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Gundam Seed Destiny: Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne Gundam Seed, Mobile .. Kết quả hình ảnh cho anime cute couple Anime Ships, Mobile Suit, Gundam Seed. A number of refugees end up on board the Archangel, and become Earth Alliance crewmen after later enlisting, despite being citizens of a neutral nation. Kira. Jesus Yamato's words are so influential and thought provoking, they can turn even Rey, . Why can Lacus have a relationship but not Cagalli?.

However, when Siegel Clyne receives word of Patrick Zala 's deception - that the target for Operation: Lacus also grants Kira "her strength" by means of a kiss to his cheek, showing him that he has her support and affections.

While in hiding, Lacus meets with Athrun, and her views of the war help lead to his final decision concerning who he wants to fight for. Upon seeing Kira again, she tells him about the death of her father and weeps bitterly. When Kira discovers his origins as the product of the Ultimate Coordinator project and becomes depressed, Lacus comforts him by saying that meeting him has made her so happy, despite all the sadness she has endured up to this point.

Lacus finally admits to Kira her love for him when she gives him a ring before the final battle at Jachin Due and tells him to come back to her safely. Kira thanks her for this and seals his promise to return with a kiss to her cheek. During the battle, Lacus tried to persuade both sides to cease firing the weapons of mass destruction, but failed.

The real Lacus is almost killed in an assassination attempt by Coordinators from the "Coordinator special forces". Kira was forced to pilot the Freedom again in order to protect the woman he loves. Ultimately, Kira's old friend Miriallia Haw would take over this position.

They rejoin the crew of the Eternal and the Terminal factory satellite. In the Special Edition, the scene is edited so that Kira begs her to let him come along.

Despite her personal feelings for Kira, she tells him he must remain on Earth to help Cagalli and the Archangel. After the shuttle is found, Durandal declares that she is an impostor. Kira arrives in space via Cagalli's Strike Rouge and is nearly killed when his mobile suit is severely damaged.

Aboard, Kira and Lacus are reunited and share an emotional embrace and words of happiness at seeing each other again.

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Lacus then takes Kira to his new mobile suit, the Strike Freedom; once again, she wears a worried expression, much like she did when Kira wanted to pilot the Freedom to save her in Orb. After Kira saves her and the Eternal, she takes the Infinite Justice to Orb herself, giving Kira the freedom to participate in the already-heated battle in Orb.

She lands on the Archangel and her words again help Athrun decide on what he wants to do concerning the second war. When Meer interrupts Cagalli's television broadcast following the Second Battle of Onogoro, Lacus subsequently interrupts as well, revealing her presence and the fact that Meer is an impostor.

Most people are shocked, including the Joule Team and the Minerva crew; even Durandal himself is perplexed that Lacus is in Orb. In her broadcast she also denounces Chairman Durandal's agenda, but also states she does not support Lord Djibril either: Later, Lacus and Kira reveal to the crew of the Archangel that Durandal intends to assign behavioral genes to every human being in order to render war and conflict obsolete.

By doing this, no one can make a decision if their future was planned. Terminal vows to stop Durandal from implementing his radical "Destiny Plan. Even though Athrun and Meyrin think it is a trap, Lacus chooses to meet Meer. Lacus tries to convince Meer to stop working for Durandal; however, they are attacked.

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Athrun, Kira, and Meyrin deal with the attackers, but Meer ends up dying in Lacus' arms after taking the shot that was originally meant to kill Lacus. After a funeral on the Archangel, Lacus and the others read Meer's diary and are visibly moved. When Durandal appears on a television broadcast, Lacus looks at him with an expression which had never been seen on her. She once again tried to convince the ZAFT forces to stand down and remind them of the principles of humanity.

I'm impressed that he can sleep in this situation. It was really tough for Kira, you know. Well, I guess that's true, but What are you getting at, Kuzzey? Just that in Kira's case we can only say "it was tough for him," and that's it. Kira said he rewrote the OS for that thing, right? When did he do that? What do you mean? I can't imagine Kira had any previous knowledge of that thing.

So, when did he rewrite the OS? I figured all along that Kira had to be a Coordinator. To think that Coordinators, born genetically-enhanced, do these amazing things, but to them it's nothing more than "tough.

Do the Earth Forces have any chance fighting against these guys? It seems he has no intention of waiting until we head out there. Do they intend to hit us again within the colony? We can't fire, but they can fire as they wish. What you say may be correct, that there is a war going on outside our world.

But we don't agree with it! And that is why we chose to be here in neutral territory! Show us that same spirit that made you defy orders! The council won't look lightly on a neutral nation's colony being destroyed. How can you call a colony that's manufacturing new weapons for the Earth Forces "neutral"?

