Mercedes and sam relationship

mercedes and sam relationship

Sam Evans is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. . In the season two finale episode "New York", Sam hugs Mercedes after the New Directions finishes . Executive Producer Brad Falchuk said that the relationship between Sam and Mercedes, revealed at the end of the second season.  Sam seems like the perfect person for Mercedes to have her first real relationship with. Awww. And we love that they're keeping it a secret. The Mercedes-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Samcedes, is the relationship between Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans. They went to prom.

Over dinner at Breadstix they form a rapport, and Quinn tells Sam that she considers the meal their first date. After another member of the football team, Dave Karofsky Max Adlersteps up his bullying of Kurt because of Kurt's sexuality, Artie and Mike confront him, and Sam joins the fight when the two are knocked down. Later, impressed by the way Sam stood up for Kurt, Quinn begins wearing his promise ring.

He performs " Baby ", dedicated to Quinn, and also excites the other girls in the club. Puck, Artie and Mike are impressed by the effect he has on the girls, and convince him to let them join his tribute band; the four later perform " Somebody to Love ", to the delight of all the girls in the glee club, and Quinn chooses Sam over Finn.

When Santana Lopez Naya Rivera convinces Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn, he breaks up with her and begins dating Santana, [6] though she later dumps him when she announces that she has fallen in love with Karofsky. Back in Ohio, it is revealed that Mercedes and Sam are dating, but it is clear they are keeping it secret. They discover that, unknown to his family and despite being underage, he works in a strip bar in order to help support them—they believe he has a job at a fast food restaurant.

Sam gets the permission of his parents to transfer back to McKinley—he will be living with Finn's family—and he helps New Directions defeat their McKinley rivals, the Troubletones at Sectionals. Although Mercedes has found a new boyfriend, Shane, in his absence, Sam tells her boldly that he wants to win her back.

He continues to pursue her, including through song, and eventually succeeds in reawakening her feelings toward him. Mercedes ultimately breaks up with Shane in " Heart ", but she feels horrible for what she did to him and tells Sam she will not go out with him until she is sure of her feelings.

In " Saturday Night Glee-ver ", after Mercedes tells the class about her father's lack of support for her musical dreams, and says she is worried that she will not be a good enough singer in the real world, Sam films Mercedes singing " Disco Inferno " and secretly posts the video on YouTube.

He shows her the enthusiastic comments garnered by the video, and tells her he believes in her. They attend the senior prom together in " Prom-asaurus ", and New Directions subsequently wins the Nationals competition. During " Goodbye ", Mercedes graduates, and will be heading off to California: Season 4[ edit ] Sam is shown returning to McKinley High as a senior and, in The New Rachelhe is shown to be enjoying his newfound popularity amongst teenage girls and the school for his impressions and the Glee Club's National Championship, imitating Taylor Lautner to great fanfare and sitting with the popular kids.

He is the first to extend his hand to Marley Rose Melissa Benoist after the Glee Club insults her mother, apologizing and connecting with her over being under poverty. Between the next two episodes, Britney 2. He confronts and saves Brittany in 'Britney 2. In Dynamic DuetsSam demands that Blaine tell him what really happened, and Blaine admits that he hooked with some random guy he befriended on Facebook; Sam comforts him yet again by saying that Blaine hurting Kurt wasn't cool, but if Blaine wants Kurt to forgive him, Blaine has to at least stop antagonizing and killing himself, which leads to them performing David Bowie's "Heroes.

A month later, it is revealed that Blaine has become romantically attracted towards Sam; later, Blaine eventually confesses to Sam about his crush on him, which Sam doesn't hold against Blaine and takes normally. Season 5[ edit ] Sam and Tina hooked up.

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Sam moves to New York to follow his dreams of becoming a male model. Along the way he begins dating Mercedes Jones once again. They struggle with intimacy. Mercedes wants to wait until marriage for sex, Sam states that he is a year-old boy and has urges. Sam kisses a photographer during a shoot and Mercedes and Sam break up because Mercedes thinks Sam will resent her in the long term because she doesn't want to have sex with him.

Sam fulfills his dream of "getting his junk on the side of a bus," and decides to move back to Ohio. By the end of the series, He becomes Will's successor as the coach of New Directions. He is also once again dating Mercedes, who is now a major recording artist.

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Development[ edit ] Sam is portrayed by actor Chord Overstreet. I did three or four auditions. I went in the casting office with Robert Ulrich and sang three or four songs. They are on good terms now.

mercedes and sam relationship

Contents [ show ] Overview Sam, unfortunately, does not have a date for the prom in Prom Queenso Rachel and Mercedes, who are also without dates, come together and agreed to all go together on a prom budget alongside Jesse St. James, who joins later. The two say they just met in the parking lot, but when they stand in line at the counter, they wonder whether or not Kurt and Blaine caught onto them.

When they decide that there is no way they know, the camera pans down to see them holding hands, implying that they are secretly dating. When Sam returns in Hold on to SixteenMercedes tells him that their relationship was just a "summer fling," but Sam calls out to her in the hallway after she walks away that he is going to fight for her, no matter what, which makes her smile.

In the following episodes, Sam continues to pursue Mercedes, even sharing a kiss with her in Michaelbut Mercedes knows what she is doing is wrong and tells Shane about them, breaking up with him in Heart.

