Paul d and beloved relationship quiz

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paul d and beloved relationship quiz

In Beloved, Sethe persistently conflates her identity with that of her child. Sethe inadvertently named Beloved after herself. When the minister at her daughter's. A quiz about Beloved. C. Because she didn't love them. D. She was insane. 3. Paul D, Sethe, and the other slaves all came from. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Denver also knows about Beloved's attentions to Paul D because she has noted The language used to describe Denver's relationship with Beloved is loaded.

Why was that message so powerful for the former slaves?

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Comment on Ella's advice: What does this comment reveal about the condition of slavery? Who or what do you think it is that strangles Sethe in the clearing? Why do you think Denver lost her hearing for two years when she was a child? What prompts this hearing loss? What does the "tobacco tin" in Paul D's chest referred to on pagefor example represent? How do you explain why Paul D finds himself compelled to sleep downstairs, then in Baby Suggs's room, then in the shed?

At the beginning of this section, why is Paul D concerned about his manhood? Why is his masculinity threatened?

paul d and beloved relationship quiz

Explain this quotation, using at least one other example from the novel: Why do the neighbors grow angry and resentful at the party thrown by the residents of ? Why does Baby Suggs think the Garners ran "a special kind of slavery" ?

Are Garner's slaves truly better off than those of other slave masters? Why is Baby Suggs still wary of this kind of slavery? Why is she scared that her son understands what freedom means?

Why does the slavecatcher think that Stamp Paid is crazy? What other explanations can you think of for Stamp's "low, cat noises" ? What does Sethe do when she sees the slavecatchers coming? How does the schoolteacher interpret those actions? How do you explain her actions?

paul d and beloved relationship quiz

How does Sethe's action explain much that has already happened or been mentioned in the novel? Do you read the early parts of the book differently, knowing what you know now?

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How does Paul D react to the news clipping, and why? Why does Sethe circle round and round both Paul D literally and the subject of his question figuratively? Why does Paul D leave ? Does he do the right thing? Why do you think the ghost returns to after Paul D leaves? What do we learn about Stamp Paid in this section? How would you describe his character? What happens to Baby Suggs after Sethe's arrest and the death of the baby?

How does Stamp Paid explain her behavior? Do you agree with his interpretation? Explain the red ribbon Stamp Paid finds on the Ohio River. How does it affect him, and why? Why does he carry it around like a talisman?

When Sethe finally realizes that Beloved is her baby girl "come back home from the timeless place"how does she react, and why?

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Did her reaction surprise you? Why did Stamp Paid give himself that name? Is there a deeper meaning to it? Why is Stamp Paid so dismayed to learn that Paul D has been sleeping in the church cellar? What does his reaction tell you about the black community in southern Ohio?

What kind of lessons does the schoolteacher give to his pupils? What does this section reveal about how some white people justified slavery to themselves? The first three chapters in this section all use "stream-of-consciousness" narration, meaning that the reader hears the thoughts of the characters just as they think them. Why does Morrison use this technique? What effect does it have on the reader? What is it like inside of Beloved's head ? What memories does she have? On pagesthere are bits of a dialogue.

Beloved Understanding Quiz

Who is speaking, and to whom? How do you know? Why does Sixo sing when he is captured by the white men? Why does the singing convince the schoolteacher that "this one will never be suitable" ? Why does Sixo laugh as he's being burned alive?

paul d and beloved relationship quiz

Why does Sethe stop going to work, and why does she "cut Denver out completely" ? What goes wrong between Sethe and Beloved, and why? For eighteen years the black people in town have shunned and its residents. Why are they now so quick to help Denver when she asks for it?

What is the significance of the statue of the black servant, described on page ? Garner practiced a kinder, more benevolent form of slavery in which there were no beatings.

paul d and beloved relationship quiz

This, however, only lasted until the untimely death of Mr. At the Woodson 2 request of Mrs. Garner, the plantation was taken over by her brother—in-law, who unbeknownst to her ran it as an evil, sadistic tyrant. This made things much worse than they had had before and many of them planned to escape. Anticipating their escape, Schoolteacher, as the slaves had called him, seized the slaves killing Sixo, and sadistically molesting Sethe in the barn. Viewing this from a hiding place Halle trembled in fear and eventually when mad smearing butter on his face.

After being whipped for reporting this injustice to Mrs Garner, Sethe escaped. Collapsing on her way she is found and nursed back to health by a young white girl named Amy Denver who also helps her deliver her baby. Schoolteacher attempts to capture them and return them to Sweet Home, but rather than subject her children to such immense cruelty she flees to a woodshed were she attempts to them.

paul d and beloved relationship quiz

Their short time in jail was due to the work of a group of abolitionist led by the Bodwins who arranged for their release. Paul D and Sethe begin a life together though Denver resents Paul for chasing off the ghost of her dead sister. Much evidence supports her claims and Sethe gradually begins to have more and more of an exclusive relationship with her. This relationship pushes Paul D to leave and live in the basement of a church.