Milan and miles relationship

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milan and miles relationship

'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Cast: Milan and Miles Spill Breakup Details just using their relationship to pull at the heartstrings of the viewers. Remember when we told you that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Milan Christopher was blasting his ex Miles Brock for “faking” a relationship with. "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" stars Milan Christopher and Miles Brock finally him of "using" their relationship to gain sympathy from the public.

milan and miles relationship

They said they were still going strong together and planned to move back in together. Because just after that, Milan began blasting Miles on Instagram for being fake and using him.

milan and miles relationship

After All of the blogs, gossip sites and people hitting me up. I guess I owe you all an explanation and the truth.

milan and miles relationship

I just want to tell you all thank you for being so supportive even with my emotional journey and living my life out loud and infront of the world! They had just finished taping the reunion special days before they happened to be at the same party. He was later taken into custody and Milan has gone as far as filing a restraining order against him.

He also hinted that VH1 booted Miles from the series for domestic violence. Miles has maintained that he never assaulted Milan. He not only claimed that Amber knew all along that Miles was gay, he said that she once tried to hook Miles and Eric up together.

She even introduced Miles as her cousin, not her former boyfriend. Still, it looks like some of their co-star are teaming up with Miles.

Bad Romance: Milan Christopher Blasts Miles Brock's 'Heterosexual' Relationship

But it was also a good thing. At the reunion, I kind of addressed some of the things [we had problems with]. No, Jussie Smollet and me are not dating.

I think what happened was we ended up at several parties around the Halloween weekend when I was in New York.

milan and miles relationship

We hung out in the same space. What got you into music? I lived on the South Side of Chicago, and we had a lot of gangs around. One of my friends in the choir was also in this more hood-dance group.

  • Milan and Miles stopped by Global Grind to discuss coming out on national TV, and more.
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This is going to sound bad, but with the choir I felt I could be gay and more effeminate, and with the dance group I could be a little bit more macho, but still be gay. I was able to find myself and be everything that a gay man is: When I was dancing, we would only dance to hip-hop music. When Kanye West came from Chicago, I loved everything about him. Kanye made me want to do what I do now because he was so dope. How do you think hip-hop relates to gay men? In the hip-hop culture, especially, if someone is even rumored to be gay, people stop buying their albums or they get dropped from labels.

But because of my sexuality, my first manager wanted me to just do pop music because he felt like I would be more accepted.

Milan Christopher Had Girlfriend? The Truth Behind Alleged Dating Affair

I have been forced into that pop and dance box based off of my sexuality. I should just be an artist. Why is that part of my introduction? I definitely think that my sexuality has made people treat me differently or make people think I should do things differently as far as music is concerned. Is the hip-hop culture changing for LGBT people? I think the climate is changing. What was that discussion like? My favorite part of the discussion was when the pastor came on.

He was basically talking about how he offers counseling to gay men and gay women as if it was some sort of sickness. This is who I am.

Milan Christopher Discusses His Relationship w/ Ex-BF Miles

This is the way I was born.