Renton and eureka relationship marketing

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renton and eureka relationship marketing

Locked away in the brig, Eureka and Renton are all but helpless as their . battles thrill me, the relationship between Renton and Eureka still pulls at my heart. These are a list of romantic relationships between characters from the Eureka Seven and Eureka Seven: AO series Contents[show] Eureka Seven Renton. After Renton and Eureka confirm their feelings for each other, the show its turns cease to be driven by characters and their relationships and instead are If you want Eureka 7, there's no better way on the market to get it.

renton and eureka relationship marketing

We're also treated to a veritable smorgasbord of opening and ending themes! Where Eureka Seven truly pulls its weight is in its characters. Fresh off the heels of Fullmetal Alchemist, it's no surprise that Bones developed a talent for creating a diverse and colorful cast when the time came to work on this series. Renton is a very well-done child character; he has the earnestness and stubbornness of adolescence. He also reminds us that he's just a kid and that he is often thrown into situations he can neither change nor understand.

As his story arc develops, he grows up in an organic and believable way. Eureka is by all appearances a child soldier, so watching her grow up and become more open to human emotions is likewise a very enjoyable experience. The time we get to spend learning more about the Gekkostate leader Holland, his right-hand woman Talho, the support crew of Matthew, Hilda, Moondoggie, Gidget, Ken-Goh, and so many others aboard the ship is truly a worthwhile experience. Even antagonists like the rival mech pilot Anemone and her handler Dominic get strong character development.

The series works its magic in subtle ways. I never felt like I liked some of these characters that much, but as soon as their lives were in peril, I suddenly found myself caring a whole hell of a lot more. The show is quite the sneaky minx. Renton breaks away from another rowdy Gekkostate group meeting. As for its flaws, Eureka Seven gets I must make mention of the story itself, as it is both one of the best aspects of the show as well as its crippling flaw.

As you would expect from a sci-fi adventure series, we start off small in a rural village and conclude with a literal earth-shattering finale that puts the fate of all mankind in jeopardy. Because the setting is so compelling and the characters are so likable, it transcends being just another end-of-the-world scenario and it becomes nearly impossible to peel your eyes away in the final stretch.

The main antagonist, General Dewey Novak, is a deliciously devious schemer. Watching his plan unfold and seeing our heroes try to counter him every step of the way is genuinely exciting. But, as I said, the very same plot that generates such excitement can also shoot itself in the foot spectacularly. Early on, the show impresses with the Gekkostate. While they are a rebel force that opposes the world's main government force, they are still a ragtag band of nobodies who have to scrape by.

By itself, this is a neat facet of the plot.

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However, it brings us a recurring problem: In the first half of the series, I've lost count of how many times the story tried to rev up its engines and take off, but was forced to cut the power a few feet from the starting line because the crew needed to stop somewhere and resupply yet again.

We get started again, but then something happens to Eureka and we're stuck waiting for a few more episodes. We rev the engines up again, but this time Renton decides he's gonna run off and holds the series hostage for another episodes. She also takes care of Maurice, Linck, and Maeter, and is shown to be very good at cooking.

Hilda also has a close relationship with Matthieu. Stoner is a pacifist and often rides with Matthieu. Stoner is given to expounding on his philosophical ideas at any time and place, including those which may be least appropriate, such as from the back seat of the in the middle of LFO combat. He also likes to take photos mid-flight, and often requests Matthieu fly in such a way as to make his pictures come out perfectly, in spite of the situation.

He is based on Che Guevara. Not much was known about his history with Holland, but dialogue implies that he had something to do with the building of or security on board the Gekko. He once stated that "[he] would not have let [Holland] have the Gekko if [he was] His marksmanship skills are exceptional and his aim is legendary among the other crew members.

Holland refers to him as "Maestro" from time to time. Before the beginning of the series, she is a military scientist specializing in studying Eureka and the Nirvash.

However, she leaves the military to join the Gekkostate. He often invites whoever is nearby to have tea with him. Gonzy was originally a stowaway aboard the Gekko, but was allowed to stay in part because the others respect his abilities at fortune-telling.

Though not a priest of Vodarac, he gives the image of a spiritualistic man.

Anime Reviews: Eureka Seven

He's known to give out information out of the blue when it's most needed. When the crew went into a health craze, most of the members followed Gonzy doing various exercises to maintain health such as T'ai chi and eating healthy foods. It wasn't until towards near the end when the Gekkostate members wondered the fate of their world that Gonzy explains that the event they are witnessing is the "Second Summer of Love".

