Relationship building public relations sponsorship and corporate advertising

IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising - ppt video online download

relationship building public relations sponsorship and corporate advertising

PR's concern is to promote the image of a company, its products and services. Effective PR management requires building up good and trusting relationships with areas of marketing communications like advertising and sales promotion. Sponsorship Programs. Chapter Page 2. Chapter Objectives. 1. What type of relationships are possible between a public Hire and external PR agency or firm. Works closely with the company Create positive image-building activities . Americans say green advertising is nothing more than just a marketing tactic. Public Relations Building good relations with the company's Public Relations PR is an attempt to improve a company's relationship with its Sponsorship Sponsorship advertising is a type of advertising where a.

Public relations tools include: Press release, which is basically news that a company issues in objective, journalistic form in the hope that it will be printed in the form in which it is received by the editor. Press conference, a meeting where a major announcement is made and at which guests are invited to ask questions. A press conference may be given in preference to a press release if the matter under review merits some explanation which may not be covered adequately in the press release itself.

Press receptions not a substitute for a press release. It is at press receptions, which are major events in themselves, that important announcements are made e. A press reception is not as formal as a press conference as it is normally done in a more relaxed and sociable manner usually accompanied by some kind of hospitality. A visit may involve a tour around a new factory.

relationship building public relations sponsorship and corporate advertising

Effective PR management requires building up good and trusting relationships with opinion leaders, especially in the press and magazines. Publicity is a tactical tool within the broader framework of PR. PR is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.

Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising - ppt download

Community activities are where the organization acts in support of local and national activities and partakes in the development of a community relations programme. Employee relations is an important internal aspect of PR as there are benefits involving the workforce in terms of establishing and maintaining a mutual understanding.

Distributors are intermediaries in the distribution channel and these include wholesalers, retailers, agents, brokers, dealers, etc. They all need information about products and services to have the knowledge and confidence necessary to become effective resellers.

Opinion leaders include trade associations and pressure groups. PR must attempt to understand the position of all important external groups, even if the group is opposed to them. If effective communication through PR takes place, it is better for factual information to be the basis of debate rather than hearsay or exaggeration.

Media Here PR has a role to play in the development of relationships with the broadcasting media. As mentioned already, the aim is to achieve appropriate broadcasting of information a company may create as part of a well organized PR campaign. Recognition of the communications role of PR is — it means that it is seen as a sub-set of marketing communications planning with clear marketing communication objectives for PR, well managed campaigns and effective evaluation and control.

Sponsorship in Public Relations Sponsorship is sometimes viewed as being a sales promotional activity, but it should be considered as a component of PR. Think about the different types of social media that you use. Facebook, a social media networking site, has million users worldwide, which exceeds the populations of all countries in the world except China and India. While the United States has the most Facebook users with million, India is second with Facebook expects their popularity and growth to continue as they target over two billion Internet users worldwide.

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Over half of Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Thai Internet users access social media sites through their phones rather than through computers. Understand what the different types of public relations tools are. Explain how companies use different public relations tools to their advantage. Good public relations efforts can help a firm create rapport with its customers, promote what it has to offer, and supplement its sales efforts.

PR puts a positive spin on news stories and is often perceived as more neutral and objective than other forms of promotion because much of the information is tailored to sound as if it has been created by an organization independent of the seller. Public relations materials include press releases, publicity, and news conferences.

Companies also use PR to promote products and to supplement their sales efforts. Many organizations that engage in public relations have in-house PR departments, media relations groups, or investor relations groups. Other organizations sometimes hire external PR firms or advertising agencies to find and create public relations opportunities for them.

IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising

PR specialists must build relationships with people at different media outlets to help get their stories placed. Universities, hospitals, government organizations, and charitable organizations often hire PR people to help disseminate positive information about their services and to increase interest in what they do.

PR specialists also help political campaign managers generate positive information in the press. PR specialists can handle crisis communication and put a positive view on situations when something bad happens to an organization or person.

In foreign markets, PR agencies may help ensure product concepts are understood correctly.

relationship building public relations sponsorship and corporate advertising

Getting all PR stories placed in desired media is not guaranteed. A lot of time and effort is spent getting to know people who can help publish or announce the information to the public. Some of the most commonly used PR tools include press releases, news conferences, and publicity. Sponsorships, product placements, and social media also generate a lot of positive PR.

A press release A news story written by an organization to promote a product, service, or person. Consider how much better a story or a product recommendation is likely to be perceived when the receiver thinks the content is from an objective third party rather than an organization writing about itself.

Public relations personnel frequently prepare press releases in hopes that the news media will pick them up and disseminate the information to the public. However, there is no guarantee that the media will use a press release.

Some of the PR opportunities that companies may seek to highlight in their press releases include charity events, awards, new products, company reports, and things they are doing to improve the environment or local community.

Read the following two examples of press releases. The first story sounds like it was written by a news organization, but it was created by Apple and their public relations people to highlight the introduction of the new iPhone 3G. The second press release and picture see Figure The story enhances the positive image of both organizations.

Actual speeds vary by site conditions. The values that guided his life still guide the company that bears his name.

relationship building public relations sponsorship and corporate advertising

Press releases and other PR activities can also be used for damage control purposes. Crisis communication A crisis management PR effort aimed to minimize any negative effects a company gets from bad publicity.