cut to the heart of a situation very quickly. She has a built-in bullshit detector, to quote Hemingway. People who deceive her are in for a big surprise, because she loves the truth and is quick with her sword. She is like justice, she wants the truth above all else.

She can come off to others as cold and arrogant. She has the least amount of friends, but is a good ruler. It seems like too often when I read weddings I get cards that symbolize conflict, loss, sadness, and disruption—not surprising to most of us who get the chance to look at the situation with the panoramic perspective, but frustratingly hope-dashing to brides-to-be.

Incidentally, watch for this big picture vs. I remember musing about an unexpected card for heartbreak or loss in a spread on an upcoming wedding only to finally hit on, assisted by a dialogue with the querent, that, although it was not the current plan, there was a possibility that she and the new husband would move out of state, away from her friends and family.

Swords – Love and Romance Associations – Truly Teach Me Tarot

Yes, her partner was committed, their love true, and the marriage would be a success—but the sadness would come from the ending of her current relationship with her family as she began a new one. To identify marriage in the cards, it is helpful to identify whether the current relationship is the right one, whether the commitment is there, and finally whether a formal ceremony or legal contract is indicated.

I asked my friend Linda yesterday what cards she sees for marriage. First and foremost is to establish love, as discussed in an earlier post. She also mentioned the Emperor and Empress or any of the matching court cards.

Seeing any of these matched pairs, such as the King and Queen of Cups, the King and Queen of Wands, or any of the tarot couples can indicate a perfect partnership. The cards tend to express this balance, not the gender of the people involved.

Helpfully, although marriage is tricky to pick out, it is much easier to see in the cards the security of commitment. Pentacles cards, also called the suit of Coins, are associated with the solid, fertile element earth and will address the important relationship concerns of stability and devotion. The Ace of Pentacles is a new, committed relationship. The Ten of Pentacles is a positive conclusion, lasting commitment and security, an indicator of family, and a card for co-habitation or buying a house together.

If you are patient, this Knight is one who is much more likely to stick around and grow into one of the Kings than our flighty Knights from last week.

king and queen of swords relationship

Finally, the King of Coins is the marrying type—secure, committed, financially stable, ready to make it real. Now on to cards that address taking the step from feeling that commitment to making it legal! The Four of Wands shows four wands foregrounded with a garland of greenery and flowers draped between two of them. They form an archway-like opening through which we can see in the background the tall red turret of a gray stone castle.

King Of Pentacles Love and Relationships!!!

Framed in the portal of the wands and set in the midground are two women in white gowns, swathed in colorful mantles. The women hold bouquets and wave as they run out to welcome us.

Further back, crowds of colorfully dressed people greet each other. I had previously been unfamiliar with this tradition.