Murdoc and 2d relationship goals

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murdoc and 2d relationship goals

2d And Murdoc, Gorillaz Art, Wattpad, Relationship Goals, Bob, Geek Stuff. More information Gorillaz Sad Art, 2d And Murdoc, 2d And Noodle, Gorillaz Art, No. When 2d and Murdoc end up locked up in Murdoc's 'Secret Room', 2d decides he will accomplish his goal of There was no way he would ever form a relationship with him, no matter how hard the tiny part of him wanted to. Hello, everyone! My name is Sinner and today, I'm gonna be talking about my personal thoughts and opinions about the relationship of the.

Murdoc is thrown into jail for being framed for smuggling drugs and, at the beginning of the phase, 2D is cool with it and feeling a bit more free from Murdoc. However, as time progresses for 2D and Murdoc, 2D has started missing him while Murdoc is slowly becoming more "obsessed" with 2D.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

I'm not exactly sure in what way Murdoc is getting a bit obsessed about 2D or why he is, but my best theory is because he misses him and needs him around because, in "On Melancholy Hill", a song Murdoc wrote, he said: Murdoc, of all people in the band, wouldn't be falling in love with 2D.

Because he sees him more as the friend he never thought he would need and he's slowly realising that. Being Murdoc, he's probably never HAD any friends or family to support him in his life before making the Gorillaz, so yeah So far, as of the making of this post, we can't exactly say when or how Murdoc will get out of jail, but, in my best theory, 2D probably would welcome him back home if he really DID miss him no matter what.

Yes, I know that some of my information will sound weird, but this is based off of my research and opinions, so take it with a pinch of salt. Let's talk about 2D: He's been abused for about 20 years by Murdoc and still expects him to get better, even though he's gotten worse until phase four where he's starting to a bit more friendly. Yeah, it's nice that he has positive feelings for Murdoc, but he only does because he either just wants to show that everyone can be lived no matter what or he has Stockholm Syndrome.

As for Murdoc, let's get a bit deep into his character now, shall we? Murdoc lived as a child with his older half-brother and his drunk, abusive father.

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Living with his father, he always thought that it was just normal for people to show aggression to show his feelings, but he never had any support from anyone, especially his teachers. He's clearly suffering from depression and has a hard time healing from his pain as a child. For Murdoc, he needs 2D because he's the only one that has given him actual love and affection, which he never returned.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

Without 2D, he'd probably consider himself as nothing but a man who can't control his anger or stay out of trouble. Though we have no idea what the band might be in for, it's a nice thing to see after all they went through in phase 3.

Guess aside the usual weirdness, the lives of the Gorillaz are going back to the simple times of the first album! Makes it a lot more heartwarming the official Gorillaz instagram and Noodle's own instagram shows the band a lot more happier these days!

Throw the Dog a Bone indeed. The video played with the live performance of Broken has some low-key sweet moments of Noodle and Russel smiling at each other. In the "We Are the Dury" interview CD, Russel begins to describe the loss of Del and the struggle he went through trying to make his own album during his own misadventures. But then Murdoc gets him to calm down, as he was getting a bit too deep, which even he felt would not help Russel's mental state.

But, there were worse things, thought the blue-haired singer, sitting on his bed in his bedroom on the lower half of the beach. He'd been whisked away to this pathetic excuse of land by his band-mate, Murdoc Niccals, and has been working unwillingly on the new album. It was upsetting, and was spiraling 2d into a deep depression.

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But, it gave him time, though, to reflect upon his life. Which, after days of continuous thought, he realized his life sucked. Since childhood, he'd been in horrid accidents, leading to simply put this. Although he hadn't actually been doing anything in Beirut in the first place, this wasn't his first choice to be dragged away to. For the longest time, Murdoc was his idol, and he had refused to believe he'd had any faults at all.

But, that had disappeared altogether after he'd been here.

After he locked him in this room, forced him to the sing the demos for the new album, and paid a whale to hound him for countless hours, he'd lost anything he'd had for the man as it was. Even the tiny crush he had hidden for years.