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The cross is Seifer's symbol as much as the angel wings are Rinoa's and the On the morning of a SeeD exam Seifer and Squall duel on a rocky field near. If I were Squall, I wouldn't touch Rinoa knowing that Seifer banged her so hard the answer was during a field test, which Seifer has had to do a couple of times. . I'm not even sure if her relationship with squall will last at all. Dec 30, Based on Rinoa's dialogue if you bring her to certain fights in Disc 2, people speculated that she and Seifer may have 'done' it during the.

After joining Ultimecia, he becomes the leader of the Galbadian army. During the introduction sequence, Seifer cuts Squall across the left side of his face with his gunblade, leaving a scar. Squall retaliates with a backhand slash that leaves Seifer with a mirrored scar. At the following field exam in Dollet, Seifer acts independently from his teammates Squall and Zellabandoning them; consequently, he fails and is not promoted to SeeD.

Eventually, Fujin and Raijin abandon him and he is defeated shortly afterward. Seifer escapes, kidnapping Rinoa and bringing her to Adel. At the end of the game, Seifer is seen fishing and having fun with Fujin and Raijin.

Nomura had originally intended Seifer not only as Squall's rival, but also as part of the love triangle between him, Squall, and Rinoa. Although this concept was shelved in the final script, Seifer remains Squall's rival and his appearance was designed to contrast with Squall's. They have equivalent but mirrored scars on their faces and their jackets are of opposing color and length.

Both characters use gunblades; Squall's gunblade is larger and requires two hands, while Seifer's gunblade is lighter and can be wielded with one hand. Seifer in the virtual Twilight Town is a rival of the main character, Roxasand at one point mentions that he does not wish to cooperate with destiny. Architectures of Illusion, Images of Truth" discusses that while Seifer is seen as a show-off and a troublemaker, protagonist Squall Leonhart identifies with him.

As a child, Quistis stayed at an orphanage with most of the main characters. She then lived with foster parentswith whom she never developed any intimacy, before moving to Balamb Garden [67] at age ten. For her part, Quistis never shows any indication of being aware of their existence. Quistis initially joins Squall to prepare him for his upcoming field exam. She later takes Squall into her confidence and tells him personally about her demotion.

This furthers the player's perception of Squall's awkwardness and anti-social tendencies. When Irvine refreshes the main characters' memories about the orphanage, they remember that Squall's asocial behavior began when Ellone, an older sister figure to Squall, left the orphanage unexpectedly. As a result of these revelations, Quistis recognizes that her feelings for Squall are more sisterly than romantic. Quistis was originally supposed to fill this part, but Nomura decided a long skirt worn over pants would look better.

The role was eventually passed to Selphie. Nomura was surprised when the writers cast her as a teacher, despite being around the same age as the rest of the group.

Selphie Tilmitt[ edit ] "Selphie" redirects here. For the Indonesian designer, see Selphie Bong. She is active and energetic, although slightly clumsy. She wields nunchaku in battle, [74] and her Limit Break Slot allows the player to cast a random spell numerous times as well as certain magic used exclusively in her limit break.

She asks Squall to show her around because she recently transferred. During the Dollet exam, Selphie joins Squall's team after Seifer abandons them. When Galbadia launches missiles at Trabia Garden, she reacts with outrage and helps destroy the missile base.

Selphie was the second character that Nomura drew, after Squall, intentionally giving her an impractical hairstyle. When he first designed Selphie, Nomura drew her in overalls; however, he realized that none of the characters would be wearing a skirt.

In the end, he gave Selphie a mini-skirt and let Quistis have pants. Seventeen years old, [5] Zell is a martial artist who fits the role of unarmed character, just like Tifa Lockhart did in the previous game, Final Fantasy VII. Zell attacks with punches and kicks, his weapons being gloves, [80] and his Limit Break, Duel, requires the player to input button combinations on the controller to deal damage. Zell lived at the same orphanage as many of the other protagonists; this is where Seifer first began to bully him.

He was later adopted by the Dincht family in the town of Balamb. He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in Japanese. He is one of the Garden's elite sharpshooters, [85] always carrying his rifle. Moments before the assassination attempt, he explains to Squall that he always chokes under pressure. In spite of his nerves and under intense pressure, he fires an accurate shot, but Edea uses magic to stop the bullet.

However, the others could not remember this because of their use of Guardian Forces GFmagical beings who cause severe long-term memory loss as a side effect.

He gave Irvine a handsome appearance, but a casual personality, hoping that this would make him less attractive than Squall. Keeping with this idea, Nomura gave him goggles; however, this idea was abandoned in favor of an American cowboy-like appearance to set him apart from other goggle-wearing characters in the Final Fantasy series.

His weapons' name is given as "katal" in the English localization of the game.

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Following the failed mission in Centra, Kiros is separated from Laguna and Ward. He heals quickly and decides to leave the Galbadian army, but soon finds that life without Laguna lacks excitement. His subsequent search for Laguna brings him to Winhill after nearly a year. Like Ward, Kiros' interactions with Laguna are based on the staff's interactions during development.

An imposing man, he wields a large harpoon in battle; in his Limit Break, Massive Anchor, he uses it to crush his opponents from above. During the incident at Centra, he loses his voice in a battle with Esthar soldiers. When Laguna becomes president of Esthar, Ward joins Kiros as an advisor, directing affairs with gestures and ellipses.

