Primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

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primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

+ Sap Abap Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is an ABAP instance? Explain What Is The Difference Between Primary Key And Unique Key? .. allows you to define relationships between tables using foreign keys. SAP ABAP Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Structure can't include primary key. Q14) What is the meaning of foreign key relationship?. Explain foreign key. ij> Foreign Key is used to describe the relationship Every primary key field from check table is assigned a field from table foreign key field.

primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

Next, table fields get defined. Save the entries for the creation of transparent table. Pooled or cluster table - any one of the two table types must be selected from the dialogue box. Next step includes returning to the field maintenance screen for the table.

Lastly, the name of the cluster or pooled table must be selected entered.

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Q19 Differentiate between Table and Template. The main difference between Template and Table is that the former one is dynamic in nature whereas the latter one is static in nature.

Q21 How can the standard tables of SAP be modified? The standard table of SAP can be modified mainly by two methods - 1.

Customizing includes Q22 What are the various events associated with Screen Programming?

primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

The following are the events associated with Screen Programming - 1. The program gets appropriately coded in various event blocks. The present screen gets processed by the system.

Here also, the coding can be done in the various event blocks.

primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

Q23 What are the main events of which are used for Logical Database? The main events used for Logical Database are as follows - 1. It mainly takes place when a line from the node was read by the logical database.

primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

This has made it very much available towards the program and GET statements determine the depth of the logical database. Q24 How can End-of-selection be used? Right at the beginning of the skeleton event, the data gets retrieved.

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Printing of the same data is done at the end of the selection event. So table cluster is similar to pooled table pool. A table cluster holds only cluster table within it. Table clusters store data from several cluster tables based on the primary key fields that they have in common. Rows from the cluster tables are combined into a single row in the table cluster.

The rows are combined based on the part of the primary key they have in common. The biggest advantage of cluster table and pooled table is they reduce the number of database reads and thereby improve performance. Differences between transparent, pooled and cluster tables are: For each transparent table there will be exactly only one table in the underlying database whereas many pooled tables are stored in a single table in an underlying database called table pool.

Similarly many cluster tables are stored in a single table in the database called a table cluster In case of transparent tables, the underlying database table will have the same name, same number of fields and the fields will also have the same names as defined in ABAP Dictionary whereas for pooled tables and cluster tables the underlying database table will have different name, different number of fields and fields will have different names from what has been defined in ABAP Dictionary.

Transparent tables can have one or more primary key Whereas Primary key of each pooled table of a table pool need not be same whereas Primary key of each cluster table of a table cluster should have at least one key in common.

Secondary indexes can be created for transparent tables, but for pooled and cluster tables we cannot create any secondary index. Transparent tables are used to hold application data which includes both master data as well as transaction data. Pooled tables reduce the amount of database resources needed when many small tables have to be opened at the same time.

Cluster tables are used when the tables have primary key in common and data in these tables are all accessed simultaneously.

A view is like a telescope which just provides a picture of something. You can construct a view with special lenses or filters to allow you to look at one or more dictionary tables. Pooled tables are stored at the database level. For simple reports b Statistics: For Percentage, Average etc. It is an automatic procedure to transfer large or external data into SAP system.

The data classes are classified into following classes Master Data: The data in this class seldom change Transaction Data: The data can be changed often in this class Organization Data: This data is a customized data and is entered in the system when the system is configured.


It is rarely changed. Internal table exists only when the program is run. It is used for performing table calculations on subset of database tables and also for re-organizing the content of database tables as per the users need. There are 3 functional modules which are used in sequence to perform data transfer successfully using BDC programming.

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To ensure the consistency of data, foreign keys are used. The relationship established between the tables and must be explicitly defined at field level.

primary key and foreign relationship in sap abap interview

Data entered should be checked against the existing data to ensure that there is no contradiction. Cardinality has to be specified while defining foreign key relationship. The difference between structure and table is a Data can be stored physically in Table, but a structure cannot b Structure does not have primary key but table can have c Table can have the technical attribute but the structure does not have 10 What is Smart Forms?