Linden and holder relationship memes

'The Killing' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Dead But Not Buried

linden and holder relationship memes

'Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder are deeply affected by the murders they investigate in this dark, acclaimed series,' or so says. Early in this week's episode of The Killing, homicide detectives Sarah Linden ( Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) stroll down a. The relationship between Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder is one of the Get to know me MEME - [10/10] Favorite TV Female Characters: SARAH LINDEN.

The Place Behind the Pines : "The Killing" Ends in Light

Some critics have called the ending unexpectedbut the coupling feels right to me, as Linden, a perpetual runner, realizes home is with Holder -- her "best friend," and Holder's eyes are no longer darting from here to there, tweaking out on whatever dogma will get him through the day: This emotionally stunted, absentee mother has the capacity to love and care, to grieve and let go, all on her terms.

As they've always been, Linden and Holder are both variations on the anti-hero. And that's the thing about people who are "deeply affected;" they don't always live in a functioning reality.

The pacing throughout this season was tight, with key episodes "The Good Soldier" Episode 3 directed by Ed Bianchi and "Eden" Series Finale directed by Jonathan Demme creating a compelling arc of secrets that give themselves away, even in this land shielded by tall pines and unrelenting rain. The spectacle and melody of this crime drama always compelled me.

linden and holder relationship memes

To that end, the score, originally composed by Frans Bak for Forbrydelsenthe Danish series upon which The Killing is based, continues to do its job in this final season, patrolling the episodes and evoking tension. Bak's familiar and well-structured soundtrack is not only haunting, but melodic, moody and steady, with percussive elements that build in turn with the emotional tension being played out on screen, more subtly than in previous seasons. This season, our leads, more than ever are faced with seeing the monster within.

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Like cult crime drama favorites -- Twin Peaks, True Detective -- The Killing examines the place behind the pines, literally the seedy city built upon waterfront corruption, runaways and teen hookers.

This is the brutality of the world Linden and Holder must make sense of, offset by the shades of Puget Sound. Moments when the camera pans back to the landscape feel naturalistic and meditative, a necessary complement to close-ups of blood spatter. These moments allow us to be enveloped by the fullness of the world as we spend time with its flawed but "deeply affected" characters. That's not to say that Holder is cool with everything.

When Linden spots blood on his only coat — because of course Holder only has one coat — he jumps out of it like the blood is on fire.

linden and holder relationship memes

Linden cleans it up for him but was I the only one who had the feeling that this might come back to bite him later? He should have burned that thing.

Holder, left, and Linden tackle a case of a murdered family in the season premiere of 'The Killing. Netflix Particularly, the fear that Holder will go down for a crime that's essentially Linden's alone is a great one because it's clear that such an outcome is the last thing Linden would ever want.

And it seems whatever Linden doesn't want is exactly what happens on this show. You didn't have to help me," she tells him at one point. As if Holder doesn't have enough to deal with, Caroline Jewel Staite tells him that she's pregnant.

At first, he's stunned and kinda not happy. But later, he proposes. Like that soon-to-be-retired cop character who dies in all the action movies, Holder's plans for the future only make me more nervous something terrible is about to go down.

What do you have against pianos?

linden and holder relationship memes

The case of the season seems, at least for a bit, to be the least complicated thing Linden and Holder are dealing with. Then enters Joan Allen, who plays Col.

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Margaret Rayne, the head of the all-boys military academy. It was one of her students whose family was killed, and at first, he's the prime suspect, thought to have killed his family and then turned the gun on himself.

The boy, named Kyle Stansbury Tyler Rossescapes with some major head trauma and memory loss, which Holder thinks he's faking.

linden and holder relationship memes

But Linden has other ideas because it turns out that the gun he allegedly used to try to kill himself was a different gun than the one that was used on his family.