Olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

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olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

I especially love Olivia Benson, portrayed so beautifully on Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit by Mariska Hargitay Brian Cassidy, Season 1. It's rare that I can describe an episode of Law & Order SVU in one Brian Cassidy gets sucked into the case by Tucker with the promise of While Benson and Cassidy did have a past relationship, it wasn't a long, lasting one. . He says enough of the small talk; he has a problem and he needs their help. "Ok, Benson, sorry if I'm speaking out of turn but I can't fail to notice that head held high knowing that she wasn't in any trouble, she had done nothing wrong. "What is your current relationship with Detective Brian Cassidy?.

Dean Taucher, the production designer, and Warren [Leight], the showrunner, batted ideas around a little bit — where Olivia would live, where she and Cassidy might move. They are both starting over in a new space, a new building, a new life.

How long did it take to create?

Bensidy - Burn with you

Tell me about the kitchen. The tile is earthy. We wanted to use different earth tones. The plates that she has are Ralph Lauren, I think I [picked them up from] at my favorite shop in the world T. Her glassware is from Lenox. Will we ever see either character using the kitchen? What kinds of furniture and accent pieces will we see in the other rooms? There are a couple of eclectic pieces that were second-hand finds — so as not to be too design-y — but more like real life where everybody has an eclectic mixture of this and that.

'Law & Order: SVU': Cassidy Reveals Why He Really Left the Special Victims Unit

The couch is from West Elm. Why are New York City apartments always so much bigger on television than they are in real life? You see these big apartments on television because we need the room to shoot. And the actors need room to have action, so the spaces are generally more generous than they are in real life.

He says enough of the small talk; he has a problem and he needs their help. You gotta be kidding me. He says he can tell them to look at compstat issues from the 12th, some of the cops are losing complaints.

Yesterday a key witness who had been an officer in the precinct, had been forcibly institutionalized and medicated. Benson looks at Tucker with a blank face as Cragen comments about it being at the 12th's request, feeling that was hardball and he looks at Benson. Tucker said the officer was deemed a danger to himself or others. Benson asks what that has to do with them, and he explains that among the stats that saw a drop were sexual assaults.

He adds they have investigated a few but their whist blower, whose credibility is now shattered, claims he knows a woman, Tanya Jenkins, who reported a rape to him and it was never entered into the complaint system. Tucker replies that there may be more to it than that and he needs them to check it out. Benson is shocked, asking now, noting this was from Christmas and questions how long IAB has been sitting on it. Tucker says he will do his job, she should do hers, and that Jenkins is a possible rape victim and Tucker thought Benson would be sympathetic to that.

Benson reminds them they have all heard rumors about the 12th and if somebody is covering up rapes, they need to go down for it. Fin cracks that he does not like this already. Cragen replies that makes 5 of them, and tells Fin and Rollins to go talk to the cabbie and tells Benson and Amaro to talk to the woman and report to him, for reasons that should be obvious; he will middle with Tucker.

Amaro asks if Tucker knows they are living together, and Benson shoots him a look and then throws him the car keys, telling him to take 6th, there is less traffic. She gets in the car At 20th Street and 9th Avenue, Fin and Rollins speak with the cab driver who said Tanya was puking and said she had no money.

He threw her out and she started swinging at him and the cops pulled up, who suggested he file assault charges against her. He dropped the charges a week later because she did not say anything and he did not want to go to court. He does not know if she was arrested, he drove off and they dealt with her.

He adds if this girl is accusing him of doing something now, she is lying. Meanwhile, Benson and Amaro speak with Tanya Jenkins who says it was her fault, she had been drinking and she is going to meetings now. Amaro explains she is not a suspect, they want to know what happened to her that night. She starts walking away as Benson asks to tell who.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

Tanya says she was confused and she was wrong, she was drunk and got in a fight with the cabbie. She says she has to go. As she leaves, Benson and Amaro discuss what really happened that night and Benson suspects something did happen that night.

They wonder that if they were trying to keep stats down they told her that she could be charged with assault, and if she was raped, he is still out there. Amaro notes that West and Quinn were the responding officers that night and asks if there is any chance they will be straight with them.

