Natalie gumede and artem chigvintsev relationship questions

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natalie gumede and artem chigvintsev relationship questions

Explore related topics Angry: Kara Tointon, has hinted that BBC producers contrived her relationship with professional dance partner Artem Chigvintsev by Artem Chigvinstev and Natalie Gumede - Strictly Come Dancing - Week 2 . Strictly Come Dancing couple Artem Chigvintsev and Kara Tointon have "called time" on their relationship. between them now for a good few months but they have tried to work through their problems. Artem is currently paired with former Coronation Street actress Natalie Gumede and it was previously. Her partner Artem Chigvintsev added: "She's coming into the competition with people thinking she's this character and so from the beginning it's.

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It's actually pretty good. She's got a long dress on which hides her feet for a lot of the time, but as far as I can tell, she seems to be getting most of it right. There is some gapping, which is a concern, and she does look a little bit glassy in the eyes, but she at least seems to be dancing with Pasha as opposed to being dragged along by him, so there's enough in here to at least make me quietly hopeful that she might surprise us all - at least until I see her Latin.

Darcey starts for the judges and saying that the key to the waltz is to glide and be graceful, which Rachel did, but she lost her core in the transitions, so she needs to work on that. Len thought the dance was very pretty, but it was a touch on the careful side - he cautions that careful "will get you through three or four weeks, but you won't win Strictly being careful.

So she's going to need a bit more passion in future. Bruno enjoyed the grace and the fragility, but thinks that mostly came from Rachel's nerves, so she does need to be more confident in future, and also extend her lines. Finally, Craig thinks her head didn't always look like it belonged on her body, and her hands are a bit spatulistic, but it had beautiful flow, gorgeous rise-and-fall and was full of elegance.

Rachel visibly breathes a huge sigh of relief, and I'm sorry I ever doubted Pasha's abilities as a teacher. Up in the Tess Circle, Rachel says that she was terrified and sort of can't remember any of it. Also, based on this and the launch show, it appears she's not a natural quipper. Craig 6, Darcey 7, Len 7, Bruno 7 for a total of Rachel is extremely happy with that, and vows to shake her hips in her salsa for Len next week. Our next couple are Julien and Janette.

I'm already in love. Also, her "responding to one of Bruce's jokes" face is pretty accomplished despite this being her first competitive appearance. Janette says that Julien is one of the most "energetic" people she's ever met, so she was very excited to be paired with him.

I do like that the casting process here seems to have been "oh, let's just make the two most obnoxious people dance together" - at least until they realised that James Jordan was already down to dance with Vanessa, and gave Julien to the runner-up instead. In training, Julien explains that he's got a fashion show in a few days, so his mind is elsewhere. Janette compromises by going to his studio to work and also going to his fashion show, because let's face it, it'd be rude not toand then once that's out of the way, it's time to crack the whip.

Julien admits that dancing is a lot harder than he expected, and he might just have to blind us all with sparkles so we can't see what he's doing. They're dancing a cha cha cha to 'Vogue' of courseand it's every bit as gaymazing as you would expect it to be. The dancing is pretty much an afterthought, it's all about Julien wearing as much glitter as possible and getting to vogue on national television. Like pretty much all of the men cha cha-ing in this opening weekend, he's pretty stiff in the hips, yet he's very loose in his torso, which makes for an odd combination.

I will say this much, though: What can I say? It's opening night, my standards are low. You can either impress me with your skills, or you can just entertain me.

Either way, I'm good. He describes it as being "prim and proper and neat and tidy", which are words I really would never use to describe that routine, but okay. I think Julien needs to learn quickly that what works on It Takes Two i.

Bruno enjoyed the posing and posturing, but says that the cha cha cha needed a makeover. Trust me, I know. Sometimes it pays to be straight. Sometimes you have to play straight for the money.

Craig tells him that it was hideously flat-footed. Darcey tells Julien that she loved the joy in his face, and he's better come back with the same joy next week - and then she cracks up. I'm starting to like her. Also, if the public votes Julien out before he gets to do a paso doble, I'm telling you now that I will be furious, because I need to see that.

Julien and Janette cackle their way up to the Tess Circle, seemingly knowing they're going to be an early boot and not giving a shit, and Julien tells Tess that he's here to have fun, do it with a big smile, and also HAVE FUN! Tess wisely stands at a distance.

Craig 3, Darcey 5, Len 6, Bruno 6 for a total of How I have missed you. Deborah says that being on the show is like stepping through a looking glass, and she no longer recognises herself when she looks in the mirror.

Robin thinks that Deborah might be more of a pussycat than a dragon. In training, Deborah admits to finding it a struggle, and that she can basically get one thing right at a time, but no more than that. Robin gives Deborah some homework to do, which seems to basically amount to "learn the routine please", and a Deborah-cam at home reveals that her husband has banished her to the guest bedroom because her feet were twitching and keeping him awake.

