Saul and david relationship

saul and david relationship

Consider the relationship between Saul and David in the book of 1 Samuel. Saul acknowledged David's goodness when he saw David could have killed him. By God's grace, both Saul and David were chosen from the bottom rung of the faith are two essential ingredients in building a strong relationship with God. David and Jonathan were heroic figures of the Kingdom of Israel, who formed a covenant of The relationship between David and Jonathan is mainly covered in the Abner brings David to Saul while David is still holding Goliath's severed.

What is the difference between these two men? As we will see, the difference between the two Kings is in their response when confronted in their sin. Rather than owning up to his sin, Saul tries to justify his actions. Rather than owning his sin and asking for forgiveness, in pride he follows the foot steps of Adam and argues that his sin is not that big of a deal. He points the finger at everyone else rather than pointing it at himself.

Saul started out with a bright future. He was the first King of Israel. His anointing was cause for great celebration. Yet due to his sin and refusal to repent the Lord would leave Saul and reject him as King. Just as the prophet Samuel confronted Saul in his sin, the prophet Nathan would confront David. However David describes in detail the thoughts and emotions he was experiencing during this time in a beautiful song, Psalm David writes calling out to God for mercy.

He lays himself bare before the Lord asking for forgiveness and restoration. A Model of True Repentance David serves for us as a model of true repentance that is accompanies saving. Not self-justification and not even penance.

He requires broken and contrite heart. Those who enter into the kingdom of heaven are the Davids, not the Sauls.

A Tale of Two Kings: The Difference Between Saul and David

In our sin, we must most own up to our spiritual poverty. We must confess our unworthiness and fall on our face. We must own our filthy rags that cloth us. Brokeness is the only proper response to our sin. This would have been suicidal.

Saul and David

For Saul wanted to kill him, and the Philistines also would have tried to kill David as a result of this. He would have had no place to run. But even to the point of political suicide and the serious risking of his own life, David so loved his enemy. This true love leads to and is related to true respect. Often David calls Saul his master, describing himself as Saul's servant 1 Sam.

This was no formal " Sincerely your brother and fellow-servant". This was a real conscious putting of himself down, as the Lord Jesus felt he was a worm rather than a man Ps. If only we would concentrate upon our own status and show some true respect for others on account of their being in the ecclesia, having even been anointed spiritually at their baptism 2 Cor.

We have shown how Paul deeply loved Corinth and respected them for their status as men and women in Christ 2in receipt of the Father's love and grace. Therefore he like David could love his enemies within the ecclesia Saul was in the ecclesia of Israel as much as David was. He describes himself as responding to criticism like this: He saw the good in Saul, he remembered that one good example he showed- and it empowered him to follow it.

God thus confirmed David in his intentions- and yet at the last minute, it seems, David chose an even higher level; of love and deep respect for this spiritually sick man. Devotion To The word To achieve this state of mind must have required a lot of conscious thought and self-analysis by David. We get the sense that David pitted his wisdom against Saul's anger and bitter persecution; David's wisdom is mentioned in tandem with Saul's anger against him 1 Sam.

These words are referring back to Dt.

saul and david relationship

David's charmed life and prospering despite all manner of plotting against him was due to his single-minded devotion to the Law; to those very chapters which tired Bible readers are wont to skip over as boring and not motivating. Yet David found something immensely inspiring and practical about the Law. The word made him wiser than his foes Ps. The majestic Psalm was almost certainly written while David was in the court of Saul and then on the run from him 3.

David's love of the word then was just supreme, staying up all night straining his eyes into those scrolls, up at the crack of dawn to get back at it. It becomes rather a cliche.

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Yeah OK we know, we know. If we take nothing else away from this, please focus your mind on this, and keep the memory: I humbled my soul with fasting Perhaps David is reflecting here upon his attitude to Saul's death.

saul and david relationship

Just think of it. This is surely one of the most powerful figures that could be employed. Picture a young man of say 24, in a dark blue suit, kneeling down at the graveside of his mother, surrounded by friends and relatives, bowing down heavily in his grief.

Or picture a man of 34, 44, 54, hair greying and receding now, bowing himself down heavily. Or even 64, 74, alone in his grief, bowing down heavily to the green turf, muttering words about mum.

Perhaps some of us haven't yet experienced this; many have. If you haven't, just imagine it. Surely it brings a lump to your throat. Now it was with this intensity of grief that David mourned the death or sickness of his persecutor.

1 Samuel 15 - 16 God Rejects King Saul/ Anoints David

This is a wondrous reflection of his devotion, his true love, his triumph over bitterness and anger, over all the human actions that had been directed against him. The heavy bowing down of the Lord Jesus as he wept over Jerusalem, the city that hated and rejected him, whose leaders slew him, whose people screamed for his blood. David wept for Saul as if he was his friend or brother.

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Who was David's friend and brother? Surely Jonathan his brother-in-law. But he wept for Saul, David says, as he wept for Jonathan. This is testified to historically by David's lament of 2 Sam. It was the experience of Divine kindness that motivated David. You know I see in all this such a triumph for David, that a man should reflect the love of God to such an extent, to love in the face of such hatred, to not just love those who loved him.

The deep sorrow of the Lord Jesus for Judas and all those who turn away is surely typified here. Right at the bitter end, the Lord still referred to him as his friend Mt.

saul and david relationship

Throughout his ministry, Christ had spoken of the faithful as his friends Lk. If that's how we can live, we will truly be in the new life. But then God tells him to go back into Judah 1 Sam. This was political suicide. It made no human sense to expose himself to Saul again. And then God tells David to go and fight with the Philistines in order to rescue the people of Keilah 1 Sam. Again and again, God led David into situations that were politically suicidal, that only made things worse for him because He wanted David to trust in Him alone.

And so it happens in our lives. Notes 1 For more analysis of this complex relationship between David and the house of Saul, see David and Jonathan.

It mentioned David as a young man devoting himself to the word rather than riches v.