Pices and leo relationship

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pices and leo relationship

When Leo and Pisces join together in a love match, each partner enjoys the new perspective the other brings to life in general. Leo is a strong and assertive. Read About Leo and Pisces Compatibility Matches as Spiritual Guide Jordan Canon Offers Insight into the Advantages and Disadvantages of This Coupling. At first glance the Pisces and Leo match may seem like one of a pairing of the opposites, but there is more chemistry at work underneath the surface that could .

Leo man and Leo woman both love to be in the limelight and are drawn towards the finer things of life. They are natural leaders.

pices and leo relationship

The first things you will notice about Pisces male and Pisces female is their creativity, imagination, and extremely easygoing nature. These individuals are social beings and love to be surrounded by people. They not only feel comfortable around others, but will also go above and beyond to please them.

This is an emotionally receptive zodiac sign that is characterized by steep senses of compassion towards all living beings. Leo and Pisces Love Compatibility Leo and Pisces love match is full of emotion, passion and dynamism. Both the signs are highly sensitive and do not shy away from expressing their feelings to their partners at any point of time. The Lion, on the other hand, will be drawn to the compassion and kindness with which Pisces operates.

And while Leo wants to be the boss in the relationship, Pisces hardly ever complains because of their vulnerability and gusto to please. Furthermore, Leo loves how Pisces can be tight and loose at the same time.

Pisces never tries to dominate Leo in any given situation, but rather gives them the freedom and respect they long for in a partner.

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In turn, Leo repays them with loyalty, compassion, and understanding. There are a few factors that can jeopardize the relationship between Pisces and Leo. To start with, Leos are quite full of themselves.

They are great leaders, but they don't like it when other people steal their spotlight, especially if someone usurps their position. This is the same thing relationship-wise. In heated arguments, they don't like being opposed, much less being reprimanded. Likewise, Leo can be romantic, thoughtful, and caring, if their partner would reciprocate everything with appreciation and recognition.

They like getting anything that can boost their ego.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Match

However, if their partner lacks interest, they can get irritated, moody, and depressed. Lastly, Leo can get tired and frustrated every time Pisces becomes lazy in doing their tasks, unrealistic and unreliable on decision making, and emotionally restrained. Pisces, on the other hand, gets irritated when Leo can be pushy and quick to scrutinize. Because of this, constant clashes always come between Pisces and Leo. Don'ts with a Leo and Pisces Relationship The relationship between Pisces and Leo may not be celestially bound, but it is one that is worth keeping.

However, there are few things that they need to consider, such as the Leo's constant need for attention and affection, and Pisces unpredictable tantrums and emotional mishaps. Pisces, with their gullible attitude, should not allow themselves to be over powered by their Leo because they can easily believe whatever they say or get abused. Initiating mating is primal for the lion and intuitive for the fish.

Verbal communication is not needed in the bedroom. Both have the uncanny ability to tune into one another on a different plane of existence. This leaves the lion mesmerized, something that paradoxically causes Leo to come begging for more.

The moon and Pisces An important consideration in this pairing is the impact of the moon on Pisces; a celestial body that affects all water signs.


During the full moon, Pisces undergoes a surge of kinetic energy that has a transformative effect on dominant Leo. Curious as to how? In this way, the cat becomes submissive. By nature, the lion is cautious and careful. But once it connects with the fish, the emotional bond is unshakable. When you reflect on this pairing, it makes sense. Once accomplished, the duo vibrates at nearly the same frequency.

pices and leo relationship

The lion is fiercely protective, something Pisces is drawn to like a moth to a flame. Trust Much information exists on the topic of trust between Leo and Pisces. It has been said that Neptune, a Piscean ruling planet, makes trust impossible between the fish and lion. But naysayers forget that Jupiter also rules Pisces; perhaps the strongest force of trust in our solar system. In fact, just the opposite is true.

pices and leo relationship

But before the bond can solidify, both Leo and Pisces must put one another through a series of tests. Leo, a natural born flirter, will often check out others to elicit an emotional response from the fish. There are times when this behavior can go too far. On the flipside, Pisces will attempt to withhold emotions as a way of angering the cat. It is during this time, usually within the first year of the relationship, where the greatest danger of romantic collapse exists.

Once Leo and Pisces move past this period of testing, the two reaching an understanding that is powerfully strong. As time goes on, the bond becomes unshakable. Leo is fiercely independent. Pisces can often be clingy. Both need to be mindful of these traits during the bonding period. Pisces is one of the worst signs in the zodiac when it comes to money management. This is not a slight against the fish. Instead, the sign operates on a different plane of existence, driven by emotion.

pices and leo relationship

Leo, on the other hand, is just the opposite. The sign likes having financial security a trait of all fixed signs and prefers to accumulate wealth. But it is their differences that draw this pairing together.