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Without a moment's pause, Gippal turns to Yuna and says cheerfully, "We made quite the couple." Rikku acts very surprised and embarrassed to hear this and. See more ideas about Fantasy images, Fantasy couples and Final fantasy x. Rikku and Gippal Fan Art: rikku gippal Fantasy Couples, Final Fantasy X, Fantasy . Gippal is an Al Bhed and leader of the Machine Faction in Final Fantasy X He is an —Gippal gives advice to Yuna. Gippal Gippal has a devil-may-care attitude, and is a ladies' man, joking about him and Rikku being "quite the couple" .

Next month, the one after? Actually, seein' as how it's gonna be one of those big Bevelle do's, are we talkin' six months time? I blinked at her. You haven't got anything pressing arranged then have you? Thinking that the conversation was over, I began wondering whether it was time to go and check on Freelan and Avrin's progress with Experiment R. After the breakthrough earlier in the week, Treilad and a couple of the other members of the Machine Faction had left Djose Temple for Bikanel Island to pick up some fresh machina parts from the dig teams out there.

While this was all well and good, it meant that the Machine Faction's most important project had been left in the hands of the intense Avrin and the excitable Freelan. No matter how good they both were with machina, I couldn't help feeling a little nervous. I had shuffled my papers into a rough pile and was just about the rise when Rikku spoke again. Seems I was going to have a conversation about weddings whether I wanted to or not. Its what they wanted, although I think Yunie was worried that a public ceremony would be expected of her.

Being as she's so important and all that. But I think it's sweet, don't you? Not that Rikku noticed; with her mind on the wedding and her attention on the machina, I'm not sure if she even remembered I was there or not. Hadn't he been one of Yuna's Guardians …? Well, actually, Lulu will be Maid of Honour because she's already married …" Lulu … oh yeah, she was Wakka's wife, wasn't she? And they had a kid, a little boy … whose name I couldn't remember for the life of me.

Besides, the other person Rikku had mentioned was kinda distracting me. Ooh, I wonder what they'll be like —" "But Paine — Paine in a dress! It also struck me as hilarious and I started sniggering as if I was thirteen again. Rikku cast me a lofty, superior look. It was the kind of expression I was more used to seeing on Elhandra's face than Rikku's, and I wondered if my girlfriend knew that some of the other girl's mannerisms had apparently rubbed off on her.

Unsurprisingly, I decided not to mention it. I gave her a look then. Rikku picked up the machina and studied it. A collection of multi-coloured wires were sticking out of the side and she prodded them curiously with one finger.

Wakka, Lulu," She ticked them off on her fingers, "and little baby Vidina — oh, I bet he's really big now! And then there's Kimarhi and Paine —" I honestly was trying to listen to her, but when she mentioned Paine I got sidetracked again.

Yeah, yeah, I know — one-track-mind and all that. But come on, the whole 'Paine pain' thing was a particularly funny joke … " — And Baralai of course, and Nooj …" She pulled a face, "… and I suppose that means Leblanc as well. And Orni and Logos — Spira, I could do without seeing those two again. She caught the yellow one between her forefinger and thumb and squinted at it.

Buddy, Shinra and Brother … oh and of course, my dad. You remember my dad, don't you? You remember my dad? Fat, bald guy with a bad temper? I remembered Cid perfectly. Everyone who had ever met Cid couldn't help but remember him. The thing I hadn't remembered, however, was that Rikku was his daughter. You see, me and Cid — well, we don't exactly have the best history. I mean, there was this little incident when I was younger … but jeez, can I just say that that guy really knows how to hold a grudge.

Ever since then he's always seen me as a complete waste of space — and my reputation with girls hasn't exactly helped matters. Added to that the fact that he's not the kind of guy to keep his opinions to himself and I think you can understand one of the reasons I left Home to join the Crimson Squad. The thing is … I haven't really told Rikku about any of this. I wasn't trying to hide it or anything. With everything that happened with Lreav, I didn't really have time to make the connection.

Besides, how in Spira are you supposed to tell your girlfriend that her father thinks you're a complete jackass? Not to mention a completely inappropriate match for his only daughter.

I'd been quiet for too long.

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I mean, he's Yuna's uncle after all. Of course he's going to be there! No problem at all. I sighed and ran one hand through my hair. Your dad … well, don't you think he might kinda, well, flip out when he finds out about us? And even if he does, all I've got to do is bat my eyelids and everything will be alright again. And neither were her words. After all, she didn't know that Cid thought I was evil on a par with Sin.

