Sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

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sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

Eric and Sookie Relationship Information Status Shared Blood, Made Love, Lived together, Blood Bonded, Close Friends, Love each other, Kissed, Sookie. Soon afterwards, Karin drives Sookie to see Eric at Fangtasia. . They all are on pleasant terms, and it seems those relationships with continue from their experiences and mistakes, maybe even get some advice on how to do so. Tell me in the comments who you think the true Eric Northman is in the. Over its seven seasons, "True Blood" taught invaluable lessons Don't ask your family members for advice about your love relationships.

No copyright infringement intended. The morning after "the wedding". For storyline purposes, the date is October 29th and we will NOT have a fairy war. I stretched, yawned and glanced at my clock. I had literally slept the day away. No need to call. I'll be out in a few. He was also the most egotistical control freak I'd ever met and he drove me crazy.

Sometimes I think he did it solely for his amusement. Through a series of adventures and some misadventures, we had managed to exchange blood three times. I guess three really is a magic number since it had created what the vamps call a blood bond between us.

He could feel my emotions and I could feel his. To be honest, I hadn't really married Eric. In fact, he'd never proposed. Eric's day man Bobby showed up at my house with a package and instructions that I deliver it to Eric at his bar, Fangtasia later that evening.

Eric and Sookie

It turned out that said package contained the ritual knife used to marry the Kings of Mississippi and Arkansas at some fancy vamp gathering in Rhodes. Apparently, vampires had no prejudice against gay marriage. It was the same knife Eric used to cut himself during our final blood exchange and resulting blood bond. This also took place in Rhodes. Rhodes was quite an exciting trip for me and not all in a good way. I inadvertently picked up a small pipe bomb and had to hold it until the bomb squad got there.

All while fending off the valiant efforts of Bill, my ex-boyfriend, Quinn, my then boyfriend and Eric my whatever he was, to be my hero. Really, it was more like a "who can save Sookie best" pissing match to me.

sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

The grand finale though was other bombs blowing up the hotel. I managed to save myself, Eric and Pam with Eric's help. I also managed to find and rescue several other vampires and humans with the help of Barry, another telepath. Yep, it was quite a day in Sookie's world. But back to the knife. Of course, I respected Eric's privacy and didn't bother to check the package before giving it to him.

I wish I had because the presentation made us married by some weird vampire standard. I didn't know weather to spit nails or chalk it up to Eric being Eric.

sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

Well, no time to ponder that thought. I'd just have to chew Mr. High handed's perfect ass later. Although, knowing Eric, he'd probably enjoy it. I got dressed, threw my hair in a pony tail and headed out the door. Amelia, bless her heart, had a travel mug of coffee waiting for me.

No matter what time I woke up, I couldn't fully function before I had my coffee fix. I'll see you later" I called as I rushed to my car. I liked Trey and he was good for Amelia. At least he'd managed to stay human.

Well technically, Trey was a werewolf but the last human to get involved with Amelia ended up as a cat for several months.

I chuckled thinking of my witchy friend's magical blunder. I finished my coffee as I pulled into Merlotte's. It wasn't to busy and Sam was back. He'd had to go to Texas for a few days. The weres and shape shifters had come out and although people here took it ok, his stepfather apparently didn't and Sam's mom had ended up in the hospital.

I made my way into Sam's office and dropped my purse off. Sam was sitting behind his desk going over the stack of paperwork that had accumulated in his absence. My step dad is divorcing her and citing fraud. Is there anything I can do? I felt it would be beyond tacky to read these private thoughts. Actually, I'm glad I have my work here. It will take my mind off things. I appreciate you holding down the fort while I was away.

Merlotte's was really dead tonight. Seems folks might not be as accepting as I thought or maybe I was just paranoid. Ever since the vampires came out of the coffin a few years ago, us mere mortals were coming to grips with the fact that we weren't the only intelligent life forms in the universe.

Of course it didn't help that up until that time, we'd been the appetizer, entree and dessert on all vampire menus. Thanks to the Japanese, a synthetic blood could now be purchased that satisfied their nutritional needs. Of course, not all vampires chose to drink it. True Blood was what I'd call the TV dinner for vampires. It kept them from killing, mostly, but from what I understood, it tasted horrible. Speaking of the dead, in walked a certain brooding dark haired vampire I had once loved.

