Krogstad and christine relationship problems

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krogstad and christine relationship problems

Nora and Torvald have a very insubstantial relationship in which Nora Christine and Krogstad have their share of issues but they are able to. Mrs. Linde says to Nora, “You haven't known much trouble or hardship in She rekindles their relationship and inspires Krogstad to amend his. There is no question that Christine Linde and Nils Krogstad are of vital importance to the play “A Doll's House” by Henrik.

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Through these two characters, Ibsen indicates that true happiness is not found through material posessions in patriarchal housholds, but through an equal relationship in which the two lovers understand one another.

In the beginning of their conversation, Mrs. This sentiment is echoed by Nora later in the play immediately before she abandons her husband.

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Linde and Krogstad represent the healthy relationship that Nora comes to realize she lacks. Linde has fulfilled through her independent lifestyle Ibsen This can only happen if Nora learns to be independent like Mrs.

krogstad and christine relationship problems

Linde, and if Helmer learns to submit to his wife in the same fashion that Krogstad does to his lover. After Nora reveals to Mrs. Linde that Krogstad has left a letter to expose her debt to her husband and publicly humiliate the Helmers, Mrs. Linde claims that she has left Krogstad a note to try to ammend the situation before Helmer opens the letter Ibsen This initially appears to be the climax of the play, as the third act opens with Krogstad going to see Mrs.

krogstad and christine relationship problems

While this scene initially seems like Mrs. Everyone hates Krogstad because he did an illegal act; on the other hand, everyone loves Torvald. The idea that Krogstad is the villain of the play is reinforced by the reactions that Nora displays whenever Krogstad is around.

The reader eventually understands that Krogstad is a victim to circumstances; he committed forgery to help his children, not to help himself. Krogstad is hated by others for the crime he committed to help his children, yet Torvald is loved even though he committed a dishonest act to serve himself.

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Krogstad no longer has a wife because she, Christine, left him for money. How fast would you like to get it?

krogstad and christine relationship problems

We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Christine Linde and Nora Helmer are greatly dissimilar but also share some comparisons.

Very much like Krogstad and Torvald, Nora and Christine were childhood friends. Before their meeting in Act 1, these two women had not seen each other in nearly ten years. Christine and Nora are nearly opposites of each other; Nora has children, money, and a husband, Christine is a poor widow with no offspring. However, Nora soon reveals to Mrs. This creates a dilemma: Yet this is an act of love that society condemns, thereby placing the rules of marriage above love.

In the final moments of the play, it's revealed that Nora's fear of the secret getting out is not a fear that she will end up shamed and punished, but rather is based on her certainty that Torvald will protect her by taking the blame, and in so doing will ruin himself.

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Nora is certain that beneath the role Torvald is playing, that he loves her just as deeply as she loved him when she secretly broke the rules of society. Of course, Torvald's reaction reveals that he's not in fact "playing a role" at all—he really does put his reputation first, and he would never sacrifice it to protect Nora.

What Nora thought was role-playing was in fact the entire reality.