Rizzo and kenickie relationship

Rizzo is the true heroine of 'Grease.' There, I said it. - HelloGiggles

rizzo and kenickie relationship

Through her disapproval of the relationship, Rizzo feels that Sandy should not First, during her pregnancy scare, she lies to Kenickie that he is not the father to. Well, ok, Rizzo and Kenickie are my real OTP, but Danny and Sandy are a are an iconic duo, and you can't say that about every relationship. is Rizzo, the fearless leader of the girl gang Pink Ladies. After hooking up with her boyfriend Kenickie, Rizzo worries she might be pregnant.

At the beginning of the movie Jan asks if Rizzo had seen Danny that morning and Rizzo says "that's ancient history. I think when they were together Danny treated her poorly and broke her heart.

“Worse Things”: Sandy and Rizzo and Me

That's how she knows how he'll act towards Sandy at the bonfire and also why she wants to get back at him. Reply Add an answer Question: As Kenickie is getting ready to drive at Thunder Road, he talks to Danny about a movie where a guy's friend acted as his second in a duel, and then asks if Danny would be his second at Thunder Road.

Danny asks if Kenickie wants him to ride with him, Kenickie says no, then they seem to have this moment of mutual understanding and they hug.

rizzo and kenickie relationship

What's all that about, besides showing that they're friends? What did Kenickie want Danny to do as his second if not ride with him? It's a dueling term.

Rizzo is the true heroine of 'Grease.' There, I said it.

Each party would name a trusted representative a "second" who would, between them, determine a suitable "field of honour". It was also the duty of each party's second to check that the weapons were equal and that the duel was fair. The exact conversation was: We've been friends a long time, right? There was the duel.

rizzo and kenickie relationship

The guy's best friend went with him, like his second? I thought that you could be my second at Thunder Road.

rizzo and kenickie relationship

Kenickie is basically saying to fill in for him in case something happens to him. At this point in the movie he still thinks that Rizzo is pregnant, basically wanting Danny to be his baby's godfather.

So pretty much saying will you be my second, is saying if anything happens to me take care of my child. So for Sandy to turn herself from virgin to sexed-up tart left a really bad taste in my mouth. When all is said and done, I found I preferred Kenickie and Rizzo to them.

rizzo and kenickie relationship

Danny and Sandy meet at the beach and have a nice romance, but after that it falls apart when they meet again in high school. He lies about their relationship. When they meet again he acts like a jerk to keep his credo in front of his friends. He deserts her at a dance and she runs off, as he dances with one of his exes instead of going after her.

When he gives her his ring to go steady she throws it back in his face when he wants her to put out. Then she thinks if she becomes Sexed-Up Sandy that will be the answer to all their problems.

They seem more like a summertime romance that just needed to play itself out.

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Rizzo and Kenickie get together in the back of his car at the local teen make-out spot, but Kenickie seems to be different than the other boys for Rizzo, since she asks him to call her by her first name.

They both go with other people to the dance and are obviously jealous.

rizzo and kenickie relationship

They accept each other just as they are and like each other. I think the songs Sandy and Rizzo sang about Danny and Kenickie really sets the relationships apart. Rizzo is singing about how Kenickie is just like her and she lied to him out of jealousy and spite, but she feels the worst thing she could do is to let him see her cry.

He wanted his cake and to eat it, too.