Bill Compton nodded to me and took a seat in my section. However, I also knew there had to be a reason Bill was here. I also had a pretty good idea that motive's name was Eric Northman. I grabbed the bottle of True Blood O positive I had absentmindedly warmed in the microwave and headed over to the table. But really, I was so not angry anymore. What brings you in here tonight Bill? Bill never just stopped by not even the first time he'd come into Merlotte's.

He'd come with a purpose and that was to seduce me and bring me to the now finally dead Queen Sophie Anne. Seems my cousin Hadley had become the Queen's companion and apparently had bragged about my "gift. No matter how much Bill tried to apologize and make amends, part of me had been lost forever with his betrayal.

Have you talked to Eric lately? Bill turned a whiter shade of pale and looked away. There was my answer and it was killing him. He thought maybe Sam might have had some harassment too.

sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

It's all good here. I knew Eric could care less about Sam. He'd sent Bill to watch over me and I'm sure he'd shared the happy news. I couldn't decide if I was angry at being treated like a helpless child or happy that my Viking had sent protection and managed to stick it to Bill in the process. I went with happily annoyed. I'll be at the bar if you need anything.

I sighed in frustration. I can only offer you a cordial friendship at best. Please don't make this more difficult. I was out of line. It won't happen again. The next few hours began ticking by. My friend Tara and her husband JB came in. Tara was 5 months pregnant and starting to show.

She also apparently had a mad craving for chicken wings and had demanded JB bring her to Merlotte's immediately. We chatted for a bit. She was getting excited and JB had a proud smile plastered on his face the whole time. Arlene, our former bar maid and my former friend stopped in with her boyfriend and another Fellowship of the Sun member.

The FOTS was basically an extreme perversion of a Christian church hell bent on sending vampires to their final death all in the name of Jesus. It made me sick at how they twisted the Christian faith to suite their own bigoted agenda. Sam saw the potential trouble and made a point to tell Arlene and her party that hate would not be tolerated. They got up and left in a huff saying something along the lines that we would all burn in hell for betraying the human race. Just when I was recovering from that fiasco, my brother Jason walked through the door with his buddy Hoyt Thortonberry and his boss Catfish.

Thankfully, they took a table in Holly's section.

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Jason and I were not on speaking terms and he knew better than to start something here. Although I was distracted, I noticed another void in the room. Since I can't read vampire minds, I knew one had come in. I turned and saw Pam, Eric's "child". She was quite striking in a conservative Martha Stewart way. Tonight she wore her long blond hair down. She was dressed in a simple pink blouse and knee length skirt outfit. Both were accented in black and she had on matching black pumps.

She looked like a Jackie Kennedy Vampire Barbie. Pam sauntered over to me ignoring Bill completely. Slow night at Fangtasia? Pam checked her perfectly pink polished nails as she spoke looking borderline bored.

sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

If Eric has something for me, let him deliver it himself and explain what is inside before I end up Vampire pregnant! Just take it Sookie.

Oh wait, that's right. He's not engaged, he's married. How silly of me. Did you ever have something slip out of your mouth at the wrong time? You could have heard a pin drop when I said "he's married to me" and now every set of eyes in Merlotte's were staring at me. It was to much and my shields dropped.

All at once I was bombarded with all kinds of thoughts. Did she just say married? Guess only a vamp would marry her. What did you go and do that for? You deserve some happiness. Sam had caught the news too but saw my distress. He quickly ushered me back to his office leaving Pam standing there now annoyed. Well, as annoyed as Pam could get anyway.

I saw her head for Bill's table. Man, could this night get any worse? I had my answer as Sam shut the office door. I said looking down like the kid who gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar. You go on home. I'm used to the hateful things people think about me. It's not that busy and you don't need any more crap tonight. Just go home and take the next week off too.

Halloween is a big night. Halloween was usually a good night tips wise and I really couldn't miss out on the money. You stood in for me while I was gone. Think of it as a manager's salary. It will also allow some time for everyone to settle down. I can cover my shifts. You're check is right here. Now go, relax and take care of yourself.

Looking down, I found it was for more than I made in a month. I glanced back up at Sam whose eyes told me there was no way I was going to argue this point so I graciously thanked him, picked up my purse and walked out the Employee exit. I made my way over to my crappy car, got in, put the key in the ignition, turned it and. Must have been on display for the fangbangers tonight. He looked down at me amused. He bent his head and placed a cool, soft kiss on my lips.

