Loke and aries relationship advice

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loke and aries relationship advice

Gray and Loke is a friendship between Fairy Tail Mage, Gray Fullbuster and Fairy Gray Fullbuster/Relationships · Jellal Fernandes/Relationships · Juvia Lockser/ . He is very loyal to his friends; in order to protect Aries from Karen Lilica's Following Ur's advice to find strong wizards in the west, Gray arrived at Fairy Tail . Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Aries personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Aries relationships. It is mentioned in the series that since Lucy and her spirits share a strong bond, the spirits can summon themselves without Lucy initiating it.

Lucy was stuck on what to do. She wanted to help her friend, but at what cost?

Aries relationships

She owed her Celestial Spirits so much, and especially Aries, who had been abused in the past Lucy wanted the best for Aries.

She wanted her Spirits to be happy. In the end, it would be Loke who made the decision whether he reciprocated Aries' feelings or not. There was nothing to do but help out and leave the rest to that flirting playboy. I can go up and tell him. She leaped forward and tightly hugged the blonde. Then Aries suddenly pulled away. I've never been on a d-d-date. Her hands kept twisting the white wool minidress. How did you learn? I hadn't been kissed yet, and Cana was teasing me about that.

It was a girl group, just all us ladies She saw Aries shrink down. She taught me how. Or maybe we just made out. I was sort of drunk.

Gray and Loke

Then she raised her head and quietly asked, "Would you kiss me? If it's just between us girls, that's okay It's just a kiss between girls. I mean, Leo's the sort Still, even if that's the case, even if it's just one night, I I want it to be good, and Well, hopefully he doesn't do that to you.

If he's going to date you, he should be serious about it. Any girl pursuing Leo the Lion had to realize how relaxed he was about his relationships.

Aries relationships

Do it discreetly, like this. Not that far, just up to my eyes. Um, this seems kinda Not all the way at first, you might miss each other's lips, but a hazy lowered look. You can really make yourself look seductive if you do it right.

loke and aries relationship advice

You look like a fish. Keep your lips relaxed. I can do soft. Left, right, left, right? That is a problem with first kisses, but I was told to simply lean to the right. And make sure you close your eyes.

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You said to keep them partly open. Okay, so he'll lean in, he'll hold you like this, and Whoa, not too tight," she cried out as Aries tensed up and nearly crushed her ribs. This is all soft, remember? Aries was seriously too cute.

No, to the right. The Ram still had her eyes closed in anticipation. Aries opened her eyes, a little dazed, but also with a tiny pout. Lucy had to chuckle, wondering what she had expected.

He might want more," she reasoned. Aries had a good point.

loke and aries relationship advice

A simple kiss was not how he did things. She was feeling really embarrassed now. She might have kissed a few guys, but kissing like that You don't just immediately thrust your tongue into someone's mouth. So, we've been kissed for a lot, and If he does that, you lightly part your lips and see what he wants to do.

How do I do it? Lick his lower lip.

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Okay, hold again, just like that time. I'm gonna be the guy and kiss you, and you give it a try. Just a little lick and then Aries is one of the most physically protective signs of the Zodiac, typically not hesitating to risk life or limb if a loved one is in danger.

The flip side to this is that they rarely will back down from a fight or challenge, no matter how bad the odds may initially appear. Courageous and full of integrity, it's hard not to admire them in this area.

Aries relationships and jealousy In a relationship Aries may become jealous fairly easily.

loke and aries relationship advice

More to the point, if they're jealous you'll hear about it sooner rather than later. This isn't a person who withdraws to ponder such things; they take the direct approach to confrontation.

Their openness is a good thing in this instance as they don't sit back and resent you, but instead boldly explain themselves.

Emotional compatibility of this magnitude is a cure for all other imperfections they might encounter, while evolving in time and spicing their sexual relations with even more warmth and emotion then the beginning of their relationship might have promised. It is almost as if these were the words that describe them. Anything concise needs strong Mars energy, the ruler of Aries, while Leo brings clarity to all. Their only problem is the need they both have to be the leader and the brave one in the relationship.

This can come between them and manifest as a typical battle of the sexes in case they are of the opposite sex or as a fight for dominance of any kind, consuming the quality of their relationship only because of their need to be the one with dominant values in general. Aries loves to be active, walk, exercise and always feels excited when about to do something for the first time.

Leo is a sign of fixed quality, a drama queen of signs, the one that wants to show off and go where they can be seen. This is a waste of time in the eyes of an Aries, always ready for something different and exciting. For as long as Aries has the will to initiate their shared activities and compromises for a show off from time to time, they can find things to do together and enjoy them.

When they fall in love deeply, they are almost impossible to separate as they stubbornly hold on to the idea of their future together. Although they are not two of the most romantic believers in love, they are passionate in their beliefs and when they find love, they will fight for it until there is literally nothing left of their relationship.