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noragami yato and hiyori relationship marketing

While fighting a phantom alongside Yato and Yukine, Hiyori . where she had struck up a conversation with Kazuma on their errand to the market. . it would be his greatest desire if this was kind of their relationship already. It's borderline romance, which keeps you on the edge of your seat hoping the relationship between Yato and Hiyori becomes more. There is some swearing. One thing that truly shined during this episode of Noragami Aragato, that I noticed was Hiyori's relationship with Yato, when Hiyori gave Yato.

When the scene stayed the same, she nearly fainted. How could it possibly be her when she was in fact staring at the look alike this instant?

5 Reasons Why Yato and Hiyori Should Just Get Married Already

The other odd thing was that she too had a crown similar to Yato's. Despite being mere inches from his face, Yato didn't blink. Instead, he just glanced over at the fake Hiyori and smiled tenderly. Hiyori gulped, feeling her own face heat up despite that his smile was meant for her fake self. I bet Yukine is bored too. We should all have a movie night in the temple theatre! Well, maybe not technically, but it definitely was some version on her.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship marketing

Hiyori racked her brain for some sort of explanation as to what she was seeing. It appeared to her that this was some reality where Yato had finally made it to the top; he was the king of the world…. Hiyori's face blossomed into a lush pink and she fought back the growing knot in her stomach as the puzzle pieces connected in her brain.

Recently Yato had made a joke about her being his queen when he made it big, but she had just brushed it aside as a joke. Had he been serious? Her mind wandered back to the cherry blossom viewing party where she had struck up a conversation with Kazuma on their errand to the market.

She had asked about phantom capabilities and he had explained about a certain breed of phantom that used a mortal or immortal's greatest desire as a distraction in battle.

Noragami Aragato - Hiyori's Shrine

Hiyori felt her face flush again. Yato's greatest desire was for her to be his booty-shorts wearing queen? A gong rang, jogging her out of her thoughts. People spilled out of the doorways. The fake Hiyori stood up and stretched out her back. Let's grab Yukine and head to the party. Hiyori was glad that no one was able to see the gag-face that she pulled at her fake self's behaviour.

Like she would ever act that flirty with someone.

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  • Yato and Hiyori Should Just Get Married Already
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Yato really had to be dreaming. Neither of them acknowledged her, but that was to be expected. Hiyori followed them down a corridor different from the one she came in from but it was just as grand. Most of the time she was blushing at the sweet and funny comments Yato made to her fake self and cringed at the fake Hiyori's flirting attempts.

She didn't miss how they held hands the whole time or how fake Hiyori leaned her head on his shoulder. After some time, Hiyori must have made a wrong turn at one of the hallway intersections because she lost sight of both Yato and her dumb doppleganger.

She struggled to convince herself that the only reason she despised the fake Hiyori so much was because she was totally out of character and not that she was jealous of the fake Hiyori or anything. About halfway back up the hall, she noticed that the walls were no longer gold and the floor had switched from the red carpet to beige carpet.

When she turned around again, there was a solid wall where she had just come from. The hair on the back of her neck stood up for the second time that day. She had just figured out that she was in a vision of Yato's greatest desire, and now where was she? She turned back around and this time there was a door in front of her. Light filtered from the top and bottom cracks. The door gave way to a small, but comfortable kitchen that resembled the one at her house a little bit.

A pair of French styled doors and a window above the sink allowed golden sunlight into the room. Yukine sat at the table in the kitchen with a math workbook in front of him and an empty glass to his side. His hair was mussed up, like he had just gotten up from a nap. Similarly to before, there was another fake Hiyori, except this one already different from the flirty one that was the first.

She had on a simple pair of jeans, a loose top, and mismatched socks. Her hair was in a bun at the base of her neck. All in all, Hiyori wasn't appalled by her attire. Watching the fake Hiyori and Yukine with a certain calmness, Hiyori slipped into the seat across from Yukine. The blonde was focusing on his math work before him intently.

He erased something, jotted something down, and then looked to the fake Hiyori expectantly. Let's see how you did. Smiling brightly, she leaned over Yukine to check over his work while he watched her expectantly. Yukine breathed a sigh of relief, making fake Hiyori giggle.

Yukine suddenly got quiet, then looked up at her with a little bit more confidence. Fake Hiyori pulled out a half-gallon of milk and refilled his empty glass. Hiyori had to admit that this Hiyori 2 was much more fun to watch than Hiyori 1.

