Nami and luffy relationship trust

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nami and luffy relationship trust

Despite this, Nami has deep trust in Luffy and views him as a great source of strength and comfort. When Nami fell sick just prior to the Drum. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. They wholeheartedly trust and understand each other. So if they do so happen. Zoro – Zoro and Luffy have a strong bond of trust between each other I really like their relationship and think that Nami and Luffy together can.

But before anyone could say a word, Nami did something, which surprise all of the crew. Everyone jaw dropped to the ground speechless and shocked. Nami sign in disbelief, "This kid was frozen like an ice cub from head to toe and he is able to laugh about it? Man, this captain of ours is totally an idiotic monster.

Luffy then sighed, "Is that so…" suddenly his face turned into a happy grin, "Well, as long as everyone is okay. Wa…wait the minute, where's Robin? I swear I'll kill you. And stop that gentlement crap, it's making me sick!

And their captain was giving them no help by laughing on the situation of his crew. With all the loud and annoying noises around the going no merry ship, Robin was sleeping peacefully on her bed while smiling in happiness to be around her true friends and family.

The sun had finally set down, leaving the sky turned into darkness with stars. Luffy was staring at the sky, trying to count the number of the stars in the sky. Luffy chuckled, "Well, couldn't help it, I'm bored. Nami then sat next to Luffy while staring at the star, "You know Luffy, I'm glad you're okay. Nami then look at Luffy's annoyed face, she chuckled, "Adorable.

nami and luffy relationship trust

I mean how many times have we been doing this kind of get together secretly. And this is the only time I will act all lovy-dovy around you. Nami giggled, "True, ever since we told each other our true feeling, we've been like this ever since we arrived on Alabasta.

Nami sighed, "Well…is just that, I don't want Sanji to know about our relationship. Cause I know it'll broken his heart. It happened when Nami was sick after the adventure in Little Garden. There, she saw Nami working on her latest map. He should be awake in about an hour or so. I mean, why should I? He didn't a give a damn about me two years ago! Luffy does care about you just as much as he cares about the rest of us! So, it's not that you're mad at Luffy, you're really mad at Hancock.

Nami then heaved a sigh. I guess when I first found out where Luffy had been while he was training and who he was with…I just got jealous. I don't think he even knows what cheating means when it comes to that, but even if he did, do you honestly he'd betray your trust?

Relationship between Luffy and Nami

Her voice sounded like it was breaking, and she started to sniffle. Being the compassionate mother-figure that she was, Robin took Nami into her arms, gently brushing a hand through her hair.

XXX Sunset… Luffy had woken up from his nap, his stomach feeling a bit better than it was after he ate all that ice cream.

How Zoro and Sanji respect Luffy

He stood leaning on the railing, eyes watching the horizon. His stomach may've felt better, but his heart did not. Of course, he was still upset about what Nami had said to him.

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Another pause, this one being a bit longer. I'm very ashamed of myself that I hurt you and I didn't realize it up until now. I guess what I'm trying to say is that…I'm so, so sorry, Luffy. I actually you'd end up leaving me for her. By this time, Nami's voice started to break up, and she felt her eyes starting to water. I'm sorry that I keep yelling at you for no reason, that I won't comfort you when you get a stomachache, that I won't sneak you any more food, and that I won't fix your hat for you!

I just hope…that you can find it in your heart to forgive me…because you love me, and I love you. I know that, now! Please, Luffy…I know I can't stay mad at you, forever.

I just hope you don't, either. Before she could react, the captain pulled her into her arms, tightly. At first, Nami felt stunned that he would forgive her so easily, but then she remembered that when came to the ones he cared about, it was in his nature.

She simply smiled and returned his hug. Luffy's grin turned into a soft smile, and Nami returned it. They both stared each other in the eye for what felt like an eternity. Slowly, Luffy took his hat off his head and placed it upon Nami's crown. Then, he captured her lips with his own.

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Now Nami was certain that he truly did love her. She would never feel a more passionate spark from anybody else but her captain's, and Luffy felt the same. As they broke, Nami reached up to put the treasured hat back on Luffy's head, but then, she felt the nick in the bowl. She looked up to Luffy, her smile growing wider. Nami nodded before she took Luffy's hand in hers and led him away to the women's quarters.

The rest of the Straw Hats just stood in their places, all of them wearing smiles. Luffy and Nami's relationship was no longer in jeopardy.

Zoro and Sanji were fighting with each other, again. Blizzard enjoyed his peanut butter a lot more than usual. Chopper had been making medicine, nonstop. Brook had been composing some new songs.

Franky found himself working on his latest project: Luffy knows Sanji really well and I think the way he more than anything wants Sanji to see his own worth is really great. I also love the fact that Sanji is the one Luffy compliments the most and how well Oda showed in this arc how important Sanji really is to him. The way he manages to get past Choppers protective walls and truly show Chopper that there is a place for him together with the strawhats is probably my favorite introduction arc out of the whole crew.

The two of them having fun together and the way Luffy teases Chopper is really just cute to watch. They share a lot of similarities because of their younger age and fun-loving nature, and also how they both like food and sweets so much. I just kind of wish that they got more development in their relationship. They are completely different people, but Robin mostly just find Luffy amusing and is simply happy to be his nakama.

But other than that I fail to come up with many things to say about their bond. If we compare it to how Luffy has dealt with Sanji in the current arc the differences are pretty huge and in my opinion the bond between Luffy and Robin lacks a lot of personal bonding. Franky — To Luffy Franky seems to be that cool uncle that is hilarious just being himself. If anything Luffy got a better development with Iceburg and that always struck me as quite odd.

nami and luffy relationship trust

Their interactions can be quite funny with how Luffy just finds Franky cool and kind of unsuspectingly hilarious sometimes, but I really wish that Oda would put some more focus on developing their bond. Brook — I love Brook and I love Luffy and these two seem to feel the same way about each other. Meaning that just like me they find each other hilarious.

They think the other one is hilarious and in that way without really interacting much I just think their reactions to each other are funny. However I still think that there is a profound relationship and mutual understanding between them.

nami and luffy relationship trust

Brook really admires Luffy and acknowledge him as his new captain and a true friend who instantly showed Brook he was welcome.