Lana and ziggler relationship quiz

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lana and ziggler relationship quiz

In this universe, relationships begin with kidnappings and end in even . Probably because Lana and Ziggler had no chemistry together and. Dolph Ziggler-Lana Pairing Will Be Mutually Beneficial for Superstar, an on- screen relationship between the two that will ultimately prove. Do you know if Rusev and Lana has ever been a real life couple? involved with CM Punk, Kane, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler at different points. Matt Hardy and Lita had their relationship become part of WWE for quite.

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They do look like a fitting couple as evident by the photo above. The Great Khali And Natalya via pinterest. Among them was the pairing of The Great Khali and Natalya, as they went from being friends to a couple to produce some cringe worthy moments. It was a terrible fit from the start that obviously wasn't meant to be taken very seriously, which is why they mainly served as a comedy act. Unfortunately for Natalya, she was involved in some terrible storylines at the time as she didn't have much to do with a weak women's division.

And as for The Great Khali, he hadn't been a serious wrestler in years, so the WWE were experimenting with him by that point. The couple lasted longer than they should have as the company dragged on a bit too long with the pairing. Test And Stephanie McMahon via sportskeeda. They had been paired as an on-screen couple inand had a storyline revolving around their wedding. And when it finally took place, it was crashed by Triple H as Stephanie would turn on Test to join her new lover.

Before the era of the internet, it actually looked legitimate, as many figured Test would have only gotten this storyline if he was in fact involved with the boss's daughter. Before the angle concluded, fans had bought into the hype of Stephanie along with Test. According to Vince Russo, the storyline was originally supposed to end with Test not going through with the wedding, which would have turned him heel.

And that would have probably worked out better for his WWE career. Carlito And Trish Stratus via wrestlingforum. And after spending some time feuding with Shelton Benjamin among others, WWE decided to turn him face by having him align with Trish Stratus.

Not only did Carlito look out for her, but they had some romantic moments together. Both Superstars were popular at the time, but it was just a random pairing that happened too quickly.

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Trish had already been involved in too many romantic angles by then and fans weren't exactly excited to see her in yet another one. As for Carlito, he had spent the past two years behaving like the biggest jerk in WWE, so turning him into a sweetheart would end up hurting his career in the long run. They tried to make it work, and it didn't flop per se but you could sense some awkwardness between them.

Eddie Guerrero And Chyna via pinterest. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna formed an unlikely duo that managed to succeed beyond all expectations.

lana and ziggler relationship quiz

Both benefited from the on-screen relationship as it led increased air time, as well as some of the most memorable segments involving WWE couples. Teaming up with Chyna proved to be a good move for Guerrero's career, who had the opportunity to display his talent beyond the ring.

Fans were already aware that he was one of the best wrestlers in the world, but this relationship brought out his Latino Heat side. And as you can tell by how over they were with the fans, most were rooting for them to stay together. After bringing some great highlights, the relationship did eventually end when Guerrero was caught cheating backstage. To this day it remains one of the most watched segments in WWE history. Dolph Ziggler and Lana This one is just depressing, as it did nothing to help any character involved.

Lana hit the scene with her real-life partner Rusev back in and ,for a year or so, they were the most exciting heel couple the company had seen for a long time.

More bad luck was to come, though. Lana also left him for Ziggler, while Rusev got with a dancer named Summer Rae. For the next few weeks, we were force fed some terrible television featuring awkward romantic exchanges.

lana and ziggler relationship quiz

Probably because Lana and Ziggler had no chemistry together and nothing about their relationship felt natural. During the Attitude Era, she regularly wrestled the guys and even won the Intercontinental Championship. Bear in mind that was a period in WWE where the women didn't get on-screen time for the right reason. Chyna, though, was an ass-kicker and a badass. While Chyna had more than proven that she could get physical, her relationship with Guerrero proved that she could make us laugh as well.

His pairing with Chyna made him a massive fan-favorite and he went on to become one of the most beloved superstars in WWE history. Sadly, both superstars are no longer with us. There are worse ways to go, of course, but you can understand why his daughter would be upset with the woman who gave him too much action.

lana and ziggler relationship quiz

Additionally, as part of the ridiculous angle. Marie also revealed that she had romantic feelings for Torrie, which resulted in an onscreen kiss at one point as well. Their subsequent feud lasted nine months, culminating in a Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match -- a first for WWE. This is yet another example of WWE creative at its most puerile, but the whole ordeal was sometimes entertaining in a trainwreck sort of way. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Randy Savage and Elizabeth's onscreen chemistry was natural, but this was because they were married in real-life before their fictional relationship had officially begun.

That said, fans gravitated towards them like a bee to honey; so much so that there were even tears in the crowd when they reunited following a brief storyline breakup back in the s. As far as onscreen wrestling couples go, Savage and Elizabeth are the gold standard to which all others have been compared to since.

When history remembers the best couples in the history of WWE, Elizabeth and Savage will forever rank among the very best of them.