Norway and us relationship

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norway and us relationship

The US is Norway's most important ally. A good, close relationship to the US is therefore vital for Norway. Norway cooperates with the US in a. Norway–United States relations are bilateral relations between Norway and the United States. The United States and Norway have a long tradition of positive. The close relationship between the two nations was reinforced by massive Norwegian emigration to the U.S. during the period , when more than .

Because they see the value of these passages," Tillerson said. China has also ordered a helicopter to accompany its icebreaker from the Italian company Leonardo. Both are scheduled to be delivered in Meanwhile, Russia has identified several key national interests in the Arctic, beginning with its use "as a strategic resource base" providing potential solutions to the task of socioeconomic development of the country.

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It also looks forward to using the Arctic Ocean as a national unified transportation line. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. This notion appears equally applicable as Norway outfits its armed forces in response to changing demands.

norway and us relationship

American and Norwegian flags decorate the Christmas tree presented to the city of Washington by the Norwegian Embassy in Norway donates a Christmas tree to Washington each year in part to express the country's gratitude for the United States' having hosted members of the royal family during the war.

While visiting Brussels last month, Tillerson met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian prime minister, and praised the latter's leadership of NATO as well as alliance member states that have stepped up to "reaffirm their commitment to the alliance, not only in words but in treasure as well.

norway and us relationship

Business, research and education The Norwegian business sector has strong ties with the US. Norwegian companies in a range of sectors have established operations in the US, from the traditional shipping sector, to oil and energy sectors, and new creative, technology-based activities.

norway and us relationship

Texas, California and New York are especially important for Norway in this context. Houston stands out in particular with Norwegian companies.

US and Norway are ‘still close allies’

New York is one of the most important financial centres in the world, and has been important for Norwegian business interests for more than years. This metropolis is also becoming an important centre for Norwegian design. The US is a world leader in terms of research and innovation.

norway and us relationship

It is home to many high profile, top notch universities and educational institutions. These are attracting increasing numbers of Norwegian students and researchers.

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Norwegian artists take part in major exhibitions in prestigious institutions such as MoMA, Guggenheim and the New Museum. Norwegian literature is popular. Crime writers and established names such as Per Petterson attract interest. Norwegian films take part in prominent US film festivals, and are often later distributed in the country.