Pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

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pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Parody - Alice, Oz V. - Chapters: Sickest Kids 'cause I think it really relates to Oz and Alice's relationship. I'm trying to include as many references to the lyrics as I can:P. This is sort of a more modern take on Pandora Hearts. No counselor could cure him of his rage. Pandora Hearts, Oz, Alice, Elliot, And Leo/Glen Baskerville. Pandora Hearts - Alice Quote l'll have to find this anime/manga. . I know not a lot of people like this couple, True QuotesProfound QuotesAdvice QuotesGuess The AnimeAll . A description of tropes appearing in Pandora Hearts. Now a part of Pandora, Oz works to find illegal contractors, recover Alice's lost memories, find out why the .

After Alice remember that Oz rejected her, she immediately cried and called Oz an idiot for rejecting her.

When she heard Oz's voice calling her, she hugged him upon their reunion and immediately asked him what took him so long to call her, with tears in her eyes. Alice always calls Gil "seaweed head," to which he responds "stupid rabbit.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

It's not known if she herself met Gil years ago since the one who made him do the "face" again was most probably the Intention using her body. Though Gilbert and Alice fight a lot, there are some scenes that show he does care for her. In later chapters it also seems as though she's started to look up to Gil like an older brother, something that he rejects instantly.

She appears to like it when Gil ruffles her hair. She was worried when she saw his arm was gone, so that means they have started to respect each other. Intention of the Abyss Will of Abyss and Alice as they appear in anime Alice and the Intention of the Abyss are twin sisters, and Alice said that she could communicate with her while she was in Abyss.

At first, it seems they hate each other, however neither of them possessed their memories at the time when Alice was still alive.

Due to their memories lost, they appear to not be on good terms with each other, but they do have some things in common. One thing both sister shared in common is their bond with Oz; although Oz developed a close bond with Alice B-rabbithe nevertheless cared the Intention as well. Both sisters care deeply about each other. However, as revealed in Chapter 63, the Intention of the Abyss wished for Break to help save Alice; this showed that despite everyone's belief that the Intention hated Alice, in reality she cared for Alice so much.

When Alice sacrificed herself for Oz and was about to die, Alice the Intention screamed in sorrow and ran towards her dying soul, crying this happened in the junction between their souls. Alice B-rabbit said she was happy, that her sister was the same as always and that it was a long time since they'd spoken to each other like this, because Alice the Intention hadn't answered to her calls recently.

The Intention cries and apologizes and says that even the things she hold dear seem to lose their importance to her. In addition to this she promises to use Oz's power to erase her own memories, but when she uses Alice's body to reach him, Alice's soul flies past her and enters Oz. To help both her sister and Oz she takes Oz's power and destroys the Intention's memory, though in reality she destroyed her own as well, because the two were connected to each other. Sharon Rainsworth Sharon helping Alice with romance.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Despite the fact that they didn't start off very well, - during their first encounter, Alice used Sharon as a hostage - Sharon appears to have forgiven and forgotten about that, and they share a relatively friendly relationship. Sharon and Alice's relationship has not been greatly executed throughout the series, however the two seem to get along well.

Sharon thinks of Alice as a little sister.

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Although Alice seemed reluctant to let Sharon treat her this way, she seems to be fine with it now. She often gives Alice romance advice for her and Oz. Alice and Sharon both care about each other, as shown when Sharon got depressed about how Break didn't tell her about Sablier, Alice tried to cheer her up by biting her cheeks. Overall, the two seem to be good friends. Xerxes Break Alice frequently shows her dislike toward Break calling him a 'Clown' in the anime and a 'Clowny Bastard' in the manga.

Break is quite interested in Alice's past, due to the fact that she lived one hundred years ago. However, other than that, he only teases her whenever he talks to her.


Alice hissing Break in anime Break does not trust Alice at all and is ready to kill her if necessary, although he does defend her when Gilbert Nightray asks to kill her, saying, "Not yet," but this also shows that he is considering killing her in the future. Break tells Alice to look after Oz, which means by now he has grown to respect her.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Lacie Lacie is an anagram of Alice. It is confirmed that Alice is the daughter of Lacie and Levi. As Jack's soul was damaged during the Tragedy of Sablier and put into a cycle of reverse rebirth, Oz was left without any memories or knowledge of his true self.

