Rikku and gippal relationship trust

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Title: Left Out Author: prettygothgirl Rating: G Characters: Paine, Rikku Words: Summary: “One day you'll trust me enough to tell me your side of things. I think it had something to do with Rikku and Gippal's relationship and Gippal's. Arranged Marriage: Yuna almost has one, although her intended and his father are .. Rikku's is as a result of good friends around her, while Gippal's comes across .. Never Trust a Trailer: One of the early trailers ended with Yuna and Tidus. Now, Rikku and Gippal are my favourite couple from X But I always I always thought the teasing was just apart of their relationship. It's just.

If something's not right inside, Rikku will conceal it with a plastered-on smile, until she's forgotton that she was ever sad to begin with. Why bother ruin someone elses day with your own sorrow? But under certain circumstances, Rikku will let out her inner pains. But for her to express such emotions hints a deeper level of friendship, on Rikku's end.

But there are situations that call for an outburst, or a defiant yell. Although Rikku is seen to many as a ditz though she's really not- regardless of not being the smartest girl, Rikku is quite skilled by means of technology and machineryshe's ultimately strong-willed, with a pretty clear head on her shoulders.

She stands up for what she believe in, and doesn't give up until she come out on top. But Rikku's not one to hold a grudge, unless she decides you deserve it but even then, it's a rare occassion for her to be mad for any longer than a week.

She's not always sure at what point to give up, and sometimes drifts into her own mind, in which she rants, giving explanations for things that make sense to her and only her. Having lived with only her bother and father who, admitedly, aren't the most responsible peopleRikku wasn't able to develop during her teenage years with a mother. This alone gives a possible reason behind her childish phrases and body language, which can be explained as a childhood-trauma case.

Continued from Final Fantasy X's ending: Paine makes a reference to this trope, commenting at one point "People who want happy endings have to write their own. Die or take too long in the battle with Vegnagun, and you're treated to this in the cutscene that follows.

But you basically have to try to "lose" in this manner — if you're powerful enough to get that far, you can easily defeat Vegnagun's final parts within the time limit. Kill enough of a particular type of Fiend, and one random encounter will eventually see that fiend absorbing the pyreflies released by those of its kind you killed previously, making it much stronger but also drop much nicer loot, more gil, and experience.

There is no possible way of attacking, and they only start out with Darkness Dance. Once you learn a few dances which takes a lot of AP to learnshe can consistently cast Haste on the party or cast Stop on the enemies.

The dances acquired through key items far into the game are also worth learning. The previous game began with Sin's attack on Dream Zanarkand, while this game begins with a pop concert, showing that X-2 is significantly Lighter and Softer than X. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": No one knows his real name, so everyone just calls him 'Barkeep.

Somebody involved with the making of this game definitely seemed to have something against debt collectors. In Chapter 1, you can choose to hide O'aka from a group of Al Bhed debt collectors on the Celsius, though you are also allowed to turn him over to them. Then, in Chapter 4, you run a mission in which you pursue Tobli, who is on the run from debt collectors, and he waylays them in a series of increasingly amusing and outrageous incidents.

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Rikku has overcome her Fear of Thunder from the previous game by camping out in the Thunder Plains for a week. The game is fully aware of how cute and pretty it is, although Yuna's default outfit isn't really more ridiculous than any average FF character.

rikku and gippal relationship trust

The alternative outfits are quite racy even for her, though, especially the Thief and Lady Luck dresspheres. Then there's the Hot Springs Episode. And let's not even start on Rikku and that bikini! Averted since the last game: Rikku has gotten over this in the two years between games by camping in the Thunder Plains for a week.

Tidus, as seen in The Stinger of X. How Yuna feels about battling the Dark Aeons. When the trio first enters the Via Infinito, they're greeted by an unsent in the early stages of decomposition. It's pretty obvious that this is Trema, but he refers to himself in the third person. He's the final bonus boss of the dungeon.

The Shipper's Manifesto

Both were the Death Seeker in the previous game, for differing reasons. Nooj merely wanted to die, while Yuna wanted to save the people of Spira.

They are both the de-facto leaders of their teams also. These two are clearly affected by their experiences the most. While Paine tries to seek answers on her own, Baralai demands them. And Paine is able to overcome the trauma thanks to her friendships. However Baralai's despair and bitterness leaves him easy prey for Shuyin to possess him.

