Relationship of madness and blindness in king lear

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Madness versus Blindness in King Lear by Shakespeare King Lear and Gloucester are the two older characters that endure the most in the play King Lear by. Mar 5, Blindness Blindness motif in King Lear King Lear Blind from the start, yet begins to see clearly near the end. Cordelia Gloucester “Ha Goneril. Shakespeare's tragic play King Lear features an elderly king and the mistakes he makes in dealing with his three daughters. The motif of blindness affects the.

It is obvious that the first act of the play is framed by this refusal to see the truth.

relationship of madness and blindness in king lear

Another blindness motif that we should bring into question is the blindness caused by riches and lands. Here we have the evil trio, Goneril, Regan and Edmund.

relationship of madness and blindness in king lear

The subject of madness will constitute the second part of this essay, the one who needs an investigation here is Edmund, the unnatural son of Gloucester. Lear is selfish because he wants to hear declarations of love that will increase his own- importance. Since he wishes to cross the borders of his social dislocation, Edmund is egoist and greedy as well.

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On the contrary, there are two other characters in the play, who had to think of their own-welfare, not for the boasting of their souls or for the benefit of riches, since they obtain none, but for their safeness. Deceived by Edmund, Edgar and Gloucester both believe they are under the threat of each other and have to be selfish in order to survive. Thus, their visual ability is blocked by Edmund, who with a fake letter deludes the father and betrays the brother: And a brother noble, Whose nature is so far from doing harms That he suspects none; on whose foolish honesty My practices ride easy!

I see the business. Let me if not by birth, have lands by wit. Vision is the result of the mind, heart, and emotions put together, not just physical sight.

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However even though Lear may not be able to see things completely clear which are close to him. He has come to see the real world in a better view after losing his wealth and home he seems to understand the world more, even with a rocky state of mind, this is probably because he is able to be freer.

However, even though the audience start to feel sorry for King Lear because he has started to see the truth, they also know there has to be consequences to what he did at the start of the play, and this is most likely to be a tragic ending.

relationship of madness and blindness in king lear

Look there look there! At this point Lear saw everything clearly, he no longer had an unstable mind, however when he saw the complete truth, he dies, Shakespeare shows here that because of all the blindness at the start of the play the consequence was his death at the shock of truth.

If the audience look closely at our theme blindness they can see that these characters may have not been physically blind but were mentally, which was transformed throughout the play because of various actions from all the characters.

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In my opinion, I think the theme blindness has a very close link to madness in the play, which can be also seen in figurative language that tends to link the two themes together. On the other hand Gloucester loses his eyesight literally because he is loyal to King Lear, so therefore studying the pattern of language in relation to blindness and madness shows the structure of the double plot that shapes the themes of the play.

As I believe only when Gloucester goes blind and King Lear goes mad they realize how wrong they were about their children and King Lear about Kent. Both men were blinded to the love and loyalty of their truthful children whom they banished and in blindness made their wicked children their heirs. He realized that Edmund planned to take over the earldom and that he was the evil son of the two.

His inability to see the realities of his sons occurred when he had his physical sight but was mentally blind; but his ability to see the true nature of his sons occurred after having his eyes plucked out by the Duke of Cornwall. Fortunately, the consequences of Gloucester's blindness throughout the play was minimal, after all, he was the only one to die as a result of his tragic flaw. Albany was another character suffering from the classic case of blindness, but luckily for him, he survived his battle.

Albany's case of blindness was purely a result of the love he had for Goneril.

What is the relationship between madness and blindness in the play King Lear?

Although he disapproved of Goneril's actions, he would only mildly argue his case. When Goneril forced Lear to reduce his army so that he could stay in their castle, Albany protested: His inability to realize how greedy and mean Goneril was after she flattered Lear with a bunch of lies and then kicked him out of their home, just goes to show you how much Albany loved Goneril.

relationship of madness and blindness in king lear

Albany was also blind to the fact that Goneril was cheating on him and that she was plotting to kill him. Fortunately, Edgar came across a cure for Albany's blindness. A note outlining Goneril's evil plans was all Albany needed to see.