Mukuro and chrome relationship goals

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mukuro and chrome relationship goals

Chrome also reveals her obvious feelings for Mukuro and says that she likes what . Lambo seems to have a bit of a Tsundere relationship with him and treats . Mukuro Rokudo (六道 骸, Rokudō Mukuro) is a fictional character in the Reborn! manga and . Several weeks after the battle with Daemon, Mukuro leaves Chrome. that he is incapable of residing in his host body for a long amount of time due to their unstable "connection", he thought of later taking Chrome's body instead. What happens when Chrome chance upon a past woe. What will Of course there was her own relationship with her boss, Tsuna. There was . Mukuro and Hibari had their weapons out; for once they have the same goal.

When Mukuro reaches the tender age of five, he finally understands what his jailers are saying, what the scientists are asking. He is alone, unloved, and he forever will be. So he steels his heart, guards it with chains and glass, surrounds his personality with cutting wire and sharp knives.

His right eye throbs in pain occasionally, and when Mukuro catches a glimpse of himself, sometimes the eye flashes red. At night, he is assaulted with dreams, memories long past and tales of another time, another place, of fires and pain and hell. When he wakes, he is dragged for physical conditioning, for tests and injections. He uses this pain to remind himself that he is a monster, and he tries to accept this fact. That, even if he was human before, now he no longer is, with sadistic amusement buried in his flesh and cold fury in his blood.

He uses his first kill, a foolish man who sticks his hand into Mukuro's cell carelessly, to remind everyone else that nobody will love him, and that he will love nobody.

He is a beast, his eyes say. But it is hard for anyone, even a monster, to accept the fact that it will never be loved. And on nights where the cell's cold seeps into his bones, it is harder to stop imagining warmth, care, and comfort. XxX When Tsuna finally manages to read the words sprawled on his ribs for the first time in his life, he bursts out in tears. His father is away on business, so it is his mother who comforts him, hugs him and tells him, Those words aren't true, Tsu-kun.

You are brave, strong, and my little boy. But sometimes, words that are uttered only occasionally by one's mother are harder to believe than words imprinted on one's skin.

mukuro and chrome relationship goals

Tsuna sees these words every day and will see them for the rest of his life. For even now, so young and so innocent, Tsuna is already clumsy. He isn't good at schoolwork, can't pay attention in class and makes blunders so stupid his classmates laugh at him. He can't even speak.

What a worthless, useless, weak boy. He has no friends, nobody who is willing to learn a language spoken with complicated hand symbols just for him. He's not worth the effort, for who goes out of their way to talk to the dumbest kid of the class?

So Tsuna grows up learning only how to talk to his mother, and he believes these words scrawled onto his ribs more and more each day. XxX Bathed in the blood of his family, Mukuro laughs, high and hysterical.

mukuro and chrome relationship goals

His right eye is glowing red with a six imprinted into it. His other eye is manic, triumphant, for he finally became a monster. He is finally what his jailers call him. He has killed them all, ruthless and cruel in his rampage. A trident is clutched in one hand, steel gleaming red like his eye, clothes sticking to his skin.

His gaze is focused on the fallen bodies of the men who had taunted him for so long. Behind him, his newly freed companions, one Joshima Ken and Kakimoto Chikusa, look at each other uncertainly.

They have bonded to each other already despite their unfamiliarity with one another because, as it turns out, they are soul mates. Who are you, byon? They're soul mates, and that stings, because these two boys easily found each other, so simple, they literally ran into each other, and here Mukuro is, the one who brought them together, and he doesn't even have a soul mark. These two boys trust each other unlike how they trust Mukuro, because why trust the boy without a soul mark?

Why trust the boy without a heart? It still hurts now. There's a knife carving into his heart, because shouldn't this kind of emotional pain mean that he has a heart? That he deserves to have someone take care of him for once, that he should have someone to live for? But no, Mukuro is a monster, and monsters don't have hearts.

He has no soul mark. And so when he leaves the compound, Ken and Chikusa trailing behind him, Mukuro looks up to the lonely moon, breathes in the fresh air, and leaves the rest of his humanity behind. XxX Tsuna bears the kicks with a kind of familiarity that no boy his age should have. Hands roughly shove him into lockers, fingers grab his hair, and feet trip him down aisles. Pathetic Tsuna, weak Tsuna can't even protest, can't even say stop, stop, pleasestopdoingthis because he's mute, and mute people don't get a say.

