Optimus and arcee relationship

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optimus and arcee relationship

This is a list of relationships of major characters from the Aligned Continuity. Arcee Relationships. Optimus Prime's Relationships. Bumblebee Relationships. Later Arcee accompanied Optimus to find Cliffjumper's body after it's life signal . Optimus and Arcee have a platonic relationship and a respectable friendship. I don't think a connection between Arcee and Optimus is completely out of left field. If we remember her bio description, it did mention that she.

Optimus and Arcee

He was about to return to work when he felt something grab him from behind. He got ready to attack, until he processed the feel of the hands.

They were small, dainty yet strong. Arcee released her grip on Primes mid-section so he could turn around to face her. He bent down too her level and she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. They kissed each other passionately for a few minutes. If they were human, they would've suffocated. Night time was really the only time they could be together, without the rest of the team, humans or decepticons too interrupt their time.

They pulled each other into a more soft kiss that didn't last as long as the first.

Transformer romance

The first kiss was mainly about passion as they had both wanted to hold each other all that day. The need for each other was there every day, but for some reason, today it was more intense. The need was more Lust than love.

Optimus picked Arcee up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, to the best of her ability. They both knew what they wanted. He moved them over to the wall and pinned Arcee there.

optimus and arcee relationship

He kissed her forcefully, yet lovingly. He held her against the wall with his body and one of is hands on her stomach; whilst the second held the back of her neck, pulling her towards him. She brought her own hands up to play with his Antennas, because she knew that this was a large hotspot for him. She loved the sound of his moans as she played with them teasingly. However, she wasn't the only one who knew a hotspot.

He began playing with the sensitive wires on her sides, causing her to moan and arch against him. He pushed her back into the wall. He was a Prime, and Primes are programmed by Primus to be in control of things. He drew his lips away from hers and trailed kisses down her cheeks before attacking her neck and chest with kisses and bites to the sensitive cabling that was there.

He knew this was a massive turn on for her, and that is exactly what he wanted. More fun for her and him. She clung to his neck as he got more aggressive and passionate with her. Her moans increased in volume, despite her efforts too keep them in. She bit her lip but the moans and pleas for Optimus kept escaping her mouth.

The things he could do to her It was all the encouragement Optimus needed. He grabbed her aft with both hands and carried her to his room. The two never broke their kiss as they travelled down the corridor, got into Optimus's room and he locked the door.

Before they knew it, Arcee was lying with her back on Optimus's berth as he held himself over her like a gargoyle. The two were still locked in their passionate kiss. Optimus and Arcee lay in each others arms. They knew that it wouldn't be long before Arcee had to go back too her own room, that way the rest of the team wouldn't get suspicious.

The two were content with the fact their relationship was a secret. Especially Optimus, if the Decepticons knew he and Arcee were together, they wouldn't hesitate to use her against him; in whatever means possible. He didn't even want to think of what could happen too her. Attack, Kidnapping, Torture, Death The last idea made Optimus's energon run cold and he subconsciously clung to Arcee harder. The thought of them hurting you just too hurt me is enough to make my energon run cold.

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I want to protect you. I love you Arcee. Arcee felt her spark flutter. When Optimus had begun speaking, he spoke with a tone that made her think he was leaving her.

optimus and arcee relationship

The Falling, Chapter 6: Unforgivable And yes, there is the fact that IDW has previously established that Transformers are genderless in their continuity, but let's not kid ourselves about what we're seeing here. Your shift lever is dirty," Marissa exclaims. I will wipe it clean for you now.

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We didn't make that up. That actually, canonically happened. The hints are few and far between, but Transformers is not devoid of the possibility Transformers might engage in sexual activities for recreational purposes.

Kissing is a regularly observed sign of affection and in The Headmasters episode " Return of the Immortal Emperor ", Chromedome was rather thrilled he got to see Arcee transform. Nevertheless, Beast Wars was the first to pick up the subject in a more direct manner: Rape euphemisms are commonly inserted in the Japanese dubs of Western Transformers programs for, uh, "humor". The Japanese dub of " Maximal, No More " has Rattrap, thinking himself about to be stabbed by Dinobotask his attacker to penetrate him "gently, because I've heard the first time can hurt.

References and innuendoes have become increasingly more common in recent years. Scarlett and Bumblebee had a suggestive conversation about "riding" him in " Wolves ", and in " The Art of War issue 3 ", Arcee promised Bumblebee to "rotate his tires" if he could beat her, to which he responded with a most enthusiastic "Wooo-Hooo!

optimus and arcee relationship

In the Dreamwave issue " Infestation ", one remark from Sunstreaker might suggest the existence of Transformer S. In the ever-questionable Kiss Players double-entendres ran rife, with one of the most disturbing involving Optimus Prime deriving pleasure from Marissa Faireborn polishing his stick shift and rubbing the rim of his gas tank, which are pretty clear metaphors for And that's about as far as we're going to broach the subject.

If you really want to know more on the matter of Transformer sex, an exciting world of fan fiction awaits you. Take note that doing so will be at your own risk, and TFWiki accepts no liability for any psychological trauma incurred.