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He sighed and faced them again. Look around at each other. This is now your family. All ties you had before this do not matter anymore. You will live, eat, sleep, breathe with these people. He had tried drinking, but then changed his mind. It wouldn't do to be hungover, especially with management glaring down his back. This was the big test, whether the boys could make it live. He watched quietly as the make-up artists patted more powder onto Key's nose, trying to hide the blemishes.

He almost wanted to snort and ask them what they'd been expecting. A seventeen year old boy with perfect skin? On the other side, hairdressers were fighting over Minho, trying to make his forehead look larger. At the back, one of the costumers was busy trying to sew a new hem into Taemin's pants.

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The boy kept growing non-stop. Rolling his eyes, he walked over to where Jonghyun was rehearsing. He listened as the boy ran through warm-up scales, his voice effortlessly gliding up and down. Onew was sitting next to him, and when Jonghyun would take a breath, Onew would take over, sending his own voice up and down.

He could feel the tension in all of them. It was there in Jonghyun's hands that wouldn't stop shaking. It was in the brittleness of Onew's smile, the sharpness of Key's temper, the aloof stare on Minho's face, and blatantly obvious in Taemin's eyes. He didn't know what tempted him, but he had already ordered all the hairdressers, make-up artists, and costumers out of the room.

It was empty but for him and the boys. They were sitting together on the couch, Jonghyun as the brave center, Minho and Onew on the outsides, protecting the younger boys. He looked at them, all the make-up and costumes, all the pressure in their muscles, the shine in their eyes missing, and he knew he had to say something. I know that you'd rather be anywhere but here," he began unsurely, licking his suddenly dry lips. I know you're amazing. I've seen it every day for the last six months.

Forget that the company is watching. Forget about the critics. Forget that everyone is going to be judging you. I want you to act like it's a rehearsal. That it's just another day in the studio.

I want you to sing like you sing when you're in the car, with what's here," he said, tapping his chest.

He watched quietly as they let the women fuss over them one last time as they were shooed out the door. Just before it closed, he saw them turn back and look at him. He tried to smile.

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He wanted to throw up. The boys had two songs and a dance performance. The company had been so pleased with their debut stars.

The boys were already so well known, winning hearts and fans everywhere.

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He was so worried. Taemin just had another growth spurt and Minho had a terrible breakout of blemishes. He walked into the dressing room. Jonghyun and Key were wearing a path in the ground as they paced back and forth. Onew sat on the couch, singing as Taemin and Minho ran through the dance routine in the front of the mirror.

He sighed and sat down in one of the chairs, facing the boys. I know you know these songs backwards and forwards. I even remembering Jonghyun gargling his part of Real once," he pointed out, making said boy blush. It didn't seem to help much though as they still looked as tense as when he had entered.

He sighed and threw his head back. If all else fails, smile at the girls in the crowd. As long as they're screaming, you'll be fine. Just don't wink at any of them. I don't think we could get emergency care to the fainters in time. He didn't know when it had become less and less of a job.

Maybe he was too used to the older managers who just stood at the back of a room and smoked their cigarettes, those who couldn't care less about their clients. He pushed the stagehand out of his way and pulled out his cell, jabbing keys. He waited for someone to pick and then immediately ordered enough food for an army. When it came, he forced that same stagehand from before to carry all of it into the dressing room before paying for it. The boys looked up at him in surprise as he slammed the door shut behind the cowering man.

He sighed, taking in a deep breath before facing the boys. Jonghyun was balanced on the couch's armrest, while Onew, Taemin, and Minho were sprawled out on it. Key was sitting on the ground, using Onew's legs as a backrest. Why don't you guys start? They looked at each other before moving. Key reached for the plates and napkins, always the responsible one, handing them out. Onew reached for the chicken, while Taemin and Minho started pouring drinks for everyone.

Jonghyun came over and sat down next to him quietly. His head was aching, but it wasn't enough for him to not give the woman before him an incredulous look. But fast forward a month, another group schedule, and he doesn't show up.

That schedule was Music Bank Paris.

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I think everyone who went noticed how depressed the other members were. He was asked several times about where Onew is, and always dodged the question with "I'm sorry we cannot be here as 5 today" and things along these lines, without giving an actual reason as to why Onew's not there.

After the manager took him aside and talked to him for a minute, tho, Jonghyun suddenly said Onew sustained an ankle injury during dance practice, which, I admit, is seriously fishy. At the time I had serious Hangeng-situation-deja-vus, but in the end Onew came back, and they made their Sherlock Comeback. Normally Onew's not the type to initiate skinship but he did so a lot more during this era cause the others just wouldn't. And even when he initiated it, the others just accepted, but never reciprocated.

Especially Jonghyun seemed fed up with him. That went on for a few more months, during their Japanese Arena Tour in summer too. It was also odd Onew was legit sobbing at about every second concert of the tour, including the Korean concert in July. It literally hurt watching him, and I'm not gonna link a fancam here cause I don't want to do this to myself nor you. Anyways, afterwards, around Augustthings gradually got better. Therefore, they won many awards and held several concert tours.

The whole fandom is commonly known as a calm and chill fandom because there are barely any fandoms wars or scandals except some clashings with Exo-Ls and other minor things.

SHINee is also popular among not-fans and is hardly getting criticized since they can practically make every concept work. In July even former US president Obama mentioned them in one of his speeches [2]. The style was popular among students and led to producing more of such clothes as well as SHINee advertising several companies. Despite becoming more mature the band managed to keep its unique style.

The stories also often include other bands from S. Entertainment like Exo or Super Junior as well as Idols from different labels.