President and vice relationship

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president and vice relationship

Feb 7, Now that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the extremely close relationship between the two men over the past. Jul 21, But after Richard Nixon's ruinous relationship with Spiro Agnew, the job has changed. Introducing the executive vice presidency. Aug 23, At best, aspiring vice presidents flatter the candidate's strengths and lend Nixon an advantage in the south, but their relationship turned sour.

president and vice relationship

However, Jackson and Calhoun became bitter rivals, and the Nullification Crisis over the protective tariff, with Calhoun enunciating the doctrine of states rights, nullification, interposition, and secession almost led to civil war, prevented by the intervention of Henry Clay, but only after Jackson threatened to hang Calhoun, a threat that could not be ignored, since Jackson had killed several opponents in gun duels.

Woodrow Wilson gave little concern to the role of his Vice President, Thomas Marshall, and when Wilson suffered a stroke inhe did not intervene to prevent his wife from preventing Marshall from visiting him, and ascertaining the state of his health, or allow him to take over Presidential authority.

Wallace, and Harry Truman. Harry Truman was not informed of anything, including the atomic bomb project, in his brief Vice Presidency.

Presidential-Vice Presidential Relationships Rarely Warm

Kennedy failed to use the talents of Lyndon B. Robert Kennedy went out of his way to embarrass and humiliate Johnson in every way possible. And secretly, because Humphrey started to veer from support of the administration policies late in the campaign, Johnson hoped for a victory of Richard Nixon. And Nixon picked Gerald Ford as his successor Vice President under the 25th Amendment, thinking that this insured that Nixon would not be impeached and be removed from office.

Ronald Reagan was never close to George H.

president and vice relationship

Quayle was given less involvement in the administration than his recent predecessors, and when he tried for the Presidential nomination inBush did not back him in any way.

Bill Clinton was closer to Al Gore, but their friendship and collaboration suffered greatly during the scandal over Monica Lewinsky, and the pursuant impeachment trial.

president and vice relationship

Gore decided not to ask Clinton, who remained popular, to work for him in the last days of the Presidential campaign. While the first Bush, Gore and Cheney certainly were crucial in policy making, and were cooperative with the Presidents they served, each of them was unable to gain the personal confidence and closeness in family relationships of the Carter-Mondale and Obama-Biden partnerships.

Neither Jimmy Carter nor Barack Obama had much familiarity with Mondale and Biden, respectively, before they chose them as their Vice Presidential running mates.

president and vice relationship

Carter had never been in Washington DC, and hardly knew Mondale when he met him for a job interview, but was aware that Mondale had briefly been a Presidential candidate before dropping out, while Obama had been a colleague of Biden for about two years when he announced for President inand they became Presidential candidate rivals. Both Carter and Obama knew that Mondale and Biden had great reputations in the US Senate, and had great DC connections and lots of experience and knowledge, more than either Presidential nominee had been able to gain.

Mondale was given an office in the White House, and had weekly lunches with Carter, and he was a Presidential Advisor, full time participant, and trouble shooter. No tensions were ever reported between Mondale and Carter, in public print or gossip.

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The sincerity of Mondale and Carter toward each other has continued for three and a half decades; when Mondale was honored for his contributions to the Vice Presidency at a gathering in Washington, DC on October 20,Carter was there to salute him, as well as Biden.

The two Vice Presidents had the opportunity to discuss the evolution of the Vice Presidency over the past four decades. Biden served for eight years as the chief behind the scenes counselor.

president and vice relationship

Biden, the former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, often played a contrarian role in foreign policy. But he was always fully loyal once the debate and discussions were over, and a decision had been taken. Biden took the lead on promoting gay rights, the protection of women against violence, gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, and the war on cancer after his son Beau Biden died of the disease in