Tsuna bears these physical hits and keeps bruises and cuts as souvenirs. He hides his injuries under scarves and coats to keep his mom from worrying, and he never even has to consider hiding anything from his dad, because the man is never around anyways, so why bother? Even his own father has abandoned useless Tsuna, Tsuna who can't even talk. But worse than the physical injuries are the emotional ones. The ones when people catch sight of his ribs before he's changing for PE, when they snort and giggle and point and say, Even his soul mate doesn't want him.

And it is every day that he lives with these words, every day that he dreads to hear these words come from someone's mouth, from the person to whom he's bound to, to hear these words every day.

mukuro and chrome relationship goals

Aren't soul mates supposed to care for one another? Aren't they supposed to care? Because that's all Tsuna wants, is for someone to look at him and see worth, see someone worth saving, worth sticking up for.

But all he has are these words and the promise that the only person who could have cared for him will not. That even this person, this person will look at him and sneer, What a worthless, useless, weak boy.

Chrome Dokuro

XxX When Mukuro is safely ensconced in the foolish family that has taken him and his companions in, he finds that everybody is wary of him. The members of the famiglia that now protect them laugh and ruffle Ken's hair when he gets rowdy and huff fondly when Chikusa bears all of Ken's enthusiasm with stoic exasperation. They're bonded, they have soul marks, they understand the relationship between Ken and Chikusa. Mukuro's skin, on the other hand, is splattered only in blood and death.

They don't see Mukuro and think, This child will eventually have someone who will love him for what he's done, what he has sacrificed, what he has become. No, they look at him and think, There is no redemption for this monster.

Mukuro is laughing when he kills this famiglia too, when he is taken to prison along with Lancia, Ken, and Chikusa. Lancia's soul mate died when Mukuro split her head on his trident, and Mukuro saw the devastation on Lancia's face.

It's a good thing I don't have to suffer that kind of pain, Mukuro thinks mercilessly and relishes in the anguish in the man's eyes. Finally, these people feel his suffering, feeling his years at the hands of jeering jailers and sadistic scientists and feel his pain! His glee drives him to kill more, to see more pain in others' eyes as their soul mates die before killing them as well, but he spares Lancia.

mukuro and chrome relationship goals

Lancia opened his eyes to the advantages to not having a soul mark. Lancia will live as a reminder. Ken and Chikusa are by his side, loyal to Mukuro but even more loyal to each other.

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Mukuro doesn't mind as long as they follow his orders. When he's taken to prison along with his three subordinates, he flashes his teeth in a parody of a smile, Ken and Chikusa following along at a sedate pace, together, and Lancia dragging behind, eyes blank, from the loss of his famiglia, his soul mate, or mental freedom, Mukuro can't tell, but it doesn't matter, because he has found the power to take away other people's other half, and he's not giving up that power ever again.

He was born a monster, and the mafia brought out the potential in him. He's going to thank them by dying everything in their blood.

XxX When a small baby arrives on Tsuna's doorstep, Tsuna is frightened, because there's a baby wielding a green gun that has no restraints in shooting him full of holes, and because Tsuna's useless, the baby will probably see no use in him and kill him.

Because when has anyone ever seen Tsuna as anything other than a waste of space? Reborn regards the boy, beaten black and blue, a kind of pain that some adults don't even have in his eyes, and he curses Iemitsu, because he's read the boy's profile, read what his soul mark says, and living with those words as a child hurts.

A young, impressionable kid needs support, constant love and care to face words like those imprinted on Tsuna's ribs with courage, and if Reborn can see what Tsuna has lived through, carelessness and cruelty that anyone would break under. He introduces himself to Tsuna with his usual flair, but when he sees the poor kid quail under his playful mocking, the hitman begins to approach the kid like he would approach a frightened animal.

A boss needs to grow confidence, and Reborn can see at this point that, to begin to even piece together something in this boy's mind other than, What a worthless, useless, weak boy, he can't use scare tactics. Tsuna's damaged in a way that few are, and Reborn will help put those pieces together. It is for this purpose that Reborn brings colorful characters into the boy's life, and he discovers so much about Sawada Tsunayoshi, so much that should have been smothered under careless children's feet but had somehow persevered.

Gokudera Hayato, who had made fun of Tsuna before following him like a puppy, Yamamoto Takeshi, who looked to Tsuna like the smaller boy was the only reason the baseball obsessed teen was still living, which really isn't that far from the truth, Sasagawa Ryohei, who can see the inner strength in Tsuna that so few see, Lambo, who is drawn to Tsuna's silent support, and Hibari Kyoya, who somehow develops protective instincts for the small herbivore.

