Rabbit and dragon relationship 2011

Year of the Rabbit, The Rabbit Year (, , , , ) Zodiac

rabbit and dragon relationship 2011

Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility in Love & Friendship. Strong and Weakness side of Relationships according to Chinese Zodiac Astrology. Rabbit, , , , , , , , , , , , Rabbit. Dragon, , , , , , , , The Year of the Rabbit is fourth in the Chinese Zodiac, following the Tiger, and preceding the Dragon. These are Rabbit years: , , , , , , , If you were born in a Rabbit year, then you're a Strengths: Rabbits have good social relationships. They are popular with others, as they are .

They have commonsense and good reasoning. Needs great understanding and lots of attention. Child goes its own way. Dragon relationship with other signs Rat: Pleasant relationship in both marriage as well as in business. They need to work hard together for a long lasting relationship. In business, the Ox partner may be dissatisfied.

The Year of the Rabbit

Steady relationship since they are familiar with each other's talents, and a good team in business. This is the best combination for relationship. Requires confidence for a successful partnership in business. Amazing business partnership with the different temperaments these two bring into their personal relationship. Ideal partners both in business and romance.

Horse proves to be a reliable partner in business and love. It is not a long lasting partnership in business and romance, due to the two usually falling head over heel in love. Mutual understanding is required for a successful partnership. Even though they may share many interests, but they are not usually compatible. In business, they prosper from each other's merits. Romantic and business partnerships can prosper, provided they give each their own space.

PIG will always endure some suffering without being happy to do so. Snake relationship their own children Rat: They will go their own way. Hard and difficult but not nasty.

The Year of Rabbit

They always stay in touch with the Snake-parent. Snake relationship with other signs Rat: Happy meeting of minds as well as being good in business.

Romantic relationship is not suitable. A business relationship will be more solid when combining intelligence with strength. In romance, this is a very passionate relationship, but tends to fade out, and not very good in business. Most successful of all romantic and business relationship. Partnership better in business rather than romance.

Parent-Child Compatibility (based on Chinese Horoscope)

Good combination in business and romance. Not many conflicts when teamed up in business partnership. Happy and pleasant in personal relationship and business Monkey: A bit tricky in romantic relationship. Internal dispute may damage the business partnership. Great success as a business team. In generally they are happy to stay together, but lack of enthusiasm. In business, PIG may not be totally devoted their heart. Horse relationship with their own children Rat: Independent and helpful child.

They will slowly develop their own interests. Horse relationship with other signs Rat: Better as friends than as a couple, but not a bad business team. Romantic relationship will gradually develop if space is given to each other. Good business team combination. Good in romance and business. Jealousy may be the stumbling block for the romantic relationship to last. Trouble may also occur in business. Striking relationship but be careful of extravagance.

In business, Dragon-partner may have unreasonable ideas. Not a long-lasting relationship unless both share some common interests.

Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility

Good in romance and in business, but beware, one partner tends to shut out other people. Ideal partnership in romance and in business. Better to be friends than lovers, and work well as a business team. Successful partnership in romance and in business. Happy relationship both in romance and in business. Both will enjoy the pleasures of family paradise and success in business. Sheep goat relationship with their own children Rat: They will bring happiness and comfort. Loving and warm child.

Always the favorite child. Independent and secretive child. Happy and productive child. Difficult child but getting better later in life. Gentle and caring child.

rabbit and dragon relationship 2011

Sheep goat relationship with other signs Rat: Only if doubt is eliminated on both sides, then romance and business relationships may work. Conflicts over insignificance issues could be the stumbling block to ruin either romantic or business partnerships. Happy relationship in romance and in business. Many heartbreaks or troubles in romantic or business relationship.

rabbit and dragon relationship 2011

Both romantic and business relationships will work. They feel uncomfortable due to the Dog people's close guard. As the Dragon and Rabbit harm each other in Chinese astrology, so they should avoid being together as well. Sheep, Dog, Pig Avoid: Also, the Sheep and the Pig can get along very well with the Rabbit no matter as lovers, cooperators or friends. Other animal signs that can be harmonious with the Rabbit include the Tiger, Monkey, Snake and the other Rabbit.

Due to the conflicts of Rabbit and Rat in Chinese Zodiac, these two kinds of people are not a good match. When comes to the Rabbit and Ox, they often have disagreements due to their personality difference. Rabbits' Horoscope for Inanyone born in a year of the Rabbit is forecast to have a prosperous life. Financially, Rabbits will make a great deal of profit. In their careers, they will do well and complete their work with extraordinarily high proficiency.

With regard to relationships, however, they will be out of luck. Career Prospects in Rabbits have good career prospects in with great chances for a promotion.

rabbit and dragon relationship 2011

They will be helped by seniors or leaders. Health in There are no serious health problems predicted in for Rabbits and they will have an easy year physically. Finances in InRabbits will have good luck with money with an improved salary or benefits. All investments will be profitable.

Love in On the relationship front, it will be a rough year and there may be no good news at all for single Rabbits.