From this point on, we'll have to rely on luck. Murdoch is pretty upset, you know? We don't have enough people. So, you maintain your machine, okay? What do you mean "my machine"? Well, let's just say that's what's been decided. The fact is, you're the only one capable of piloting that thing. It can't be helped. Sure, I rode the thing twice, only because I had no choice! But I'm not a soldier or anything! So, when the fighting starts again, you refuse to use it?

Are those going to be your last words, huh? At that moment, you and I are the only ones who can protect this ship. But I don't think it's! Kira, you have the power to make a difference, don't you? Then why not put it to use. We have precious little time, including time to think it over. Kira is a Coordinator. But he isn't with ZAFT. He's one of us.

I may be able to operate the mobile suit Irony abounds in warfare. Brilliant as he is, he is also naive and good-natured. They're exploiting him, but he's blind to it. That's why I have to go back! I have to reason with him! Kira is still a fellow Coordinator! I'm positive that he'll come around to our way of thinking. I know how you feel. However, what if he won't listen to you? If that should happen I'll shoot him down myself. It's not that I want to fight Because of the people on board. It's the same for us all.

You won't find too many people who wish to fight for no reason at all. We fight because unless we fight, we cannot protect. In any case, think only about protecting this ship and yourself. Mu La Flaga, taking off! Don't let them sink you before I return! Athrun, what are you up to? I'm taking you to the Gamow. I'm not going to set foot on any ZAFT ship. You are a Coordinator. You're one of us, Kira. Just let me take you. I already lost my mom at Bloody Valentine.

Are you out of your mind? If it hadn't been your interfering for no reason Quite the little disaster. And all because you had to disobey orders. What are you doing? This isn't the place. We went out in four machines, and we still couldn't get him.

It's too humilating for words. You can take it out on Athrun all you want. But it won't change anything, will it? Athrun, I can't help but think that this isn't like you. Could you just let me be alone for a while? So what's the strategy then?

Kick back until they come out? Trial and error of an untested system. I really hope it works. It seems appropriate for Nicol. A weapon fit for a coward.

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Why can't you go away and let us live in peace? But you're already a traitor to your fellow Coordinators, are you not? I want you to sit just right here. Kira looked out of the corner of his eye toward the wall, trying to not smile. It didn't work; you could see him beaming.

He looked down, however, when Lacus suddenly took her finger and outlined his palm. Kira looked at his hand. Let me enjoy this moment. Very lightly at first, then started using her tongue to massage it.

Kira attempted to take his hand back, much to her dismay. What are you doing? She just smiled underneath his hand. Even for people like us, six nights in a row is a lot! She continued to kiss his hand, moistening it up. What is it with her? Will you remain with me here forever? Kira could do nothing but smile and nod to her, his heart warmed up and still rising.

I will always be here with you. He could see where this was going. Kira looked into Lacus' eyes and saw a tiny tear glisten. Lacus closed her eyes and sang… "With you here forever, my dear. Whenever needed… I'll always be here. How beautiful Lacus' singing was. It really made his day whenever he heard it.

Without a warning, he leaned toward Lacus and kissed her.


A small moan of happiness escaped her lips, very unstable to hear. Kira smiled while he held her in her arms. His wandering hands motioned toward her gown, but she protested for now.

She broke up the kiss. Let's do this right. It's a celebration of sorts. Kira winced as the short-term injunction of their kiss ended. Lacus was back on him, this time much more forceful and passionate.


They remained like this for many moments, until Kira broke the kiss to begin kissing her neck. She moaned to herself. Do that to me. Kira continued kissing his lover's neck, tasting a sweet lotion that smelled like a very formal perfume Kira hadn't ever been around.

As he kissed her more and more around her neck, he felt her soft hands brushing through his hair and on the outline of his neck. Her hands felt surprisingly cold. She broke the kiss once more and looked into his eyes, only inches away. She closed her eyes and shed a small tear of happiness, Kira thought. Let me help you sleep. Kira wasn't getting a chance to breath even when she jumped and latched onto his lips again, this time more passionate and wanting then ever before in the eight days he'd been aboard her ship.

He simply responded my making out with her in return. They sat here doing this for a few minutes, and then each of them broke apart for some air. Kira began to say something to her, but she put her finger over his mouth. She took her other hand and placed it in his. He could feel her hand moving very smoothly through it as she looked into his eyes.

Forget fighting in mobile suits; forget fighting altogether. Kira noticed it was beating very loudly. He could feel the pulse slow down gradually, little by little, as he searched her eyes for some answers to her present behavior. He laughed to himself a bit. I'm staying here with you.