Yes, Reborn brings Tsuna's Guardians together because Sawada Tsunayoshi will be Vongola Decimo, but he brings them together because, even under his hardened shell of a heart, he feels his heart bleed for a child who might have a soul mate who will not care for him. He knows that even if a man has all the friends in the world, if his soul mate rejects him, that man will feel as if the world has abandoned him.

It is a surprise that Tsuna even has that kindness, like a fresh sprout in a burnt forest. It is this kindness and gentleness that brought his Guardians to him, and Reborn wonders what kind of man could be so blind as to miss it and see Tsuna's admittedly weak body.

Underneath his fear of rejection and years of loneliness, underneath his inability to speak and his abysmal grades, there is a steeled determination that outshines most of his classmates. Tsuna discovers that he does not necessarily need a soul mate to have friendship, and he learns to enjoy the company he already has. For Tsuna will never have a soul mate who will want his company anyways.

mukuro and chrome relationship goals

XxX When Mukuro breaks out of prison, several new acquaintances as well as Ken, Chikusa, and Lancia in tow, he heads towards some tiny city in Japan called Namimori. He learns Japanese easily and forces his companions to as well.

Ken grumbles and groans but does no nonetheless while Chikusa merely reads through texts easily. For some reason, Mukuro feels peace, or at least the most content he has ever felt. Went to meet Hibari. The Hibari ten years into the future seems to have developed quite an interest in Tsuna as well There is an unbelievable amount of stuff going for these two. I mean, what with Byakuran acting very friendly and discussing the meaning of flowers with Mukuro.

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Even after it's revealed that Irie is actually working against him, Byakuran doesn't behave any differently with him. Then again, he'd figured it out a long time ago. While Byakuran is trying to kill Tsuna and his friends all so he can take their Vongola Rings he seems to enjoy taunting Tsuna's abilities and playing with his emotions a little too much.

In addition, after Tsuna absorbs Ghost he shows up and compliments Tsuna in his own weird way saying Tsuna is a "very curious person" for being able to get Xanxus and Mukuro over to his side even though they too once tried to kill him. Tsuna remains determined to defeat him even though Byakuran clearly has more power. This impresses Byakuran to the point where he admits "I admire your spirit, Tsunayoshi-kun.

I've been waiting for this fight for a long time. Also, from the ending of Chapter all throughout Chapter we see Byakuran stealing a page out of Mukuro's book by grabbing Tsuna from behind and suffocating him—meaning Tsuna's all flushed, gasping, weakly fighting back, etc. Tsuna desperately tries to free himself from Byakuran's hold but is unable to and Byakura reacts to this with disappointment saying "I was hoping for a better match But that's a case of Yamamoto being a very Friendly Enemy to Squalo, despite the fact that Squalo hates him.

Glo Xinia had quite a bit of this going on with Chrome. Considering how during his fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: He could take full control of her body bur decided not too and only takes over when Chrome is in dangerous situations. In my opinion i think that Mukuro was glad to find someone similar to him and cherishes Chrome, not just as a tool but as a comrade like he does with Ken and Chikusa which is really nice of him.

Ken and Chikusa are Mukuro's subordinates that he took with him when breaking away from the experiment. Ken adn Chikusa are both very loyal to Mukuro even sacrefising themself.

Mukuro on the other side never showed any feeling of friendship towards them but secretly cares for them even letting himself be captured by Vendicare and making a deal with Iemitsu to become Tsuna's Mist Guardian if Iemitsu would help Ken and Chikusa. So Mukuro is those typical Tsundere now?

Their relationship is something i wish i had, loyal friends. Someone i could actually secretly care and help, it's sad that we don't see these three have many screentime together. Flan is one of Mukuro's future Subordinates and the only one that insults Mukuro by calling him "pineapple head" without being scared. He does call Mukuro "Master" but still insults him to great extend.

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We see Mukuro stabbing Flan's frog head many times and telling him to shut up a lot but I think they have a great relationship and I think Mukuro actually cares for Flan even if he doesn't show it because that's just how Mukuro is. Hibari and Mukuro simply said don't like each other.

Hibari dislikes Mukuro a lot due the fact that Mukuro beated him in the Kokuyo Arc by using his weakness, the reason Hibari became the cloud guardian was because Reborn promised him he could fight Mukuro again in the future, even in the Future Arc he still hates Mukuro. Even though they have a bad relationship they make a good partner that fights alongside really well, Reborn pointed out that it could be because both of them respect each other to a certain point.