Mike and jesse relationship tips

mike and jesse relationship tips

In last week's "Say My Name," Walter warns Jesse that "being the Freight" episode would be worth $ million—but Mike and Jesse and even his problematic relationship with Walter Jr., which Walter attempted to fix by buying him a car. . Help Center · Contact Us · Send a News Tip · Advertise · Press. Jonathan Banks played Mike Ehrmentraut for four seasons on Breaking Bad. Ehrmentraut was an ex-cop, private investigator, fixer and. I'm undecided but theres a bit in Salud where Jesse is tearing the Mexicans Reviews · Upcoming · Videos · Wikis + Cheats · Podcasts · Boards · Trailers . As Gus' relationship with Walt deteriorates (and Walt wouldn't cook I think he put him in the same class as Mike, a truly loyal and trusted employee.

Jesse has been a lost young man, but is finally getting respect from others. Now that he feels valued, he will stick with those who respect him. About the same amount of time since Jesse killed Gale.

Jesse has demonstrated street smarts Helping Mike track down the meth stolen by the cartel ; he can run the lab to an acceptable level of production. His relationship is with Walt is broken and he has no one in life that he can be loyal to… except Gus and Mike.

Gus has learned from his mistakes, and never makes the same mistake twice. He told Walt exactly this when he had him over for supper in season 3.

Top 10 Reasons That Prove Breaking Bad’s Mike And Jesse Are The Same Person

Don Eladio is dropping his guard on Gus, allowing Gus to take his revenge after 20 years. Gus will not make the mistake of allowing Jesse to do this to him in the future. He also sees why Jesse has been so loyal to Walt. Mike even said that Gus sees loyalty as the quality in Jesse that stands out.

mike and jesse relationship tips

Besides, if he can use Jesse to get close to Don Eladio to take revenge and solve his problem with the cartel, Gus will do it. Then Gus can get rid of Jesse. Gus and Mike set out to put a wedge between Walt and Jesse, but as a result, they legitimately see what an asset Jesse is.

They do see something in Jesse and want to keep him on the team. There is no way Gus is going to let someone who has promised to kill him to go on living. Walt will have no way of finding out the truth. They then will have Walt completely isolated to cook his pure meth for them, and they will keep a close eye on him. Walt will no longer cook for Gus without Jesse. Gus must take them together, or not at all.

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They have no other chemist waiting in the wings that we know of at this point so they need Jesse. Gus is no fan of Walt, but he is no fan of Jesse either. But Gus can read people and he knows that Walt is inflexible, Jesse can be moulded.

mike and jesse relationship tips

He knows that he can manipulate Jesse by building his confidence, which will isolate Walt. This ultimately makes Walt easier to watch and control. Gus only employed Jesse at the insistence of Walt, and has viewed Jesse as an unsafe risk since he first saw him.

mike and jesse relationship tips

Gus wants no risks or vulnerabilities in his business. Jesse has killed one, and planned to kill other members of his operation. Gus eventually plans on eliminating both Walt and Jesse, but they are the only two cooks that we know of — he must keep one of them. Gus will keep the better chemist, Walt, whose brother is a DEA agent now investigating his business.

Gus will get rid of the junkie who is prone to relapses, and who basically has no relationships in his life that will become a threat to Gus if Jesse is removed. Gus clearly despises Walter and would prefer to be rid of him. Mike sees Walter as a snivelling little weasel: Walt deeply insulted Mike by suggesting that Mike might help in killing Gus. Walter is being isolated and constantly watched and babysat by Tyrus.

Jesse on the other hand is being given more responsibility and is being allowed to handle weapons in the presence of Mike and Gus. Gus would not have taken Jesse to Mexico if he thought Jesse would fail… he has confidence in him. Walt and Jesse are the only two cooks that we know of.

Is it even remotely plausible that Gus would want to kill Jesse and retain Walter? Gus shows confidence in taking Jesse to Mexico, because Gus has built up Jesse enough to succeed. This will get Gus into the position to take his revenge on Don Eladio. If Jesse fails, he, Gus and Mike are not going home. Gus has huge confidence in Jesse at this point. Twisted ankle, nothing too bad.

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It all went like you thought it would, more or less. More than a few, yeah … but I know better than to ask. In this aspect, Gus is basically a liaison for Mike in keeping his current worth to the operation, and ensuring his own success in the future.

This makes building Jesse into a complete badass top priority for Gus, assuming their business continues years or even decades into the future. Half Measures In this episode, Mike is sent to talk some sense into Walt, as Jesse begins a plan to kill the dealers that killed Combo, his ex-partner and loyal friend. He then tells the story of his younger days as a cop, when a domestic abuse call was made and he was dispatched.

This scenario occurred a couple more times before Mike took the guy out to the woods and put a gun to his head, threatening to kill him.

mike and jesse relationship tips

The guy cried, pissed his pants, and swore he would change his ways. He was a kid who, though tough, struggled morally with his decisions to the point where nothing else matters, and all will feel his wrath.

Now remember, the idea here is that Gus is acting as a future liaison, sent with Mike and Gale to establish and secure a wealthy business for whatever freeloaders await in the future.

Everything coming around full circle, Mike finally realizes that the only two people linked to him are dead, and nothing he can do will change the outcome. This leads to him wandering off into a creek where he sits to die in peace, staring off into the sunset. The real mind- bomb here is that the one guy they were trying to prevent from owning the future winds up killing them all in the past.

This is not the most sobering realization, however; Mike realizes Jesse is still alive, and any future involvement with Walt is still up in the air. This means epic failure on all counts — a Heisenberg Boss wipe, if you will. After that, he was found by Gus Fring, who hired him as his private assassin and head of security.

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Along the way, he started working for Saul Goodman doing cleaning jobs and investigative work, until he meets Jesse and Walt. In light of recent new evidence, Jesse is offered a clean slate by Saul, allowing him to completely change his identity for his protection. However, if he had taken the deal, he would have been up against some incredible odds: It would have been the ultimate game of hide-and-seek.

What better way to hide from the cops than to become one, once his new identity is established?

mike and jesse relationship tips