Kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

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kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. LEETEUK. LEETEUK's real name is PARK JUNG SOO. LEE TEUK means SUNGMIN always talks to Shindong about serious stuff and asks for his advice. is so close to his sister that they were once accused of being in a relationship!. I do know when they have girlfriend and with Hyuk we all know about it from news which spread last year. Donghae and Yoona, for me.

Although, AO3 is awesome and there doesn't seem to be a problem with anything loading or moving. This story is told from Henry's POV, just in case that's a no for anyone.

There are mentions of whether or not Kyu and Mi are fucking, but no explicit sex. I also took some artistic liberties with some translation, and though I tried to credit as much as possible, if there is anything that belongs to anyone, let me know and I can link back as appropriate.

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See the end of the work for more notes. If anyone were to ask, Henry would tell them that it was inevitable that Kyuhyun would make a fool of himself in front of Zhou Mi. Henry knows everything about Zhou Mi because he and Kyuhyun tend to share hotel rooms during SJM activities since they're the youngest.

So Henry knows about the embarrassing number of pictures of Zhou Mi that Kyuhyun has on his phone. Henry also knows about ten of Zhou Mi's songs by heart because Kyuhyun likes to leave his Itouch on at night, and because Kyuhyun will sing nothing else but Zhou Mi's songs when they're in China.

But Kyuhyun is scary on good days, so neither Henry, nor the others say anything about the slight obsession Kyuhyun seems to have with Zhou Mi. Henry doesn't laugh, but Heechul cackles madly until Siwon drags him away with a worried glance in Kyuhyun's direction.

Henry knows better than to say a word, and he goes back to the his room at the SJ dorms. Henry is going to take the window seat, order a hot meal when the stewardess comes by with her cart, and maybe nap. The problem is, Kyuhyun takes the aisle seat next to Henry and spends the first hour of the plane ride pretending he isn't freaking out over meeting Zhou Mi. Ryeowook is too far away to be any help, and when Henry waggles his eyebrows at Siwon, Siwon just smiles back in confusion.

There are worse things, Henry tells himself when Kyuhyun starts fidgeting in his seat. At least Kyuhyun is too nervous to start singing. He wouldn't know what to say, so Henry probably would have ended up saying everything. Henry expects nervousness from Kyuhyun, maybe some stuttering when he meets Zhou Mi. What Henry does not expect, however, is for Kyuhyun to take one look at Zhou Mi and start smirking.

No one knows how to react when Kyuhyun shoves Henry aside and takes the seat closest to Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi turns his wide, earnest eyes on Kyuhyun, and Henry prays to all the deities he knows for this to end well. And just like that, Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun break off into rapid mandarin.

Who is close with whom in Super Junior?

The cameras from the small audience off stage start going off. There are flashes everywhere, cheers, and screaming fangirls before the interview even starts.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

They're deep in conversation, the mic in Zhou Mi's hand down by Zhou Mi's left calf, and as far away from him and Kyuhyun as Zhou Mi can get it. Siwon and Sungmin are both watching Kyuhyun with suspicion, but Zhou Mi is laughing, head thrown back to expose his long neck.

Sometimes personalities click, and sometimes they don't, lol. You start noticing that when you watch tons of variety shows of them or follow their social media. So what do you guys think? Who is best friends with whom? Who is the least closest with whom? So this is what I've gathered with regards to their relationships. Sorry that this looks like a ramble, lol.

Why are the members of Super Junior so hated?

In no particular order: Ah, the only 83'liner now that Hangeng has left. In the beginning I think that they were not that close However, after their fight, dubbed the "Battle of Incheon" as revealed in Radio Star, during the Bonamama era and not having talked to each other for three whole months, they finally made up and since then Heechul has always supported Leeteuk. Eh, I think this is self-explanatory. From the comments below, I see that their relationship has seemed to be strained a little bit due to work.

That is sad, but I guess unavoidable sometimes. It doesn't seem to be serious though. They just need some time for themselves.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

Very special relationship in my eyes, maybe the most special one if you ask me. Leeteuk met Donghae way before Super Junior's debut, when the latter was just 13 or To Donghae, Leeteuk is truly like an older brother to him.

They are kind of like the variety kings of the group in my eyes, and best friends! Instead, we had the beloved leader of the group posting photos and videos about his puppy instead as if his own member was not just bullied out of his job. Good luck with trying to have freedom to date or marry or even be able to do what you want.

They have decided to give in to this vile, poisonous fandom instead of standing up for a fellow member of 12 years and themselves.

It is not about Sungmin, it is about this fandom using him to show how vicious and powerful they can be in demanding to get what they want and they decided to give in. The members are not victims.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

Don't insist they're poor things stuck in the middle when so far they only pander to the side of the fandom who wants him out. Their stance is clear. Even if choosing to back out this time is largely his decision, the members' lack of support towards him just encouraged the hate to continue snowballing. They are all responsible too. Them not hinting anything on "waiting for him" after that post he was left to do alone speaks volumes.

They don't care about him. You can imagine all their private support but none of that matters because it is their public support that speaks to the fandom and influences their actions and none is seen.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship problems

They talk about how fans have to be loyal and respect the members' decisions??? Choosing to accept and respect all the shit they are doing to their own member does NOT make you better fans. Don't put yourselves on a pedestal for choosing to do so.