Sheen and libby relationship

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sheen and libby relationship

Relationships throughout the franchise. Relationship; Jimmy and Cindy's relationship/Gallery; Sheen and Libby's Relationship; Jimmy and Betty's Relationship. Sure, Betty Quinlan and himself had a short relationship in middle birds, Sheen and Libby were standing against the locker, kissing, giggling. Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax is one of the main characters in The Libby. Gender, Female. Hair Color, Black. Relationship, Nick Dean Sheen Estevez.

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I don't know why everyone does this because obviously it is a fan fiction site and you are writing based on television shows, movies, and books, but oh well. I don't own Jimmy Neutron or anything. Jim," Cindy whispered as she walked out of his lab early Tuesday morning," I really don't think I could take any more of my parent's yelling, especially with today's AP government test. It's no big deal," but Cindy wouldn't take that answer. Really it means a lot to me.

I wouldn't have gotten any sleep last night if it wasn't for you, so thanks. Eighteen year old Jimmy Neutron watched the retreating form of his girlfriend make her way back to her house. They had been together now for almost eight months and he had to admit, it was a huge relief to finally call Cindy his girlfriend. Over the many years since they had met in elementary school, their love-hate relationship started to build up and get worse.

sheen and libby relationship

By their freshman year in high school arguments would normally break out daily, not to mention escalate into huge screaming fights that would either end with a stinging cheek on Jimmy's part sometimes even a black eye or embarrassment in front of the whole school on Cindy's part. Not to be convinced that they never got along. There were plenty of moments that had happened between them over the years. A kiss on the cheek, holding hands, spending weekends together at the beach just chatting away and discussing the scientific findings regarding the universe.

Jimmy had found that even though they had their differences, Cindy Vortex was the only girl who could ever even keep up with his smarts. Sure, Betty Quinlan and himself had a short relationship in middle school, broke it off, and then again in high school, but it wasn't the same as spending time with Cindy.

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Conversations were unusually dull and if he even tried to talk to her about one of his inventions or a deal struck up between him and NASA she would just giggle it off and nod her head, eyes blank. Sure they were taking their relationship slow, but with all the work Jimmy had going on with college, marketing inventions, and business meetings with NASA, not to mention a boat load of colleges fighting for him to participate in their curriculum, there was no other way.

They went on the Octopuke and puked. It was wicked awesome! They went on the Illusion Grasp, the dragon, the Bat Outta Heck ride, they went on the bumping cars; played the games in the arcade, watched a magic show while they ate hot dogs and drank purple flurp. The day after that; it was finally Friday; the day of Jet's wedding.

Jimmy and Cindy were leaving the building and Sally and Eustace walked over. Sally draped her arms around Jimmy while Eustace wrapped his around Cindy's waist. Jimmy and Cindy looked relieved. This ball was at five and the wedding was at five thirty. That meant they would only have to put up with these two losers for thirty minutes. It was a very nice and fancy place. Eustace took Cindy's hand and led her to a table while Sally took Jimmy's hand. Jimmy and Sally were at a table a few inches away from their's and Jimmy looked disgusted seeing Eustace flirt with Cindy.

She was gritting her teeth. She and Jimmy glanced at each other as they were dancing with their dates, unwillingly.

Sheen And Libby Relationship

In Jimmy's lab; Goddard was near the monitor and it began to beep. That meant something terrible was happening. Goddard pressed a button and a man appeared on the screen.

sheen and libby relationship

He was apart of a secret spy program. She didn't show up at the wedding and we tried locating her. She has been kidnapped, Jet tried to save her but was easily beaten. A few minutes passed and Jimmy and Cindy's partner's were getting too intimate with them. Jimmy and Cindy were very uncomfortable. Eustace leaned in trying to kiss Cindy but she pulled away. Sally tried to get him to kiss her but he pushed her away. Cindy tightly shut her eyes as Eustace's lips were nearing her's. She couldn't push him away this time.

His grip around her waist had tightened. Before his lips touched hers, he jerked away in pain. Jimmy had zapped him with his zap watch.

She was relieved and shocked at the same time. Jimmy was staring at Eustace with anger and hatred. Sally grabbed Jimmy and pulled him closer, trying to kiss him again. Cindy's shock quickly turned into anger.

Eustace was angry and ran towards Jimmy. Jimmy zapped him repeatedly while Cindy and Sally got into a physical fight. Sally dunked Cindy's head into a punch bowl and Cindy kicked her away.

She picked up the punch bowl and dumped the punch all over Sally. Sally was angry and began to scream. Jimmy smiled seeing Eustace unconscious and Sally too weak to get up. Enjoy the next two days of your life but by Monday; it is over! What is it boy? He's got a passion for life, TV, guacamole, and a superhero called Ultra Lord.

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He isn't the best student, but what he lacks in common sense and focus, he makes up for in burning curiosity and loads of energy.

He lands on a strange planet called Zeenuwhere the grand leader thinks that Sheen is destined to bring peace, prosperity, and eternal joy. After the Emperor promotes Sheen to be his number one Royal Advisor, Sheen gets to do virtually whatever he likes, such as battling man-eating creatures and throwing wild parties. Even when the evil villain Dorkus tries to destroy him, Sheen's crazy ways almost always save the day.

He doesn't seem at all worried about whether he'll get back to Earth or not. He is sometimes called the chosen one, Ultrason by his dad in the movie, and Ultradork by nick, or Cindy. Rescue Jet Fusion", Sheen states that he is Mexican. Boy Genius, Sheen has peach skin. He wears a turquoise Ultra Lord T shirt and black pants.