At the 12th precinct at the office of Lt. West and Quinn are just about to start so Wood calls them in. When Amaro asks that they took her home, Quinn explains Tanya would have been easy prey. Benson comments that the cabbie had her address and wonders if there was a chance he came back. Benson replies that something happened to Tanya but she is being pressured to deny it, Amaro adding the officers went out of their way to say Tanya was too drunk to make a credible witness.

Benson comments they also wanted them to know they drove her home that night. Cragen asks if there is any chance it was the cabbie, and Fin says none, he tracked his fares. He had an airport run after the cops took Tanya and he sat at JFK until he caught a fare to Westchester. Cragen tells them to check the calls and see how they compare to the precinct logs and see if somebody called in a sexual assault that somehow dropped off.

Benson says she can stay, but Rollins tells her to go home, Amaro adding it may be good to catch up with Cassidy. Back at the apartment, Benson is still unpacking as Cassidy arrives home, saying it was a bitch of a day at the courthouse.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

She said she tried calling him and he explains he tried calling her back but they kept missing each other. Cassidy comments that the place looks great. She asks if he went to Tucker about it and he says no, but Tucker came to him to work undercover at the 12th.

Cassidy said no, because neither he nor Benson trust Tucker. Cassidy asks what Tucker wants with SVU, and Benson explains that two officers from the 12th may have coerced a sexual assault vic into dropping the charges so they are working the case. Cassidy questions that it is OK for her to work IA but not him? Benson gets a message and says she has to go.

She apologizes and says she will be back as she speeds out of the apartment, leaving Cassidy there drinking a beer. Rollins apologizes for dragging them all back in, and Fin replies says she is not, that is her thing. Rollins explains they checked the calls and there are no assaults but there were a few calls made from pay phones that sounded bogus. Benson asks who responded, and Amaro says it was West and Quinn, and they gave the calls back as unfounded.

Cragen comments this puts them on her street, and Rollins adds for pretty much the whole night. Amaro explains that the building next door has a security camera, and they go the video. Rollins explains that the video is showing the first time they went up, and then Quinn comes back 15 minutes later and waits in the car, leaving West up there for another half hour. Amaro explains that at 3: Cragen thinks the calls were an excuse for West to go back up and Quinn to cover.

Rollins answers yes, the precinct reception has her signing in at Cragen speculates somebody got her to kill the complaint, and Benson thinks someone scared the daylights out of her.

Delving Deeper Chapter 4, a law and order: svu fanfic | FanFiction

Cragen thinks they are looking at more than fixing stats. Fin says these guys are rapists, and Tucker replies possibly, all the tapes prove is official misconduct. Benson said Tanya was assaulted that night, but Tucker reminds her it was 8 months ago and there was no rape kit, she was drunk and is a reluctant and unreliable witness against two decorated cops.

Rollins counters Tanya was not reluctant, she was intimidated and they need to find out who at that precinct told her to keep her mouth shut. Benson suggests she talk to Tanya to let her know they are on her side, but Tucker tells her to slow down, if these officers find out they are suspects they will lawyer up. Benson accuses him to tying their hands, but Tucker wants them to get all their ducks in a row before they go hunting.

Benson rolls her eyes. As Tucker moves to leave, he asks Benson to walk him out. Benson emphatically says there is. Tucker asks so what, this is a chance for redemption. Benson scoffs, then asks what does she have to do?

'Law & Order: SVU': First look at Bensidy's new apartment

Tucker explains he would get Cassidy transferred into the 12th and partner him with West, build trust and get an admission, maybe even catch these guys in the act. Benson adds he has to rat those guys out. Tucker comments about getting the thin blue line crap from Benson, adding that these guys are rapists.

He says if it make her feel any better he will put her and Amaro on as backup. Benson looks reluctant but Tucker urges her to talk to Cassidy, asking if she wants him busting his hump in the Bronx courts until he breaks like Groves? Sometime later, Cassidy is at the 12th being brought in with other rookies and Cassidy tells Lt. Wood he knows he has to earn his way back in and appreciates the chance. West tells Cassidy if he gets busted back to walking the beat at his age, to put in for his West asks about the prostitute that Cassidy and Cragen were banging, was she as hot as she looked?

Meanwhile, Benson and Amaro are waiting in a nearby car, hearing every word. Amaro comments to Benson that Cassidy will have a hard time with this guy. As West and Cassidy drive around, Cassidy asks him if at the 12th they get drunk Wall Street guys and club kids, adding name an asshat, they have it.

