Shirou and rin relationship goals

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shirou and rin relationship goals

She's short and feisty Relationship Goals, Relationship Comics, Relationships, Cute Chibi Couple, Tohsaka Rin, Shirou Emiya, Fate Stay Night Anime, All. Just to name a few: Rin laughing "Haha, you're so stupidly honest Rin had been acting weird earlier, so Shirou goes to see her. . that it's where Shirou and Sakura really get their Relationship Upgrade and it's heartwarming . About TVTropes · TVTropes Goals · Troping Code · TVTropes Customs · Tropes of Legend. Rin is the heroine of the Unlimited Blade Works route in Fate/stay night. not aware of the original goal of the Holy Grail War to open a “hole” beyond the World. Rin was very supportive of Shirou's relationship with Saber in the Fate route.

shirou and rin relationship goals

Shirou comes home to find Rin waiting for him. She asks if he accepted the invitation to join the Mages Association, but as she expected, he turned them down. Rin agrees, but says that this time, he might go further down that path.

I loved how Shirou and Rin are living together in a small, London apartment and attending college together.

shirou and rin relationship goals

Apparently, they are a happy couple. With that in mind, is it any wonder that Rin stole this episode? For once, she was not tsundere at all, but instead acted like a normal girl who loves her man dearly, enough to follow him all over the world.


The only odd thing about their relationship is that they still address each other by their family names…well, mostly. I hate to say it, but when Rin took Shirou to Glastonbury, I was kinda hoping that Saber would show up, even if just in a form only Shirou could see.

Anyway, during the flashback to where we could see Rin and Shirou a month after the Holy Grail War, I laughed at how Rin let Issei know that she and Shirou were dating. Also in the flashback, we got to see Sakura visiting that bastard, Shinji.

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I did like that dirty look she gave him when he initially gave her attitude about being fed cutely cut apple pieces. Both endings are ok, and I do enjoy it having the only "Good" ending, where everyone is kind of chilling and happy.

I do like the epilogue in the TV series where Rin and Shirou are in London living together, but the ending with everyone seems pretty dang nice here. Shirou here is not becoming Archer, he is turning into a happy person who can learn to love himself, others, and have value in life.

He finally gets happiness. Sadly this had the most awkward H scene, and Shirou is rough and almost mechanical, but I assume Rin will train that out of him. Rin is adorable enough that I think there is no way he doesn't learn. Shirou grows a pair and isn't as wishy washy, and he turns out alright here. I wish him and Rin many sorcerous children to make their lives crazy. Lancer is friggin awesome.

His jibes, his reaction to Shirou saying stay away from Rin, he was definitely cool. Wish I had seen more of him.

shirou and rin relationship goals

Also Saber being fairly petty when it comes to food was adorable and I think helped reflect Arturia's actual age. It started off ok, then it just got weird. Findinig out Sakura was a master was a shock, finding out her past I was intense. It explains so much about everything. I knew Shinji was physically abusive, but didn't think he would be sexually abusive. I have no idea but her adopted father, grandfather, and maybe Kirei along with random magus d'jour using her since childhood was pretty unexpected.

The most H-scenes, though the first stood out to me. It was Shirou dreaming of Rin, but he woke up feeling drained and crazy, and she had weird eyes in it. I cannot imagine this being Sakura using him while he slept, saber gets nommed early by Sakura's Shadow, so I doubt it was her she seems the same until being ate, and I'm very sure it wasn't Rin.

shirou and rin relationship goals

Again a lot of the Rin stuff is there, and Rin even falls for Shirou in the epilogue in the true ending. The eyes make me think it might be and might somehow feed into Sakura but it was a bit of a puzzle.

shirou and rin relationship goals

Also, as someone else here mentioned, where the heck was Taiga for most of this? Plot hole I'm sure, but her absence was at least hand waved away in the other routes. I actually like Kirei through most of this route, and in the end I didn't like him but I understood him. The entire archer arm thing kind of got me though. Archer has his spell and all that, and Fate Shirou is likely Archer, so why the heck was the steel body thing a big deal?

I don't understand how it basically possessed him and turned him into some weird collection of blades. Also, why the heck didn't Saber's shealth do much of anything for all of that.

Yes its stronger when she's his servant but even after the contract is broken in UBW it still helps. The normal ending is really junk, and I am kind of surprised it wasn't the first one.

Sakura gets old alone and dies, planting flowers every year, waiting for Shirou, and then they watch cherry blossoms in the afterlife? The true ending is weird but the entire HF route is weird. I like that Rider is around without her mask. I like that Rin and Sakura are cool. I like that Shirou is there, but as to the whys and all of that, and him being kind of a homonuculus or something is very odd.

I know the grail is mostly BS but wishes are still kind of a thing, so why didn't him or Illya fix his body or wish him stuff or something. Sakura's comment about them doing it too much is kind of funny as well in the epilogue.

It all feels off though. A cool chick, amazing eyes, and almost weirdly childlike in some aspects. I love the scenes where Sakura and Rider are staring Shirou down as hes talking about which one is more beautiful and he has to figure stuff out. I also like her comment to Rin in the epilogue about how Sakura won't find out if she's drinking random people's blood. Thats all,hope someone sees this.

Sadly gotta delete this off my ancient laptop but there you go. It's Rider getting magical energy from Shirou. Not sure if Sakura knew about it. From what I understood Archer's arm allowed Shirou to use the Reality Marble which projects the swords. However it could not be fully controlled. So after Shirou used it a few times, the Reality Marble can't be suppressed anymore and began to create numerous swords inside his body.

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Saber doesn't have to be his Servant for the sheath to work.