There was no way this was all going to be fine! Once Cid found out about me and Rikku, he was going to kill me.

There were no two ways about it. After surviving both the Crimson Squad massacre and then facing down Vegnagun, I was going to be killed by my girlfriend's fuming father. Suddenly the prospect of 'not-going-to-the-wedding' seemed a whole lot more attractive — no matter how angry it would make Rikku. I opened my mouth to broach the subject but as I looked across at Rikku, the words froze somewhere in the region of my stomach. She'd turned back to her machina and was once again prodding at the wires — obviously content that the conversation was over with and all my silly fears had been put to rest.

As I watched, she gave an "Aha! Placing it reverently on the ground beside her, she turned back to the machina and attacked it with childlike enthusiasm. There was something so incredibly innocent, so indescribably perfect about that moment that I felt my objections dying inside of me. Suddenly, the very last thing in the world that I wanted to do was to say anything that was going to upset her.

Was this what being in a relationship was all about? Rikku raised her head and smiled. And if there are any problems, then we can take them up with Yuna when she gets here. You do remember the wedding, don't you? She may have been my girlfriend but that didn't mean I had to let her walk all over me.

What weddin' would that be? Why didn't ya just say so? In fact, knowing Rikku, I was probably going to pay for it big time. It always made me very nervous when Rikku smiled in that predatory manner. Wouldn't it make more sense for you guys to meet up in Besaid?

Behind the walls of Yevon Chapter 6: If I never knew you, a final fantasy x-2 fanfic | FanFiction

It would have been Kilika but … well, you know. While there was a building project underway to restore Kilika to it's former beauty, it would be many years before the scars of Lreav's bomb-blast would completely fade. A rather indignant thought struck me then. I don't remember her askin' me. She was looking for somewhere relatively close to Besaid and I told her that she could come here. Yuna Of Besaid Baralai has a problem. A big problem and her name is Rikku.

When Rikku becomes high priestess of Bevelle, she drives the calm Praetor crazy with her ways, but will her ways change his attitude towards the young Al Bhed. Definatly a Barikku fic. So chapter six is here and dedicated to all my reviewers.

You have all earned invisible cookies! So Gipaine is up and running I take it! I do not own final fantasy X-2 or any of its characters, including Baral- oh hey Rikku, I wasn't going to say anything about your boyfriend, promise! Adds Rikku to hit list " Could you get Rikku please? Baralai gave a nervous cough.

Well he had the right to be embarrassed after all. His girlfriend was seen at his place at three in the morning wearing only one of his old shirts. But Gip it isn't what it looks like" he mumbled to his blonde friend with a blush. The Gippal grin increased. You old dog you! I always knew you had it in you! He knew that his snow haired friend disapproved of such behaviour towards women and probably the phrase 'old' too. There are ladies present. Gippal stretched slowly and sunk into his favourite spot in Baralai's fine sofa.

Spotting Rikku he winked at her and smiled. When you see one tell them i'm very sorry for my behaviour. Rikku wasn't amused, mainly for being woken up at three in the morning when she was quite comfortable in Baralai's nice, big, warm bed, cuddled close up to its owner. Very innocently of course. Baralai wasn't Gippal after all.

How old were you when you first saw a chocobo? Do you think Maester Seymour seriously needed a hair cut? Do you use a special conditioner for your hair? Those kind of questions.

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He didn't mind, but he kind of wanted to go back to sleep some time this morning. Holding her close to him, Rikku lent her head on his shoulder, eyes fluttering open and closed occasionally. Kinda need you advice over here! Rikku gave an appreciative smile and looked at Gippal ready for him to ask whatever it was he needed her for. You have known her for what two years! She thought for a minute then looked up to Baralai who was frowning at the Al Bhed that sat opposite him.

If he knew Paine, Gippal would be bruised for a couple of weeks or so. Gippal looked up at her and grinned. She frowned and shook her head. Well her frown was facing more up than down so therefore a smile. Paine came and sat next to her friend, trying to find a spot so they wouldn't be so close. Gippal was kind of starfished out on his office floor after all.

She would have to call Baralai and try and ask him about this strange behaviour. She lent back on her arms, eyes closely examining Gippal,Taking in everything from his one eye to his lilac coloured shirt. It was becoming a more regular thing she thought about daily. What would Rikku say anyway.