Obviously both are Al Bhed and the youngest of their trios. Both seem to act as a mediator between the two extremes of the others. Where Rikku succeeds, Gippal fails. Both have happy-go-lucky personalities despite the trauma in their pasts.

Rikku's is as a result of good friends around her, while Gippal's comes across as straight up repression. When Yuna wakes from her nightmare in Chapter 2, Rikku makes the offhand remark "Blame it on your new jammies! Later, we find out that the dressphere has been acting as a conduit for Lenne's memories, and the memory of her death was responsible for the nightmare. Unfortunately, there are a number of these running around Spira because of Sin having killed off so many of the parents.

While some have found other guardians, many of them have had to learn to fend for themselves, so they're even capable in certain cases of fighting off basic fiends.

The Lady Luck dressphere. Isaaru now entertains tourists at Zanarkand by getting his Regis Philbin on. That is not a typo. Gameplay and Story Integration: A Nashorn tells you that Save Crystals are particularly popular around Spira for their restorative properties. Said Nashorn also has a track record of getting teleported across the world by Save Crystals. Gameplay and Story Segregation: In Chapter 3, the Gullwings decide to become "Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings, taking out fiends and charging for it.

Justified in Besaid, which is Yuna's hometown, so she doesn't really want to charge them for it. Not so much for Kilika, though. No matter what dressphere the girls are using in battle, if there's a scene right after it, they'll be wearing their default Dresspheres Yuna - Gunner, Rikku - Thief, Paine - Warrioreven if said sphere isn't even on the Garment Grid. Getting Crap Past the Radar: If Shinra wins the Sphere Break tournament in Chapter 3, he'll refuse to relinquish the Lady Luck dressphere that's the grand prize.

Now what does a young boy need with a sphere of women in skimpy dresses? Some of the dresspheres can invoke this.

One of the big changes from your normal Final Fantasy game is that you get this at the start and can go pretty much anywhere. If you were dumb enough to pick this up without playing FFX first, you'll have absolutely no idea where to take your Global Airship, because this game doesn't recap the previous installment's events.

Notable for being very hard to get. What's more infuriating is that there is only one extra scene not included in the Good Ending, so completionists won't feel too rewarded. Leblanc, Ormi, and Logos. Gosh Dang It to Heck! Yuna, having never cursed in her life, seems incapable of using strong language. Who the heck is Lenne?! But Yuna said to Rikku that she is just copying her. In the International and HD Remaster versions of the game, YRP will occasionally utter Japanese quotes before the beginning of a battle or while initiating a special ability.

As of writing, there's no real explanation as to why the English VA's did this After the mission to Mt. Gagazet, the party returns to find Brother lying in pain on the floor of the deck of the Celsius airship, injured after having jumped ship because he thought Yuna was in danger.

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If you choose the option to comfort it, Yuna thanks him and tells him not to strain himself, but he says that "a leader must be tough" and tries to pull Yuna, who he has a notorious crush on, in for a kiss. Rikku runs up, kicks him in the groin and calls him a "sicko," leaving him moaning on the floor again. Standout examples include a hidden cutscene in the first chapter that can't be seen again after that chapter, losing completion points for skipping cutscenes, losing completion points for fast-forwarding through a particular cutscene, hidden button prompts in cutscenes, and the decision to side with either the Youth League or New Yevon.

Did you side with New Yevon? To unlock certain features in CC's Fiend Arena and certain creatures for capture, you have to locate and finish the storylines of other creatures throughout all five chapters. Throughout their time as teammates the four learned much of each other and shared many laughs and pondered over their futures.

The only survivors of the Crimson Squad.

rikku and gippal relationship trust

On the final mission to become members of the Crimson Squad, they, and many other applicants, were sent to the Den of Woe to investigate a strange happening. Inside the aspirants turned against each other and Shuyina spirit who possessed the entrants to the cave, took over Nooj and he pulled his gun on Baralai. Gippal raised his weapon to Nooj's head and Baralai raised his to Gippal's head as they were taken over by the spirit.

Paine broke apart the triangle and Shuyin's spirit left Gippal and Baralai, but secretly lay low inside of Nooj. They exited the den and met up with the officials who told them they were now Crimson Squad members, their first mission being to guard Maester Wen Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen. As soon as they turned, however, the guards attempted to shoot them. Paine, still recording, had her camera on as Nooj, again possessed, shot Baralai in the back.

When Gippal heard the shot he turned and was shot in the chest.