Jack soon set things up so that Oz would be taken into the Vessalius Dukedom and eventually regain his powers by manipulating Xai Vessalius. Thus, Oz became Oz Vessalius while Jack's soul faded into near nonexistence, and lived a rather normal sheltered life as a Vessalius. However, Jack had orchestrated it so that when Oz turned 15 that Xai would enlist the help of the Baskerville Clan and drop Oz into the Abysswhere he would meet Alice once again and form a new Contract with her in order to reunite Oz with his powers.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Since his escape, Oz's only wish has been to uncover the reason why he was dropped into the Abyss by searching for Alice's lost memories. Now, Oz has regained his memories, powers and has once again put the world on the brink of disaster, all because of Jack's meddling.

With Oswald's attempt to travel back in time in order to change the past and save the world, Oz has vowed to stop Oswald by following him back in time; not willing to let Oswald destroy the world he's known even if it means the world's destruction. Contents [ show ] Appearance Initially, Oz appeared simply as a pair of rabbit dolls completely black in color with tiny beaded red eyes, a small stitched mouth, and a large bow on his chests. Both dolls had round bodies, stubby arms, and disproportionately long arms.

They were kept in a seated position, staring ahead of themselves vacantly. As B-Rabbit, Oz appeared as a massive anthropomorphic rabbit that retained his black fur and red eyes. However, in his new form Oz was clad in a larger version of the outfit Alice provided him when she brought him to the 1st Dimension. This outfit was a red overcoat with a white collar and diamonds formed in a line going down the arm to white cuffs that ended triangularly; all while maintaining the bow Oz had since his creation.

For the majority of the series however, Oz appears identical to Jack when he was fifteen. Though he'd originally only resided within Jack's body because he'd lost his own, Oz's power has since altered Jack's body and made it his own - even appearing within his subconscious as he does in Jack's body rather than his own.

As such, Oz is now seen as a 15 year old boy measuring at cm tall, with emerald green eyes though his eyes do return to their original red form when Oz accesses his power and golden blonde hair. In this form, Oz often wears a white dress shirt, a gray vest and black tie, shorts, socks, shoes and overcoat. Additionally, with his powers reinstated, Oz bears the Incuse of an Illegal Contractor over his heart; being a red brand of sorts shaped like a clock that's made at least 6 progressions.

Image Gallery Personality In his early life, Oz had no feelings whatsoever. He merely watched the world around him through the doll that Lacie had brought back to Earth with her, watching Lacie grown from a young child into a young woman. Oz's first emotions seemed to be felt when Lacie returned to the Abyss and announced her death to Oz and the Core of the Abyss, as Oz could feel tightness within him upon hearing her words. Oz fell into slumber until he was awoken by Alice when she bit his ear.

Through his time spent with Alice, Oz developed positive feelings despite her aggressive behavior with him, having a sense of happiness spread through him when he saw her smile.

Oz's sense of self-awareness finally formed after Alice gave him his name by abbreviating Oswald's own name however Levi had to change Os to Oz for herwith this he produced feelings of happiness through the fact that his existence finally meant something.

When the Intention of the Abyss approached Oz with a fragment of Lacie to deliver to Jack, Oz felt that he had to return the favor for Lacie, who had given him life. Oz absorbed Lacie's tainted thoughts and feelings of Jack even though it meant one of his bodies would be destroyed. As the Tragedy of Sablier started, Oz wondered if delivering Lacie's thoughts and feelings to Jack was a mistake as he noticed Jack's odd behavior.

The two formed a contract, which soon lead Oz to great pain and despair as Jack had him slaughter anyone who got in his way, something which Oz had never wanted. He then got to the point where he was calling out for Alice through his tears, begging her to save him.

Oz's own pain worsened after Alice committed suicide to stop Jack from hurting him again, as a great sadness swept over Oz for not being able to protect her as he had promised.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Oz's charm Since adopting the existence of Oz Vessalius, Oz's personality has become more and more human, potentially as a form of mimicry of those he's surrounded himself with. Such as having become bright, optimistic and mischievous through his time as Oz Vessalius.

On a darker note, Oz devoted his life to impressing Xai in his early years as Oz Vessalius. Constantly working to gain the praise and recognition from the man whom Oz believed was his father.