However, she tells Sam that she wants to be single for a while, declining a relationship with him. In Prom-asaurusthe two attend the prom together, confirming they are back together. By The New Rachelit is revealed they have broken up, presumably due to Mercedes leaving to live in Los Angeles, however it has been shown that two are still close friends despite their split.

Episodes In this episode, Mercedes is seen whispering about Sam's sexuality. Kurt claims no one would have their hair like Sam's unless they were gay and Mercedes replies, 'You're crazy, circa The Substitute They are seen dancing together in the first part of Santana's solo, Valerie.

A Very Glee Christmas When Santana and Sam do some public display of affection in the choir room, Mercedes asks with disgust "when'd that happened. A Night of Neglect Mercedes, Sam and Rachel at prom The group finds out that they are the entertainment at prom, an idea Mercedes doesn't like because she has nobody to go with.

mercedes and sam relationship

Rachelwho is also single, decides to help her. Together they find Sam and ask if he would go to prom with both of them, as a group. Jesse comes back and joins this group, but he really sticks to Rachel's side, leaving it to be that Sam and Mercedes are a pair.

He then holds Mercedes' hand. Prom Queen Once they finished their performance of Light up the WorldMercedes and Sam are seen hugging each other tightly.

mercedes and sam relationship

Sam and Mercedes say that they just happened to meet each other in the parking lot, and after a quick chat, leave to wait in line away from the couple. While in line, Mercedes asks, "Do you think they know? It is unknown when that relationship started, presumably from prom, or for how long it has been going on. It is also unknown why Sam and Mercedes have opted to keep their relationship a secret from the glee club. When Mercedes questions his actions, Sam says that he is holding her hand like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Mercedes takes her hand back and tries to say something but Sam interrupts her about knowledge about her boyfriend. Mercedes warns him that Shane is built like a bulldozer.

Mercedes-Sam Relationship

Mercedes and Sam stop their walk and Mercedes tells Sam that what they had was a summer fling. Sam states that their relationship was more than that, to which Mercedes replies that she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but she's moved on and he needs to do the same. As Mercedes is walking away, Sam yells in a hallway full of students that he was going to fight to get her back, despite how big her boyfriend is. Mercedes is then shown walking away with a smile on her face.

During ABCwhile Sam is doing a solo dance in front of New Directions as part of the number, Mercedes is seen watching Sam, laughing with a soft smile, embarrassed. Hold on to Sixteen Merry Christmas Sammy When Mercedes is singing All I Want for Christmas Is Youwe see Mercedes dancing around the room, around each member and when she reaches Sam; she walks around him giving him a smile while Sam twists his back at an awkward angle in order to keep his eyes on Mercedes.

As Mercedes is dancing with a tinsel with the rest of the New Directions Girlsshe wraps some tinsel around Sam's neck and pulls him closer to her, both smiling flirtatiously before she moves off to sing next to Artie. Also, at the end of the number when Mercedes holds a mistletoe above Finn and Rachel, Sam can be seen in the background watching her from behind. Extraordinary Merry Christmas The episode starts off with Mercedes and the rest of the ND girls and Kurt walking outside during lunch where Tina brings up Mercedes' and Sam's relationship, saying that they have been seen stealing glances at each other in the choir room.

Mercedes then tells them that she and Sam had a summer fling but also brought up a moment they had at a lake over the summer. The scene switches and Sam is seen describing their summer as incredible to the New Directions Boys where both Sam and Mercedes explain how they spent their summer together singing Summer Nights with the rest of the New Directions replicating the Grease montage.

After a quick Glee Club meeting where Mr. Schuester announces he's going to propose to Ms. PillsburySam follows Mercedes out of the choir room asking about her intentions on marriage, bringing up a guy who is great at impressions and is totally into her himself. Mercedes tells Sam that she is with Shane and Sam brings up the reason as to why they aren't back together again yet, all the while reminding Mercedes of the time they had when dating that involved a Tilt-a-Twirl ride at a carnival.

mercedes and sam relationship

Mercedes describes their time as fun, and that's what Sam thought but that it doesn't change the fact that she is dating Shane. Sam then watches as Mercedes walks away with Shane.

Glee - Mercedes and Sam talk about waiting until marriage 5x16

Sam approaches Coach Beistedesperately asking about school sports teams he could join in order to get a letterman jacket in the hopes of impressing Mercedes. The only team available for Sam was the synchronized swimming team. Sam later talks to Finn about him joining the synchronized swimming team, saying that it's sexy to which Finn disagrees with and walks away.

Sam then spots Mercedes at her locker and states that he is "not worried" but is then slushied by the hockey team.

Mercedes turns around in shock at seeing Sam slushied, and asks if he is okay, then proceeds to clean off some of the slushie from his face.

mercedes and sam relationship

It is at this moment that Shane appears, asking Mercedes what she was doing and her replying, "Just helping out a friend". Shane claims that Sam will pull through and offers to walk her to class. Mercedes, reluctantly leaves with Shane, and Sam watches them walk away again, except this time Mercedes is seen looking back at Sam.

Mercedes, SantanaTina, and Rachel try to give Mr. Schuester some advice on his proposal to Ms. After the song is over, Mercedes runs off the stage, in tears, into the girls bathroom where Tina, Santana and Rachel follow her.

When asked what's wrong, Mercedes admits that she still has feelings for Sam even though she thought she was over him.