They're dancing a tango to 'Money Money Money', of course, and it opens with Robin doing a series of aggressive pirouettes by himself, which is not really my favourite way for a routine to start. Once Deborah gets to join in, she seems to spend quite a lot of her time being dragged around. I hate to bang on the same old drum all the time, but I have the same problem with Robin's choreography that I've had so often in the past: Deborah can't keep up with the speed he needs her to go at, so she's being pulled from place to place rather than dancing.

Possibly the song was forced upon them by the producers rather than being personally chosen by Robin, but I'm sure there's still a way the routine could've been choreographed at a speed that Deborah could've managed more comfortably.

It doesn't need to be SLOW, per se, just slightly less rushed. Maybe the same speed, but with fewer steps? I realise I'm no choreographer and that it's all very easy for me to sit here eating crisps and pull the routine apart, but at the same time, if it's this obvious to me that this routine, at this time, was too much for Deborah, shouldn't it have been obvious to Robin? Bruce cracks that this is the first time he's ever seen a dragon out of puff.

Bruno thinks it was a good pitch, full of determination and power, but Deborah messed it up in the middle.

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Craig thought she was lagging behind Robin for most of the dance, but he was surprised by her performance. Darcey liked the attack, but advises Deborah to pull up out of her waist. Len liked the attitude and enjoyed it, though he reiterates that Deborah needs to lift her diaphragm a bit more.

In the Tess Circle, Deborah says that she thinks Robin's probably still got some work to do with her, but her main objective was to have a good time and not let him down. Deborah's happy with that. Patrick and Anya are next. Bruce makes a joke about how Patrick was in Casualty for almost eight years, with the predictable punchline about NHS waiting times. Patrick's VT is a little on the dry side - he admits that he's quite shy, and he probably became an actor because he found being himself quite tricky.

He's turning 50 in November, and wants to be the oldest person to win Strictly. Current oldest person to win Strictly: Chris Hollins, at the age of The three winners since him were 27, 26 and 23 at the time of their respective victories.

natalie gumede and artem chigvintsev relationship questions

Anya gets all match. Patrick has the jive for his first dance, and frets about having had a knee injury not so long ago. His knees manage to survive rehearsals, thankfully. This is about as exciting as Patrick's VT gets, unfortunately. Let's hope he can dance, because he and Anya are not so much with the banter so far. They're dancing to 'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars, and the dance suffers from a lot of the same problems that Susanna's jive had yesterday: Again, he gets points from me for the effort he's putting into it and for having the performance panache to cover up the shakier moments.

Bruce compliments Patrick on remembering to point his toe in the flicks. Craig thought the rhythm and energy were fantastic, but he needs to sort his flat feet out and "get up onto your balls". Somewhere in a posh London hotel, Nicole Scherzinger's ears are burning. Darcey compliments Patrick on his energy and fitness, but warns him about his flappy feet on the kicks. Len thinks that what he lacked in technique he made up for in energy and enthusiasm.

Bruno loves that it was "a powerhouse of energy" and advises Patrick to just work on refining it all a bit. Up in the Tess Circle, Tess informs them that they've got the first standing ovation of the night - not entirely surprising that it's taken this long considering what we've witnessed - and asks Patrick how it was to be himself on the telly.

Patrick says it was scary but fine. Our penultimate performance of the night comes from Vanessa and James. In her VT, Vanessa talks about doing it for the grandmothers and all the women of a certain age.

Natalie Gumede & Artem Chigvintsev - Semi-Final - Salsa - Strictly Come Dancing2013

Vanessa's thrilled to have James as her partner because he's "oozing testosterone". James is not confident of his chances of getting Vanessa to do what he tells her. Strangely, this ends up working out almost too well for him: Vanessa is very compliant in the training room, which doesn't fit with the assertive routine that James has laid out for her. He asks her, in Vanessa's words, to "try to be more like the Vanessa that the public thinks it knows".

Vanessa declares that trying to act like she's unimpressed by James "requires the thespian talent of Dame Judi Dench". I'm fairly certain I could do it. Initial impressions of Vanessa's dancing, as far as I can tell, is that she's got a decent grasp of rhythm, but she looks rather lost a lot of the time, and seems to not have complete control of her own legs. Also, her "unimpressed" acting is pure pantomime. James has already resorted to choreographing in a move in which he rips his shirt open, and it seems like all he can do not to laugh for most of the performance.

It's odd how much more likeable James is when he knows he's got no chance of winning.

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Darcey thinks it wasn't lively or cheeky enough, and does the "there's always one dance that won't suit any given person" thing. This is the sole dance that Vanessa is going to struggle with.

