Rey and kylo relationship trust

The Last Jedi: The Relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey

rey and kylo relationship trust

EW covers the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey in the in the Star Wars Universe, when the fate of the Galaxy cannot be trusted in the. That last look that Rey and Kylo Ren share right before Rey closes the to really make the relationship work (how do you trust a guy who killed. Why Star Wars Should Develop Rey And Kylo Ren's Romantic Relationship. By Matt Wood. 11 months ago. The Force is strong with the 'shipping community in.

Did everyone forget that he took her captive in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and tortured her in order to get information?

What's going on with Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

It's not like he sat her down at a nice restaurant for a cup of tea and some crumpets; Kylo was incredibly brutal. That is NOT a good basis for a romantic relationship at all, whatsoever, and if Rey MUST have a love interest, let it not be some whiny emo man-child with serious anger-management issues.

Take Outlander, for example. Claire and Jamie Fraser have their issues, of course, but they have always been supportive of one another. Rey needs a Jamie Fraser, not a Kylo Ren!

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And to add insult to injury, he is also responsible for the death of her mentor Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. The allusion between the First Order and the real-life Nazis is hard to miss; it is SO not cool to romanticize a fascist.

After all, this is a character that is the head of the armies that murder on a whim and have caused suffering throughout the galaxy.

rey and kylo relationship trust

So what does this all mean? Have we seen this kind of Force communication before?

rey and kylo relationship trust

Luke and Leia shared this kind of bond because they are Force-sensitive and twins. Since Rey and Kylo can communicate in this way, are they also twins?


As Rey and Kylo communicated across the galaxy, they built trust and intimacy. Rey felt like she was so close to Kylo — or Ben, as she called him — that she could turn him to the Light Side.

rey and kylo relationship trust

They were so in sync they almost fought like one person. But then something unexpected happened: This statement, if true, means that Rey and Kylo Ren are not related. But Siths have been known to lie. They HAVE to be. Snoke said he connected them, but their connection lasted much longer than his lifespan. The Sibling Theory This was mirrored multiple times in the film. In multiple scenes, Rey could sense where Kylo was, and the frame would cut to Luke and Leia sensing each other.

This happened many times. That has to be intentional. Is there a point to all this mystery? Are they saving that big reveal for Episode IX? The Last Jedi is currently in theaters.