Laguna and Kiros can understand what he is saying by his reactions. The mission fails after Rinoa is taken over by an unknown entity and Edea sends a bolt of ice through Squall's chest. He acts impulsively and his rash decisions get him into trouble until he feels he can no longer back out.

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Seifer displays some positive traits, as he's the first to clap in congratulation for the new SeeDs despite not making SeeD himself. He also becomes angry upon hearing that only three rookie SeeDs were sent off on an unreasonable mission with a vague time limit, and rushes to help.

Skip section Seifer as a child in Edea's Orphanage. Seifer is an year-old orphan who was born during the Sorceress War and sent to Edea's Orphanage.

From a young age he bullied the other orphans, especially Zell. He was enrolled in Balamb Garden where he studied to become a SeeD. Seifer would forget his past in the orphanage due to the memory loss using Guardian Forces causes. Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania reveals that a popular movie was released about a sorceress who defended her country, and the knight who protected her.

At Balamb Garden, Seifer would form the Disciplinary Committee with his friends Fujin and Raijin, abusing their power to give fellow students punishment and detention.

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Seifer became a rival to Squall Leonhart, who had also grown up in Edea's Orphanage before being enrolled in Balamb Garden, although neither remembers this. Of all the Garden students only Seifer and Squall chose a gunblade as their specialized weapon. Squall and Seifer sparring. Even though Seifer had great potential to become a SeeD, his behavior made him fail the exams, and he was labeled a "problem child". Seifer's "romantic dream" is to become a sorceress' knight and he has borrowed books from the Balamb Garden library related to the subject.

When he was seventeen, Seifer dated Rinoa Heartillya girl working in a resistance group to free the occupied nation of Timber. By the age of eighteen, Seifer is in instructor Quistis Trepe 's class, but has little respect for his young teacher, and openly defies her. He strikes at Squall's face, giving him a bloody scar.

As Seifer lets his guard down, Squall retaliates, leaving a mirrored scar on Seifer's face. Seifer begrudges having Squall and Zell in his team and declares that the Squad B rule is to follow his command. Unlike the others Seifer does not wear the the cadet uniform for the mission, and during the boat trip to Dollet acts indifferent and bored when Xu explains their objective, dissatisfied his squad was not given a more important task than securing the central square.

Seifer and his squad arrive. Upon arriving to Dollet Seifer leads his squad to their post on the central square, and upon clearing it of enemy soldiers becomes frustrated with the following idleness. They spy the Galbadians heading to the mountains toward a radio tower, and, acting on impulse, decides to abandon their assigned position, with Squall and Zell following behind.

Seifer goes on ahead leaving Squall and Zell behind when Selphie Tilmitt catches up with the them, bearing a message to the squad leader. Seifer single-handedly clears the radio tower of soldiers before taking the elevator to the top, where the squad finds Biggs and Wedge activating the tower. Selphie delivers the withdrawal order to Seifer, announcing they only have 30 minutes until the boats will leave. Seifer is furious they are ordered to withdraw when there are still enemy forces around, but is unwilling to be left behind.

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He again abandons his team to make his way back to the beach on his own, leaving Squall, Zell and Selphie to fight the X-ATM sent to pursue them. Everyone makes it back to the beach to withdraw in time, and upon arriving in Balamb Harbor Seifer complains about his squad members' incompetence to Fujin and Raijin who had arrived to greet him. The exam results are announced, but because of Seifer's disobedience during the engagement he fails and grudgingly applauds Squall, Zell and Selphie, all of whom pass.

Seifer takes the President Vinzer Deling hostage. While Seifer is sent to be disciplined for his actions Squall, Zell and Selphie are assigned their first SeeD mission: Rinoa, whom Seifer had introduced to SeeD to hire them, is a member of said faction. Having heard of this mission, Seifer breaks out of the discipline room injuring many in the process, and embarks to assist the Forest Owls by holding the President of Galbadia hostage during a broadcast from the Timber TV Station.

Backed into a corner and watched on by Squall, Zell, Selphie and Quistis—Seifer's former teacher who had been sent to retrieve him—Seifer is saved by Sorceress Edea.

Appealing to Seifer's darker side, she convinces him to follow her. Seifer is announced executed by the Galbadian government and Rinoa reveals her past with Seifer to Squall and his party. Seifer is believed dead until he shows up in Deling Citystanding at Edea's side having become her sorceress' knight. Squall, with their new ally, Galbadia Garden sniper Irvine Kinneashad been assigned to assassinate the sorceress during her welcoming parade.

Despite having been saddened by the news of his death, Rinoa acts indifferent when informed Seifer is alive but that he may soon be killed by Squall. Edea blocks Irvine's shot with a spell and Squall breaks into the sorceress's parade to fight her one-on-one. Seifer stops him and, declaring his new status as hero and sorceress' knight, fights Squall. After Seifer's defeat, Squall fights Edea who casts Ice Strikepiercing Squall's shoulder and rendering him unconscious.

Seifer tortures Squall for information on SeeD's intended purpose. Edea wants to know why the SeeD persecute sorceresses, but Squall, who knows SeeD only as a general mercenary force, does not understand the question.