Spiderman and spider woman relationship

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spiderman and spider woman relationship

Spider-Woman gained a reputation as the "Dark Angel of San Francisco", and even . feelings for her fellow Avenger Hawkeye, with whom she started a relationship. Spider-Woman followed Silk with Spider-Man Noir to an unknown reality. Personally. I would have liked it better if they had develop a strong mutual relationship between Jessica Drew x Peter Parker. There is a lot of. What happens when Jessica Drew aka Spiderwoman agrees to go on a on & off relationship, for she only liked Spider-man, not Peter Parker.

spiderman and spider woman relationship

Afterward, Peter and Carol share a couple of delicious chili dogs on a roof overlooking the city. Sable's father trained her in combat and international espionage after her mother was murdered.

Although, she then selflessly sacrificed herself for their victory and presumably, for Peter himself. Jean's connection to Spider-Man was the healthiest male relationship in her life. Jean was resurrected by the Jackal in 's "The Clone Conspiracy" arc only to die once more, this time under more heroic circumstances.

Deb had come to New York to escape an abusive marriage and began dating Peter.

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Due to Peter's record-setting terrible boyfriend behavior, Deb suspected that he was Spider-Man. After hearing about her tragic past and in part blaming himself for her recent struggles, Peter decided to reveal his secret identity Lian works for the Shanghai branch of Pete's own Parker Industries and although their company designs tech for Spider-Man, Lian is as clueless as the rest of the employees when it comes to the wall-crawler's secret identity.

Spider-Man learns that Lian had been stealing Parker Industries tech in exchange for medical treatment for her ailing mother, after which he offers to join forces to take down her blackmailers, the Zodiac. Even though she also offered to kill Spidey to get Zodiac off of her back. In Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 1, Kitty calls Peter out of the blue for a date and they have a totally awkward teenage conversation on their cordless phones. Remember when the Ultimate Universe was the fresh and modern revamp?

She hasn't made contact with him in a long time nor have the two ever been close, though the times she had been around him she was quite annoyed at his jokes and that he wouldn't take fights seriously. The fact that she's in stress already by just thinking of him, actually says much about how she feels about the web head. Steve tries to reassure her.

spiderman and spider woman relationship

You also have been around him more, which would make him a lot more comfortable talking to you. Steve places a hand on her shoulder for comfort. Look, all we are asking is for you to invite him to join the team.


If he says no, you don't have to worry about it. If he says yes, however, then you are going to have to put up with him. Not that she thought he was a bad guy, but she couldn't see him as a pressing member to the team. Steve smiles at her putting his mask on. I will try to come and help. After watching the two leave, Jessica begins to plot on how she will deal with Spider-man.

I do know one thing; it's going to take a lot out Spider-man to prove to me that he has what it takes to be a part of the new Avengers. Johnny, still couldn't believe he lost, folds his arms, looking at the other direction.

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Johnny only shakes his head and said, "One of these days bug boy, one of these days. Seriously, I would like to get one more race in before I head in. Race you to the Baxter building. Two heroes have become great friends over the years and have teamed up at times.

Spidey even met the whole group and became family to them after revealing his self to them. Little did the Spider-man and Human Torch realize, Spider-woman have been watching the two after their race was over.

spiderman and spider woman relationship

She follows them, hoping to get more information on the web head and hopefully not to hear more of his annoying jokes. You sure you don't want to go to the Science Expo later this week.

spiderman and spider woman relationship

Spider-man sees this as an opportunity to knock Johnny's confidence down. So how getting with Cat been going? At one point Spider-man introduces Johnny to Black Cat, and since then he had a mad crush on her. He asks Spidey why he didn't go for her leading to Spider-man explaining that he was with M.

spiderman and spider woman relationship

J at the time, which the relationship ended because of his life as Spider-man, therefore making Black cat and Spider-man just close friends. He had suggested that Johnny should go for Cat, he agrees quickly, but never made a move to this day and not to mention he gets all tongue-tied when he's around her. I don't have to answer that. J had gotten into a huge fight that causes them to break up and not see each other again.

Of course, Black Cat is someone who had admired him, but with him being taken at the time and Johnny is now pursuing her it wouldn't be fair to go after her. Besides he didn't want to ruin the great friendship they have if things didn't work out for him. She noticed the change in his mood but kept her focus on the bigger picture of finding out who he is. Wow, why do I sound like I'm still with Hydra? Need to seek some therapy from Dr.

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If there's one thing she knows about the Web head is that even though she's not a threat to him, his spider-sense could trigger at any time.

Quietly, she makes her way into a nearby tree with her camera in hand. Eventually, after watching him feel uneasy, Spider-man takes his mask off, and Spider-woman manages to get a decent picture of him and leaves before she gets caught.

When she made it back to her place, Jessica takes the picture out to upload it to her Shield laptop to receive a better look at the man.