West adds and douche bags too. Cassidy asks if they get any working girls, and West asks if Cassidy has been busted enough, Cassidy replies he is an old dog but he likes new tricks. He calls out to her and she says she just wants to get home. He says he is just checking up on her, and asks if she is still going to meetings. She looks uncomfortable and says 6 months, one day at a time.

She races off as West says that is good, and he is there if she needs a friend.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

Meanwhile, in the car, Benson and Amaro hear Cassidy say she seems nice, and if someone did a number on her. West says it is more like she did it to herself.

Benson comments to Amaro that first he rapes Tanya and now he says he is looking out for her, saying that is control, intimidation, and is a complete abuse of power.

Amaro agrees it is ugly but not enough to make a case. Later, it is night and Cassidy and West are still driving around. Cassidy asks when things will start picking up around here, and West tells him to take it easy, it is a full moon, and they will get there.

Benson and Amaro are still following, and Amaro asks how the new apartment is going. Amaro says he misses it. Amaro asks about the sessions and if he likes the guy. Benson explains she must have sent over a dozen survivors to him and it turns out she was right.

She feels safe there. Amaro says he is her any time she wants to talk about anything, but Benson replies that it is great he has been normal with her and she appreciates that more than he knows.

A call comes in for available units to respond to a female drunk and disorderly and West responds turns on the lights and sirens on his squad car.

West and Cassidy arrive on the scene to try to handle a drunk Gretchen, who comes on to Cassidy as he tries to control the situation. Gretchen asks them to drive her home and if they want her to assume the position. West grabs her as she begins to tip over and puts her in the back of the car and Benson and Cassidy hear Cassidy tell West he has a live one.

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Benson voices concern to Amaro that they are just going to let this happen, but Amaro thinks it sounded consensual and they obviously have a history. Benson raises her voice and reminds him Gretchen is drunk, but Amaro reminds her so are half the people on the street who are going home to have sex and asks what does she want to do. Another squad car pulls up to Cassidy and it is Quinn and the rookie. Quinn asks if everything is alright and Cassidy explains that West is upstairs assisting a woman in need.

Benson and Amaro hear Quinn tell Cassidy he knows not to put this in the memo book, and Cassidy asks what memo book. Cassidy waits in the car, and Benson worries to Amaro that Gretchen has been up there for 20 minutes and Cassidy should go up.

Amaro cautions her that they are testing him. West returns and honks the car home to wake Cassidy, and Cassidy asks if it is his turn. West says next time, his girl Quinny needs backup. West puts on light and sirens and races off and Benson and Amaro follow. Quinn complains it took them long enough, and she tells the rookie to sit and listen to the radio. Cassidy asks what is this, and West tells him easy cowboy as they walk into a building.

Meanwhile, Benson and Amaro are in the car, listening to Cassidy making sounds of pleasure.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

Amaro reminds Benson that Cassidy is just working, and she says she knows, as she blankly stares forward. Afterwards, Lila says goodbye to Cassidy and kisses him, and Cassidy tells West and Quinn it was a nice welcome, it seems he landed in the right place. He asks how much he owes, and West explains it is on the house, they take care of them so they take care of the girls. Quinn adds to call it a quid pro ho. She walks off, explaining that Tucker is waiting.

Tucker reminds them he was listening all night and says it was dereliction of duty, maybe. Benson counters that West is not going to confess to Cassidy the second he meets him. Cassidy says they leaned on Tanya but Tucker thinks that is subjective. Amaro believes Cassidy has their trust and Cragen adds if he spends more time, they will slip up.

Benson thinks the other vics will be just as drunk and scared. Fin says they need a reliable witness, and suggests IAB set up a honey trap.

Rollins adds West likes his women drunk and disorderly and she can do that. At a later time, West and Cassidy get a call for an assault by a white female who is possibly intoxicated, West says they have this and Cassidy calls in they will handle. Quinn radios she will back up. At the scene, Rollins is playing drunk while Fin is playing the her driver whom she is fighting with, saying that she paid for the night.

They get her in the squad car. Benson and Amaro listen as West puts on her seatbelt and Rollins complains she is dizzy. West says he does not know what it is with these women — low self esteem?