Okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

Once the village beauty, Ekwefi ran away from her first husband to live with Okonkwo. Ezinma is her only surviving child, and the two share a close relationship. '//hat do you learn about Okonkwo from, his relationship with the leaders, his wives and children, and his father (Show slides on "Houses in Western and Southern Africa") 7. What ideal mother-daughter aspects do you see in the rela - tionships between Ekwefi and Ezinna? ri'es to succeed, • Cha pters 18 ^d 19 • • ' - - '. Ikemefuna (a boy from the Mbaino tribe) Ezinma (Okonkwo's favorite He initiates an unorthodox relationship with Offred, secretly playing Scrabble with Nagg slides back down into his trash can and is covered by Clov. and after exercising his talents, he advises Alice to go to a tea party given by the Mad Hatter.

Also included in the guide are background and resource bibliographies for teachers and students, obiectives, and tips to teachers on hew to introduce questions to the class more effectively. Talley Central High School Little Rock, Arkansas This teaching unit on Aftica was developed aa part of an inter- disciplinary workshop project in African curriculum development held on the University of Illinoip' Urbana-Champaign campus in the summer of The workshop project, which was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, was carried out from and was integrated into an on-going program of outreach services offered to teachers nationwide.

For further information on teaching aids available through outreach services, contact: Through a critical reading of this novel, students will learn many facts about the Igbo people--how the Igbo make a living, how they govern themselves, how the family is founded, how the network of kinship functions, and how the Igbo have responded to contact with European culture.

Grade Level and Course This unit is designed for tenth grade English classes that are composed of regular and below regular students. Time Allotment It is designed to be taught within fifteen fifty-five 55 minute periods.

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Ten days will be devoted to reading and discussing the novel, and five days will be devoted to preparing and sharing enrichment activities. To learn specific facts about the Igbo people. To read critically and develop interpretative skills. To compare and contrast the values of our culture with those of another. Students will be able to aslaat relevant data on the major structures of Igbo society.

Bohannan, Paul and Phillip Curtin. The Natural History iress, Recomended reading for a simple introduction to traditional societies an,d African history.

okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

Studies A general, balanced introduction to the history of Africa, for use at the high school level. I TMs book is suitaWA for teachers' reading. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, This case study is written by an Igbo about his own people. It penetrates to the heart of the Igbo culture and social system.

Uchendu shows how the people in Nigerian society think about the world aroxmd them and how they conceive of their own social system and its workings. Reflections; Nigerian Prose and Verse. Barnes, Gregory A Wind of Change. Lothrop, Lee, and Shepard, The Igbo of Biafra. This book gives a description of Igbo existence from birth to death.

It gives essential details on child rearing, market trading, home life, religion, and arts.

okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

Dietz, Betty and Olatunji, M. Musical Instruments of Africa.

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A discussion of different kinds of music ar'd their functions in African societies. Forman, Brenda and Harrison. The Land and People of Nigeria. The Foremans describe the progress being made toward national unity and toward full realization of Nigeria's rich human and economic potential.

okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

The Art of Africa. Photographs of well-known types of African art removed from their cultural contexts; accompanied by brief descriptions. Claremont Graduation School, Fictional biography of a Yoruba girl in contemporary Nigeria which contains many realistic details about life from child- hood to marriage. Social studies survey with striking color photos of contemporary life.

Its Art and Its People.

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It is a microcosm of different families which make, up the teeming population of a country. African Religions and Philosophies. General survey of major questions associated with African religions by a leading authority. A Nigerian Villager in Two Worlds. Faber and Fabeic, The author presents an interesting accoimt of Igbo life in the early part of the century in this accomt of his father's life in an Eastern Nigerian village. The Dance of Africa; an Introduction. Different kinds of African dances and occasions when they are performed are described.

Williams, the Black American writer who makes a pilgrimage to West Africa in search of his roots. Houses in Western and Southern Africa A brief survey of the diversity of rural and urban housing in five African countries. What is the Igbo idea of success?

How does it comBare with the American idea of success? What constitutes wealth in febo society? Eovf does an Igbo man receive a guest in his home? Show slides on "Houses in Western and Southern Africa" 7. What status in the village is given to the boy Ikemefuna? Ly differ from an American family? Are there any similarities? Chapters 3 and 4 1. What special forces govern the lives of the Igbo people? Compare Okonkwo's rise to fame to Abraham Lincoln's rise to fame?

How does the weather control the living standards of the Igbo people?

Ekwefi in Things Fall Apart

What is the importance of titles in an Igbo man's life? What in his childhood contributes to this feeling? What activities, both work and play, do Okonkwo, Nwaye and Ikemef una engage in? Chapters 3 and 6! Kovr is it celebrated? But there are several other important characters throughout this work.

Learn about one of those characters, Ekwefi, in this lesson, and test yourself with a quiz. Things Fall Apart is set during the tumultuous period of Nigeria's history during which European settlers invaded, bringing colonialism with them. The novel's been studied across the globe as the most well-known example of postcolonial African literature.

The term postcolonial refers to a work concerning the period following colonization. Things Fall Apart tells the tale of Okonkwo, an Igbo also called Ibo leader famous for his wrestling prowess, his strength, and his temper. Okonkwo is afraid to show any type of weakness because his father embarrassed him, being poor, effeminate, and far too emotional. Okonkwo has several wives and children, as is the custom, and is one of the wealthiest, most successful men in his village of Umuofia.

Ekwefi is of Okonkwo's wives. This map shows the location of Nigeria within Africa and details the range of the Igbo people Ekwefi's Earlier Life Ekwefi is Okonkwo's second wife, and she's the one with the most attitude. She's the only one of Okonkwo's wives who dares challenge or upset him, and she has the scars to prove it. Once, Okonkwo accuses her of killing a banana tree.

okonkwo and ekwefi relationship cha slide

When Ekwefi points out the tree isn't actually dead, Okonkwo beats her and threatens to shoot her. Still, Ekwefi manages to maintain her sassiness and her personality in the face of her husband's rages. So how do two people who are so different end up married? Well, at the start of the novel, the reader is told that Ekwefi watched Okonkwo wrestle when he was in his prime and was instantly smitten.