And every day for a week! I really want to go. By this point it was pretty obvious that this was Yukine's interpretation of a greatest desire and that he seemed to view Hiyori as being a mother role, though she was still kind of confused as to why it would be his greatest desire if this was kind of their relationship already.

The fake Hiyori giggled again and pressed a soft kiss to Yukine's hair as she stood behind him. Yukine started to thank her when he was cut off by her extra, "but you'll have to check with Yato first when he gets home. Right on cue, a door somewhere outside of the kitchen opened and closed. Hiyori was surprised by his sudden induction into the dream. She had thought that Yukine's desire was for her to be a mother to him, but was it more than that?

Yato strolled into the kitchen. His hair was done up in a short ponytail and instead of the tracksuit, he had on black jeans, a blue top, and black and white sneakers. His fluffy-fluff scarf was nowhere in sight. Hiyori had to give Yukine props for giving Yato a make-over in his vision. Must've had four hundred worshippers come in today. He took a sip from his milk.

Yato turned his attention to Yukine and his blue eyes lit up. Smiling broadly, she jerked Yukine to his feet and then promptly squashed him between her and Yato in a hug. Yato wrapped his arms around her as well, catching Yukine so that he couldn't worm away. I hate you both," he exclaimed, but his struggling was half hearted.

He hadn't even protested twenty seconds before he melted into the embrace. Fake Hiyori nuzzled her face into Yukine's hair and held onto Yato's shoulder tightly. She wanted to simultaneously cry and join the hug at the same time. Yukine didn't just want a mother figure, he wanted a family. And the family he wanted most was for Yato and her to be by his side. Hiyori collapsed on the floor, wondering how life would be if she could fulfill his dream.

And Yato… Could she help him fulfill his full dream? Sure she was more than happy to help him reach his goal at a shrine, but what about the part where he wanted her as his queen? Hiyori laughed through her tears at the thought. She had to admit, being by Yato's side for eternity sounded pretty great. The scary part was that she didn't even care if she had to leave behind her family and mortal life forever in order to accomplish it.

She loved her boys. Hiyori loved them and leaving them sounded like a death sentence. When she looked up from the floor, the kitchen was gone and was instead replaced by a green field of hills. At the base of the hill was a familiar cherry tree.

This time, Hiyori didn't feel lost. This time, she knew exactly where she was because she often visited this place in her own thoughts and dreams. This time, she was in her own version desire.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship marketing

At the base of the hill, Hiyori broke out into a sprint until she reached the cherry tree. Breathing heavily, she stopped short a few paces because there they were. They were both curled up against the tree with the peaceful signs of sleep on their faces.

Yukine had his face buried into Yato's chest on one side while Yato's other side seemed to be waiting for someone. Hiyori smiled, fully aware that the vacant spot was for her. Carefully, she positioned herself into Yato's arm and snuggled up to his body. In short, a Nora is a term for any Shinki with more than one name, used interchangeably with the title 'Stray. A Stray cannot be bound using any technique that link to their names easily; unless all names of a Stray is known, other shinki cannot use Restraint or any other binding techniques.

Strays can also change hands from one god to another should their names be called, literally betraying the master they were serving at that time. This makes them dangerous, uncontrollable, and unreliable.

Sakura sees that Hiiro also has the name 'Mizuchi' on her back, in addition to the name Hiiro that Yato gave her.

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Later we see 'Father' use that name to turn her into a weapon to break Sakura's name and turn her into a Phantom. This shows us that even when she was only working with Yato, she was already technically a Nora.

As for why she has so many masters, that's because 'Father' commanded her to do so. She claims she's been working with other gods simply because Yato hasn't called her in so long At this point, we are going to stray a bit into speculation as to why he would want that The reason that gods will contract with a Stray is that it allows them to wield a 'disposable' regalia for dirty business that they don't want to involve their own Shinki in.

This means that Nora is witness to all of that dirty business that gods are getting up to that they don't want their own Shinki exposed to, or that may count as a Sin for their Shinki I'll get to that in a second. And since her ultimate loyalty is to 'Father,' that means that he is also privy to a lot of the stuff gods are up to that they don't want others to know about.

In short, Nora is a spy for him Now, as for the 'never blighted' thing From Kazuma We learn that he suppresses his emotions and blocks out any sense of guilt when he is doing 'what must be done.

He bluntly says as much in Chapter As a result, he's done stuff that could be considered 'wrong' but didn't blight Bishamonten.