Sara sidle and grissom relationship

Grissom and Sara

sara sidle and grissom relationship

“Catherine is back — this is her casino [that she partially owns]. Grissom [is] back. Sara Sidle will be heading up the case. It will bring everybody. See Also: Geeklove Relationship Outline | Just GSR Pictures | Hank or Bruno | Photo Manips | Grissom/Sidle Love Nest | GSR Symmetry Grissom took so long before he entered a romantic relationship with Sara? What do you think stopped. Grissom and Sara's Story In the very first episode of the show, Sara didn't even This blog is dedicated to everything relating to Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle and the The exact details of there relationship were not made clear, the only thing.

In this season Sara Sidle apparently developed a drinking problem, which Grissom acknowledged in the season finale. In the next season, Sidle was suspended for insubordination and told Grissom about her tormented childhood.

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He refused to fire her and had her working with him in almost every episode from season six and season seven. This revelation caused mixed emotions from fans, some of whom see this relationship as CSI " jumping the shark ," an attempt to include more drama and romance to the show to compete with the medical drama Grey's Anatomywhich airs in the U. In one interview, producer Carol Mendelsohn said that she has never been able to see Grissom with any other character other than Sidle and that this episode was seen by the writers as the right time to reveal the relationship.

Jorja Fox and William Petersen have also said that the relationship between their characters is not new. While he is in his bedroom, she snoops around and finds a woman's dressing robe in his closet.

"I was part of this weird love story": Jorja Fox on 'CSI' finale and working with William Petersen

She then notices a photograph of Gil and Sara together on the fridge. When Grissom emerges from his room, she asks him "How long have you and Sara been together? He spots a bug on a leaf, but continues, eventually arriving at a camp where Sidle is seen taking a picture of a monkey in a tree. Sidle then sees Grissom, who removes his backpack and walks into Sidle's arms and greets her with a passionate kiss. In "Family Affair", the first episode of Season 10, Sidle returns to work in the laboratory on a temporary basis, revealing that she and Grissom are now married and have been living in Paris while Grissom conducts a seminar at the Sorbonne.

In "The Two Mrs. Grissoms", Sara attends a party for a school for the deaf. She then gets a call from Grissom during a Taiko drum performance. It was revealed that Grissom was in Peru consulting for the government. She then meets Grissom's mother, Betty, and two deaf professors, at which one of them ends up dead in a car explosion. Grissom's mother ends up criticising Sara for not spending much time with Grissom.

At the end of the episode, she is shown talking with Grissom on a webcam, eventually having his mother walk into the office.

Grissom then said that he will return to Vegas to have dinner with Sara and his mother. At the end of "Malice in Wonderland" Grissom sends Sara two plants with a note saying "From Grissom" Hints of a troubled relationship appear in several episodes in Season In the end of the episode, she admitted to Nick and Greg that at the night of the murder she was expecting to see Grissom; Nick even admits that he and everyone else that worked with Grissom liked having them both together to sort of hang on to but realized that if the relationship is over, it's over.

After remaining separated for a number of years, Grissom and Sara are re-united in the series finale Immortalitywhen a case involving a suicide bomber brings Grissom temporarily back to the Las Vegas crime lab.

The series ends with the pair sailing away together into the sunset, their relationship apparently rekindled. The exact details of there relationship were not made clear, the only thing revealed was that Gil had the upmost trust in Sara.

Sara got on well with most of the other CSIs.

Sara Sidle

And some fell harder than others. She certainly was not lacking any male attention however, none of it was reciprocated. With three different men openly being interested in her, Sara was surprisingly apathetic. Although her and Grissom were just friends, they had their fair share of conflict. Sara was temperamental and emotional, while Gil was distant and inaccessible. Nevertheless, she found comfort in his calm knowledge, and he found excitement in her youthful brilliance.

sara sidle and grissom relationship

They were a unusual but perfect pair. Unfriendly Skies They continued merely as close friends. Flirty friends, but friends none the less.

From what we could see, Grissom was content with their platonic friendship but Sara was getting restless. In season 3, Sara was caught in a lab explosion and was severely injured. From this, she gained a newfound thirst for life.

sara sidle and grissom relationship

It gave her the courage to finally try to move the relationship forward. When she asked him to dinner, he rejected. About a year later, Sara confronted Grissom to ensure that there were no uncomfortable feelings between them. At least none that would result in implications at work. This caught him off guard and rendered him speechless. Sara realized it was a mistake to bring it up and then left. Invisible Evidence A year later, Grissom got called out to investigate the death of a young nurse with a remarkable resemblance to Sara.

This caused Gil to finally confront the feelings that he had spent years suppressing. In the interview with killer, Grissom said the following: A couple of middle aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. Then all of a sudden we get a second chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up, somebody, we could care about.

Season Six In the sixth season finaleit is revealed that they are in a relationship, which stirred up great debate among fans.

The final scene of the episode showed Grissom reclining on a bed, talking about how he would prefer to die. He says he would rather die of cancer so he would have time to say goodbye to his loved ones. Sara comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, and says, "I'm not ready to say goodbye. However, in the season premiere episode co-worker Warrick Brown paid some note when Grissom delivered a veggie burger to Sara, who was working late on a case, but neglected to bring him dinner as well.

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In the following episodeConrad Ecklie commented that "of course" Sara would agree with Grissom instead of him, which made Sara and Grissom worry for a moment that he might have caught on to the relationship. They are also still learning about one another. In Double CrossSara discussed religious beliefs with Grissom while they investigated a murder in a Roman Catholic church.