Link and saria relationship quizzes

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link and saria relationship quizzes

Or at least know that the guy in the green hat is NOT Zelda. Quiz. The Hardest Legend of Zelda Quiz ever. Ganondorf, Zelda, Link Relationship Test. We also learn that Mido likes Saria, and as a result is jealous of Link because is extremely difficult, as it is so often in real world relationships. To whoever said a relationship between a teacher and his student is wrong, these Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Link, Zelda - Chapters: 15 .. Your homework tonight is to review the section; you have a quiz on the.

Promise you'll return here someday Despite his rather panicky escape, he goes off to do his usual duties. Meeting new people and of course befriending Princess Zelda.

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Then he fulfils her promise and returns later. She was delighted that he came back and so, to remember their days together teaches him her song.

As such, more begin terrorising the residents. Link fulfils this promise and returns to find his beloved past now ravaged by the gerudo thief's influence. Finding Sheik at the entrance of the Temple, who lectures the hero on not to let go of the past times enjoyed with your friends.

Link goes in and banishes the evil containing her soul and she reawakens as the Forest Sage. Now, judging from the fact that nearly every Kokiri can't recognise Link despite wearing almost identical clothes to his younger self. Only Saria recognised Link by the the fact that she will always be his friend, even if shes now a ghost.

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He drew three triangles arranged in the shape of the Triforce. He colored the top red, the left green, and the right blue.

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Link continued with his lecture, but Zelda couldn't focus. She was too preoccupied with Link. She studied his body very closely. She examined every muscle on his arms, every golden lock on his head, the way his torso muscles were outlined through his shirt, his pearl white teeth and carefree smile, his arrestingly masculine voice, and most of all his deep, cerulean eyes. Don't look at him!

link and saria relationship quizzes

You've lost your mind if you even think you have a chance with him! Link stopped mid-sentence and looked at the clock. Your homework tonight is to review the section; you have a quiz on the Triforce tomorrow! Have a nice day! Zelda, Malon, and Saria all nodded. Ruto gasped in surprise.

link and saria relationship quizzes

The five of them looked up to see Link standing over them, smiling. The five of them all nodded in reply. Well, make sure you guys study tonight. Malon turned to Nabooru. With that, the other three turned to her. Zelda looked up to them from her food. Zelda looked at her salad, and it looked exactly the way it did when she bought it.

link and saria relationship quizzes

Zelda smiled and shook her head. They all looked to her. Saria and Nabooru eyed Zelda with narrow eyes, smiling slyly. Zelda looked down at her salad. The two female teams volleyed the ball back and forth over the net, while Zelda tied her blonde hair into a ponytail.

The ball was headed in Zelda's direction. It was about to hit her, but she finished tying her hair just in time to spike it hard over the net. None of the girls on the other team was fast enough to save the ball so it hit the ground just before Anju, one of Malon's friends could hit it. Zelda smiled at him. Zelda looked back in confusion. Before she could get out of the way, the ball hit her straight in the face, causing her to falll back, hitting the ground head first.

She yelped sharply, and before she could do anything else, she was knocked out. Yet, she could hear distant voices. Get this girl to the nurse's office! Her vision was slightly blurred, so she rubbed her eyes to see more clearly. She felt something on her head. She raised her hand to feel what it was, and found out it was an ice pack. She looked around and saw a young man across the room talking to a nurse. The two of them looked at Zelda. Link gasped in shock and hurried over to Zelda's bedside.

Turns out that she was knocked in the head with a volleyball and hit her head on the floor," she explained as she turned the copy machine on. Link seethed through his teeth quietly.

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And this too clues us in that at least some of the Kokiri are not entirely what they seem. Link too, has Saria in a prominent place in his own heart. We see that even at the beginning, especially the way he backs up hesitantly from her on the bridge and then runs off.

Both Saria and Link constantly think about each other. In the end, however, we have no concrete evidence either way.

link and saria relationship quizzes

After defeating the Forest Temple, Saria says the following: The Sage of the Forest Temple. I always believed that you would come. Because I know you. I will stay here as the Forest Sage and help you… Now, please take this Medallion.