I think you generally need to save that comment for when someone has actually managed to do one dance successfully, Darce. However, Darcey believes that Vanessa will do a much better job in ballroom next week. Len thinks it needed more "flash bang wallop", but she didn't lose her timing and got through it without any glaring mistakes - not that he's damning with faint praise or anything. Bruno thinks that she was trying so hard to get it right - which she did - that she didn't manage to give it the "va va voom" that it needed.

Craig tells her that it's a shame she doesn't dance as well as she speaks, because it was too much acting and not enough dancing. If nothing else, I appreciate Vanessa shoehorning a sentence like that into primetime Saturday night BBC1, especially since I suspect the only other time most of us have ever heard that word involved Lisa Simpson. I can only imagine how difficult she found it to watch Atlantis, in that case. Up in the Tess Circle, Vanessa says she thinks she did okay, since she managed to keep breathing and not fall over.

She calls Craig a "meanie". She says that despite people's assumptions, she leads a normal life like everyone else, doing nursery runs, cooking, cleaning and picking up her husband's dirty underwear.

She neglects to mention that she does all of this while having considerably more money than any of us. They're dancing to 'Kissing You' by Des'ree, which feels like another very unimaginative choice for a waltz soundtrack. I am going to be drooling over the pros a lot this year. I'm not even sorry. Their waltz is beautifully controlled, very elegant and graceful, with Abbey doing an excellent job with the choreography, but I can't help finding it just a teensy bit boring.

Sorry, I'm just not really a fan of waltzes in general, and the main thing that held my attraction through Rachel's was the fact that she was dancing much better than I expected her to. With Abbey, I never really had any doubts about her ability, so I don't really have that fascination to maintain my interest. It's certainly an excellent routine, danced exceptionally well for a first week, but emotionally it just didn't really engage me. I'm a terrible person. Len says that the waltz is a big dance of flowing movements, and Abbey's was the dance of the night.

Bruno calls it "dreamy" and "deeply felt", adding that it's an incredible debut. Craig declares the routine "gorgeous". Darcey finishes by saying that Abbey has excellent posture, which made for some beautiful lines.

For some reason Bruce asks Abbey if she has any family here tonight, as though she's just joined him on stage for his matinee show at the Margate Winter Gardens, and Abbey says that her mum and her year-old nan are here. Steady on, Abbey - I know that getting her nans out on this show worked well for Alesha, but don't give us too much too soon. Craig 8, Darcey 8, Len 8, Bruno 8 for a total of Maybe, I don't know.

There's a trail to remind us that It Takes Two begins again on Monday, and then we look at the leaderboard for the whole weekend, which runs as follows: I'd say those scores are mostly fair, although I'd be inclined to move Mark and Vanessa a little higher than their current positions. We get a reminder of all the weekend's dances, even though we don't really need one because there's no public vote this week, although it does make me realise just how terrifying Artem's teeth are in HD.

The credits roll, and I'm both amused and terrified by Bruce getting a writing credit although it does explain a lotand Bruce and Tess remind us that next week is when it gets serious because it's 15 couples in one night and one of them's going home on the Sunday.

Rad will be here to see you through the whole thing, because she's ever so nice like that. Share via Email This article is over 4 years old Clancy was not the only winner this year, with the show itself trouncing its rival X-Factor in the annual ratings battle. Their final dance was described as "a seamless quickstep and a joy to watch," according to judge Darcey Bussell. You took off and Aljaz forgot to. But, listen, I think you are a spectacular dancer.

As Goodman put it, we've all "got the jitters for the glitters". The success of Strictly Come Dancing meant the National Grid was anticipating the biggest power surge of the festive period.

There had been pole dancing, billowing explosions, a sea of dry ice, Robbie Williams putting on the Ritz and a slightly dodgy American accent6m phone votes and a moment when it looked like a man's neck might break off. As it got down to the final three, Clancy and BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid were both desperate to lift the glitterball trophy for the sake of their pro-dancer partners, both in their first Strictly series.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street's Natalie Gumede was hoping to secure a win for her partner Artem Chigvintsev, who was gunning to be the first professional to take the trophy a second time, having won in with actress Kara Tointon. Presenter Tess Daly was having to administer Kleenex at the most emotional final the show has seen. The three pairs were one point apart in the last part of the show, with Natalie and Artem getting the judges' top score. It was the first time in nine years and 11 series that the programme has had an all-female final as singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Reid, Gumede and Clancy battled it out.

The BBC billed it as "the best Strictly final we have ever seen" they say this every year and "the cat fight of the year", which was somewhat ridiculous, considering that the four girl-next-door finalists could not be less catty if they tried.

Still, in terms of production values, it was certainly Strictly's most glittering and ambitious finale yet, with the four contestants lowered from the ceiling on a sequinned platform to the strains of Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman. Bruce Forsyth made more than his usual already effortful attempt to read the autocue without stumbling, only coming slightly unstuck when he tried to take a "selfie" live on air.

natalie gumede and artem chigvintsev relationship questions

Judge Darcey Bussell had had her hair cut specially.