Seo do young and han hyo joo relationship

ᐅ Seo do young han hyo joo dating

seo do young and han hyo joo relationship

The connection between Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk has been revealed. Around Kang Cheol in his group of friends is Seo Do-young. Daniel played Dr. Henry Kim, a surgeon madly in love with Yoo Hee Jin (Jung He falls in love with an optimistic girl, Eun-young (played by Han Hyo-Joo). It leads to a complicated relationship web with the other main characters, Jay-Hae ( played by Seo Do Young) and Lee Na (played by Lee So Yeon). As of writing, Lee Jong Suk is not yet in a relationship however, he was tied or shipped to Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo were rumored to be dating a couple of times after they In , Lee Jong Suk revealed that his ideal type was actress Lee Na Young. . Is Park Seo Joon Dating Someone Now?.

When she fell in love, she was not afraid to follow her heart, even if it meant hurting either herself or other people in the process. When things began to fall apart towards the end, her heart grew harder and colder, and though she was still the same person, somehow she was also different.

When I Googled him, I found out that he was a model and that this was the first drama he ever starred in as a lead character, which I guess explains his performance. But this should not be an excuse for the way he acted. I do think he fits the character, but also I think that he could have done better.

But despite that, his chemistry with Han Hyo Joo was commendable, as well as his onscreen bromance with Daniel Henney Phillip. And also, his piano skills are amazing. As for Lee Na, I just hated her.

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Perhaps this is an indication that Lee So Yeon was effective in her acting. Unlike Phillip, who eventually backed off after Eun Young rejected him, Lee Na repeatedly forced Jae Ha to fall in love with her, even going as far as convincing his parents to announce her engagement to him just so she could be sure that he was hers. These two characters, who are tropes we all are very familiar with, were undoubtedly very effective, but the fact that they are tropes—making them thoroughly predictable—far overshadowed their performances.

Another big issue I had was the wardrobe, specifically of Eun Young.

Seo Do-young

They were very distracting, and not at all in a good way. This leads me to the biggest reason why I did not enjoy this drama as much as I had hoped: Though the story in itself is beautiful, it was very predictable. First of all, the characters were cliche. I had already seen these scenes and more in countless other media, and because of that, the thrill of finding out what was going to happen next dissipated.

There were also some story lines that were not fleshed out as well as they could have been.

seo do young and han hyo joo relationship

I had mentioned earlier the one that involved Mi Jung and Sang Woo trying their luck in the music industry and developing sparks for one another, but this was thrown out the window in the end. Another sad detail that was not given attention was one provided in the very beginning of the drama, when Eun Young was in Austria.

This shell became a very important artifact in the development of the story, but her being an actual artist got forgotten.

seo do young and han hyo joo relationship

Aside from that, the progression of the story was very slow. Conclusion Would I recommend this drama? If you like a good old classically cheesy flick oozing with very familiar tropes, and if you like relaxing piano music and are looking for refreshing landscapes to soothe your eyes and mind, then maybe you might like this drama. But if you are like me, who has become way too attentive to the point of overthinking every little detail, then you might not like this drama at all.

PT16 SPRING WALTZ Jae Ha's Curse Returns (Han Hyo Joo, Seo Do Young)

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seo do young and han hyo joo relationship

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