When Gonzy reveals that he knows about the Second Summer of Love, he opens both of his eyes concealed under his thick eyebrows during the entire series revealing the purple eyes of a human-form Coralian. Just as Holland and the crew realize the truth, Gonzy thanks them for a good time and disappears, leaving his clothing behind. He does not seem meant for the "blank slate" as Sakuya and Eureka, but rather as an educated observer. It is unknown when or how Gonzy presumably communicated with the Scub Coral, or if he communicates only after his disappearance, but given his likely position and so influence as observer, it is very possible that he was partly responsible for the Command Cluster's decision to trust humanity namely Eureka, Renton, and those fighting at their side with, essentially, the saving of all life on the planet.

In the fourth manga book of the series he was revealed by Holland to be a former elder as opposed to sage as is used in the animeand, in addition to this, Holland calls him Gon Karmapa.

Eureka Seven Relationships

Primarily, he's Gekko's engineer and often is found around the core systems room when the ship is requires extra attention in powered flights or battles. He's always immaculately dressed in a shirt, vest, and tie. He also has a calm, expert bearing, but he occasionally lets these mannerisms slip when something is mentioned that particularly excites him.

renton and eureka relationship marketing

Like Gonzy, he was originally a stowaway, but allowed to stay because of his talents. Bear's research and engineering theories. He is modeled after Steve Jobs hence, "Jobs"one of the co-founders of Apple. He is the ship's hacker and maintains the ship's software. He and Jobs were originally stowaways aboard the Gekko, but they were invited to stay because of their technical skills.

He and Jobs tend to argue over how best to configure the Gekko's systems, since Woz insists on rewriting the control systems to compensate for every modification Jobs makes while Jobs asserts that the software is fully capable of supporting the changes. His hippy attitude and grunge attire are a deep contrast to Jobs, but they seem to maintain a strong friendship anyway. He is modeled after Steve Wozniak hence, "Woz"another of Apple's co-founders.

While on the bridge in action, Hap's job is to monitor trapar levels, though he is also there frequently at night trying to obtain intel on matters crucial to the Gekkostate. He is also one of Holland's childhood buddies since they were three years old, he assertsand played a key role in convincing Holland and his SOF team to desert. He gained his nickname from his ever-present "happy smile". Hap is very parsimonious when it comes to spending money and is also notably nonathletic.

Her role is considered secondary and often she's featured relaying tactical data to crew or talking about relationship issues with Eureka. She is in a romantic relationship with Moondoggie.

She is based on the titular character of the Gidget franchise. He is initially in charge of the LFO catapult systems and launch pads on board the Gekko, but later he becomes the ship's helmsman, replacing Talho when she has to leave the post, as he is the group's only other licensed pilot, it is also revealed that his real name is James Darren Emerson.

Moondoggie often has confidence issues when comparing himself to the other members of Gekkostate concerning his usefulness and importance as a member of the team, this is the main reason he volunteered to replace Talho at the helm of the Gekko.

He is based on a character from the Gidget movies, TV shows, and novel. The original Doggie was the boyfriend of the original Gidget and was a committed surf bum.

Force[ edit ] The U. Serving under the Sage Council is Lieutenant Colonel Dewey Novakwho directed a special operations force called the SOF prior to his imprisonment at the beginning of the series. Eventually, after being defeated numerous times from the Gekkostate and upon realizing Dewey's own actions, she betrays him for the Gekkostate.

She later falls in love with her caretaker Dominic after saving him from certain death, having been convinced by Renton and Eureka to show her feelings for him. In its review of the series' second DVD, Anime News Network criticized Anemone's character design, calling it "silly and too-angular", but "a good match for her personality. He is assigned to Anemone to tend to her needs and monitor her physical and mental condition.

It's never explained why Dominic was promoted so fast, especially given his occasional naivete. There are men in the military far older than he is and yet of much lower rank, who often have trouble obeying his orders. Dominic is also aware that commanding officers give him a hard time following his orders for Dewey as they think he's still a kid.

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Dominic is mainly a field officer, constantly working on investigations and field missions for Dewey. If he's not on the ground investigating or on covert missions, he's in the air tending to Anemone. At one point, Dominic was ordered to investigate Renton's grandfather.

Seeing how the Thurstons tend to have an effect on the world, Dewey wanted to gather more information from Renton's grandfather. Pointing out a few things. Eureka - October 19, What is most notable is that the manga is not identical to the anime but instead features different events and character traits, though the plot appears to be along the same line. The plot, however, begins to deviate heavily closer to the end of the series and ends in a completely different way.

Character differences -Renton is untalented at lifting, even after joining Gekkostate. She's constantly saddened by the possibility of not being able to end up with Renton in the later part of the anime -Eureka was not disturbed by the scars made on her body while her anime counterpart wants to look pretty for Renton. She could sense the scab coral "calling" out to her while this wasn't the case for her anime counterpart. She also comments on how people look delicious and she wants to eat them including Renton and Eureka.

Near the end of the manga, he does however have a confrontation with Renton which is similar to the animes. Plot differences In the manga: Instead, it appears on the Nirvash's computer screen when the Seventh Swell is about to occur.

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