Shinya and akane relationship memes

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shinya and akane relationship memes

First the allucinations Akane has of Kogami in S2. NO ONE has that kind of Anyway, onto the Shinya evidence. Season 1 is a proof all by. Psycho-pass: Tsunemori Akane x Kogami Shinya - kiss I wanted to draw this scene . Manhwa Manga, Psycho Pass Quotes, Passing Quotes, Raven, Anime . from Tumblr · The evolution of Ginoza & Akane's relationship 4/4 Psycho-Pass | Shinya Kogami x Akane Tsunemori funny meme by

Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?

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Does your character remember names or faces easier? Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession?

Why or why not? Which does your character idealize most: Is your character more likely to admire wisdom, or ambition in others? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?

shinya and akane relationship memes

In what ways does your character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism? If something tragic or negative happens to your character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others? What does your character like in other people?

shinya and akane relationship memes

What does your character dislike in other people? How quick is your character to trust someone else?

shinya and akane relationship memes

How quick is your character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close with that person? How does your character behave around children?

How does your character normally deal with confrontation? How quick or slow is your character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation? What did your character dream of being or doing as a child?

Did that dream come true?

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What does your character find repulsive or disgusting? Years later, while Akane retains her kindness and patience, she is also cool headed and rational, which is shown when she calmly uses her negotiation skills to talk down a criminal who was using bombs to attack the PSB, which pushed his Psycho-Pass into the non-danger zone, allowing her to stun him and bring him in instead of killing him.

She outright tells him that any sympathetic words she might tell him were now meaningless and she was ready to give the execution order had Inspector Aoyanagi not shot him first.

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She's also not against rebelling against Sibyl at times, such as when she attempts to bring in Kirito Kamui alive despite the System wanting him dead, so she can find out exactly why he's considered such a big threat. Even after everything she's seen, Akane still maintains her healthy Psycho-Pass and is quick to recover from any traumatic event, such as the aforementioned death of her friend and the death of her grandmother.

Akane Tsunemori

Personal Background Tsunemori's parents. At school Tsunemori is one of the top students with several notable achievements, both in the public and private sectors.

shinya and akane relationship memes

She is curious about him, as well, and finds his methods of detective work surprisingly effective. There is speculation, without proof, that their mutual interest is romantic in nature, though some evidence exists that it may be one-sided on Tsunemori's part.

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Kogami respects her work ethic and attitude saying, "This girl is amazing. She's a female who deeply loves law and order, and also deeply loved by it.

shinya and akane relationship memes

Her expression is just like a prayer to the heavens. Because Makishima is a precious research specimen, Tsunemori is willing to bring him in alive in exchange for Kogami's unfettered flight. Her reasons for this are to bring him to mind, though whether for reasons professional, personal or a combination of both, is not revealed. This explains his keen interest in Tsunemori's state of mind and stable emotions.

After Ginoza is demoted to Enforcer, [3] the two form a firm partnership based on mutual trust and understanding. Ginoza is greatly concerned for her mental and life safety, reminding her of the dangers of falling into the "abyss" from time to time [15] and serving in a supporting role as one of her Enforcers.