Leonard cohen love and hate relationship

Songs of Love and Hate by Leonard Cohen

leonard cohen love and hate relationship

Leonard Cohen, Canada's most influential . As the love of the relationship finally goes, Cohen sings 'Lets sing another song, boys, this one's. Songs of Love and Hate has 53 ratings and 3 reviews. Ipsita said: I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive youI'm glad you stood in my way (Famous Blu. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Songs of Love and Hate - Leonard Cohen on AllMusic - - Songs of Love and Hate is .

The sparse production has an immensely enhancing effect on the album's opener, "Avalanche". This track has, quite possibly, Cohen's greatest vocal peformance Cohen is known for his inability to hold a tune. The lyrics are dark and melancholy, and reflect the subject matter of loneliness and lost love perfectly.

Most of the verses are only Cohen's voice, and and an unobtrusive guitar accompaniament. Strings fade in and out, in sweeping crescendos and suddenly fading; in some of the verses, the strings provide a powerful, dynamic bass line that adds strength to the raw emotion Cohen radiates on this song.

Leonard Cohen often has a repuation for being extremely depressing; a view that I personally find is unjust, but he has a reputation for being so, regardless.

The two songs are similar, as they both contain the same emotions as each other as described abovebut their approach is different, and yet they both achieve the same effect; and the effect of these two songs are unlike any other on the album.

My favorite Leonard Cohen Album: Songs of Love and Hate.

The major chords are immediately countered with the minor chords in such away that it leads the listener on an emotional rollercoaster; the major chords are placed in the sequence in a way that lifts the soul, whereas the minor chords brings it crashing back down; and the fact that soul was lifted just seconds previously makes the crash all the more bitter.

The lyrics are depressing in nature; it talks about failure, and desperation amounting to nothing. It is very hard not to be moved at some core point of the soul by this song as long as you pay attention to the lyricsand the chords echo the lyrics to tremendous effect. This song really does leave the listener very low. Cohen takes this, and runs with it; "Dress Rehearsal Rag" is a song that is about the suicide of a man who has led a life like a train wreck; he lives in a crummy apartment, and his love has gone and left him.

This song is all minor chords bar a single major chord at the end of each verse, a very discerning effectand hence sounds bitter throughout.

leonard cohen love and hate relationship

Cohen makes use of some wonderful imagery here; the lathered-up protaganist of the song currently shaving is reffered to as 'Santa Claus', and the idea of the jolly ol' St Nick staring at the veins in wrist whilst fingering a razor is ironic, to say the least. Both "Dress Rehearsal Rag" makes use of a child's choir to back Cohen on key phrases; this adds to the crushing nature of the songs, and on these two songs, I must concede, Cohen can be considered 'depressing'.

Not wanting to drive the listner to suicide, Cohen chucks in some light relief with "Diamonds in the Mine". This later led to an absolute obsession with The Stranger Song that can still capture me when I hear it, making me pause in my step.

I told you when I came I was a stranger. I thought it was there for good, so I never tried. Although there is depth and beauty in the first two albums, for me this is where his unique perspective really comes to play.

leonard cohen love and hate relationship

Lines like, from Avalanche: Your pain is no credential here, just the shadow, shadow of my wound. From Dress Rehearsal Rag: From Diamonds in the mine: There is no comfort in the coverns of the witch, some very clever doctor went and sterilized the bitch, and the only man of energy, yes the revolutions pride, he trained a hundred women just to kill an unborn child.

The lyrics are cutting.

leonard cohen love and hate relationship

The first two albums are a shattering observation about humanity and their interactions, but this album. This is about me. Cohen screams out some of the songs, bleating from the heart in a way that rips at your guts.

My favorite Leonard Cohen Album: Songs of Love and Hate. | Lisa Thatcher

He combines this with the tingling sweetness of his omnipresent harmonic female backing vocals who sing this bitter twisted words with so much sweetness you are almost unsure of your own responses. For me the two giants of this album are Sing another song boys and Joan of Arc. As a feminist, the insight in Joan of Arc, the tragedy and loss for a woman in love, is devastating.

leonard cohen love and hate relationship

Here is a powerful woman who is just tired. Joan's surrender to the fire, as its bride, may also be seen as a symbol of her religious fervor and commitment. I don't want to suggest in that song that what she really wanted to be was a housewife.

What I mean to say is that as lonely and as solitudinous as she was she had to meet and be embraced by her destiny A Remarkable Life, biographer Anthony Reynolds quotes Cohen explaining that "Famous Blue Raincoat" is about "A man writing a letter to a man who has had an affair with his wife," but, on a more prosaic level, Cohen is also quoted saying that the tune is related to his own attire: It had lots of various fixtures on it It always resided in my memory as some glamorous possibility that I never realized That was one I thought was never finished.

But I always thought that that was a song you could see the carpentry in a bit.