I felt it all the way down to my toes. Calm and happiness was radiating through the bond and I couldn't help but melt. We have much to discuss. It is taken care of. I smiled to myself. Powerful men, even dead ones, loved their sports cars. I glanced over to see Pam and Bill emerge from Merlotte's. Eric spoke very softly to them and I could see Bill was visibly uncomfortable. Pam just smirked and nodded. Before I could blink, Eric was sitting next to me and we were on the road to my house.

We drove in comfortable silence, although at an uncomfortable speed. Vampires tend to forget how mortal I am and Eric always seemed to want to break the sound barrier.

Before I knew it, we were walking up my back porch steps. I went inside and turned to see Eric in the doorway, looming. I knew I hadn't rescinded his invitation but appreciated his thoughtful gesture.

Automatically, I began heating a True Blood for him. He surprised me by heading to the living room and began building a fire. Watching him work brought back many beautiful memories now so painful to remember. A witch had propositioned Eric wanting his money and his body. He refused and she stripped his memory. I found him running down the Parish road on New Year's Eve half naked and out of his mind.

I was elected by Pam to keep him safe while the vampires figured out how to break the curse. Eric and I spent many nights in front of my fire just talking about nothing in particular. That Eric was sweet and kind and had made love to me with such a passion that just the memory still gave me aftershocks. He had offered to give up everything for me but I knew, in the end, I couldn't be that selfish.

It would be a fraudulent, thank you word of the day, relationship because it would be a false Eric. When the spell was broken, Eric remembered nothing of our time together and I was left alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. Eric had felt something happened and pried for answers but I only gave him a short summary. While Jason successfully slaughters many of the vampire guards in the building, and Tara frees Pam, Eric and Sookie go to find Bill.

Sookie tries to persuade Bill not to become "Billith" but he refuses to listen and drinks all of Lilith's blood. Bill suddenly turns into a blood-covered monster, and chases Eric and Sookie as they run for their lives. Season 6 Edit Season 6 opens with Eric and Sookie running inside the elevator, but it suddenly appears to break down. Sookie uses her fae light to find a way out of the elevator.

Eric rips the elevator's ceiling off and tries to punch it open. They make it out of the building and arrive to the front of the burning building in Eric's car.

Due to Lilith's blood, Bill is able to pull the stake out without being harmed. Eric walks Sookie home, and mentions how she staked Bill to save him. Sookie says that Bill's not the only one that changed and that she's not the same girl she used to be. Eric then tells Sookie, that she'll always be "that girl in the white dress" who walked into his bar.

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline

Sookie thanks Eric for walking her home, and Eric decides to return Sookie's house for her own protection. Sookie thanks him and quietly rescinds his invitation to her house, as she wants to have a normal life again. Nora waits outside Sookie's porch and Eric tells her that they won't include Sookie in their plans from now on. Nora remarks that Eric's in love with Sookie and that she may have found his weakness.

Eric tells Nora to not "stir this pot" and they both leave. Sookie is happy to see Eric and runs up and hugs him, when she sees the dark veins on his chest she is devastated claiming that he can't die on her.

As Eric holds Sookie he further tells her about his travels after the events of Season 6stating that he thought he might see the world "one last time. When the group arrives at Fangtasiaas weak as Eric is, he tries his best to help Sookie save her friends from Hep V vamps.

After Eric drinks the cure from Sarah Newlin's blood, he comes to see Sookie to let her know that he's alright. Sookie is rejoiced, but informs him that Bill is sick. Eric promises to help Bill. Sookie tells Bill to drink her blood, but he refuses. Eric holds Sookie as she cries into his chest. Sookie tells Eric to try to convince Bill to take the cure. Eric tells Sookie to let Bill go. He tells her that Bill's made up his mind and that she should let him go.

Eric then flies Sookie to her house. She remarks that she's never seen Bon Temps from high above. Sookie invites Eric in, but he says goodnight and turns around to fly home.

sookie stackhouse and eric northman relationship advice

The next day, members of the Yakuza speed their way to Sookie's house to kill her since she's aware of the cure. Eric kills them before they get to her house. It's implied by cast and crew members that Eric will continue to look after Sookie.