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supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship test

Get your Supah Ninja powers ready to face villains like the Evil Grandpa and the Ishina! Plus, the Ninjas . Mike is crushed after Flint asks Amanda to the Spring Fling. The night gets Amanda struggles with the results of a career aptitude test . TV-GSubtitles . I love the relationship between Flint and more. If the exclusive super trailer above is any indication, Lip Sync Battle is ready . Will Smith is opening up about how his daughter Willow “really tested” him . Michael Bublé Says His Son Noah's Cancer Diagnosis Forever Changed After overcoming one of the most difficult times of his life, Michael Bublé is a changed man. Supah Ninjas is an American action-comedy superhero series, created by Leo Chu and Eric Garcia . He finds out Mike, Owen, and Amanda are ninjas in " Quake". . and is the second villain to have a close relationship with a main character. .. A demented psychiatrist (Todd Stashwick) lures the ninjas to an asylum to test.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship test

Mike turned to Amanda and smiled at her. In the end, Mike says that he will never let her go referencing to Pletinous and Electornia, and the incindent on the train.

Supah Ninjas

Amanda is jealous of Mike and Julie. She then tells him to pretend that she is Julie and he then starts expressing his feeling toward Amanda instead of Julie. When he is done, Amanda touches his hand and they both look down, Amanda then runs off nervously. Most likely Amanda starts to have feelings for Mike once again.

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Mike says that his favorite mission is Katara and Amanda says, "Really? Cousin Connor Mike gets jealous when Connor tells him that Owen and Amanda have a thing for each other.

Owen tells Mike in front of Amanda that he would never do that to him knowing how he feels about her.

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Amanda is stunned and then says what do you mean how he feels about me he goes out with Julie remember? When Owen almost gives away Mike's secret crush on Amanda in front of her he acts very nervous.

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Season 2 Mike asked where Amanda was after he opened the sewers. He tells Amanda that it was "magical, seeing the beautiful stars with you," then quickly stutters and says he meant it in a "professional, ninja way. Mike's excuse for not noticing Owen was that he was distracted, possibly by Amanda. Owen hints at Mike's feelings for Amanda, saying, "yeah, those stars can be very distracting. Referring to him and Amanda. Mike and Amanda smile at each other a lot Mike tells Amanda he likes being with her and Amanda says she does too.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship test

Amanda tells Mike to text her when he gets home Amanda tells Owen that she feels like her and Mike are becoming more than friends but then claims she was lying.

As she walks away she pauses and shakes her head, indicating that she was not really lying.

Mike & Amanda I'll never let you go...

Kid Q Owen partners up with the unassuming genius Quentin for the annual science fair, but winning is the least of their worries when the assistant to a famous scientist steals their invention and uses it for his vengeance.

Cheer Fever Kylie, a rival cheerleader from Amanda's past is released from juvie and holds a grudge against Amanda. Knowing Kylie is up to no good, Mike and Owen go undercover as cheerleaders to catch her.

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The Ishina Strike Back Mike forgets Martin's birthday and covers by throwing him a last minute party. But when the house is overrun by Ishina Mike has to continue the birthday charade and get his dad out of the house.

Finding Forster Flint Forster learns Amanda's real identity and he gets a glimpse into her ninja life. But when Trip, a student who deals in counterfeit credit cards, takes Amanda and Flint hostage, Mike has to save his rival too.

Wallflower Owen pursues his crush on Paloma Peru, while Gina, a twisted Benjamin Rush student, pursues her own obsessive crush on Owen.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship test

Meanwhile, Mike and Amanda bond after they both get hurt filming an audition tape for a game show. M yhem The Ninjas investigate Mayhem, a social media star who organizes flash mobs to incite chaos.