Tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship tips

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tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship tips

For Tales of the Abyss on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tear and Luke (spoilers maybe)" - Page 2. ZelosXSheena is not a canon 'love' relationship. Zelos hits on every girl . Popular:Red Dead Redemption 2 GuideRed Dead Redemption 2 CheatsGrand Theft Auto V Cheats. I really love the couple Luke x Tear! Enjoy the vid! Credit: to everything because I own nothing but the video. You can help Tales of the Abyss Wiki by expanding it. There have been many hints from the others to Luke that Tear likes him, but all of them seem to fly over.

Tear Grants

Breaking the Fourth wall has never hurt so sweet. Asch comforting Natalia and reciting his promise to her before he was kidnapped and explaining that it doesn't matter if she's a princess or not. Talking to Natalia later, she admits she knows that Luke was listening. And then asks him to please recite the promise Asch said to her. It's a sweet note, implying that Natalia is really listening to her heart now, likely even seeing Luke and Asch as completely separate people for the first time.

Hearing the promise being spoken by Luke makes her admit that she has 'realized something'. Luke and Tear's relationship post Important Haircutshe doesn't give up even if he is an idiot. Jade briefly vanishes from the party after Arietta attacks Anise's mother in Daath.

Where does he go? To the chapel with Guy, who's just remembered something extremely traumatic from his past. It's never pointed out or explained, but it's very sweet to see him standing guard as Guy recovers.

In a strange way, Arietta's death in the anime. Whereas in the game, she just dies miserably, saying "it hurts" and asking where Ion is, in the anime the spirits of her family and Ion appear to personally take her to the afterlife with them. She cries Tears of Joy and reaches to take Ion's hand, and then dies with a content smile on her face. The end of the "Jewel of Gardios" sidequest.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship tips

Natalia is very sweet with little Mieu in general. During the disaster at Akzeriuth, she runs over to make sure he's okay after he was knocked unconscious, and earlier at the Zhao Ruins, she expresses concern for the little guy when he learns Mieu Attack, worrying that smashing his head against rocks might hurt.

You can see that Tear is really grateful for getting it back. Much of Guy's dialogue to Natalia following Mohs' declaration that she's a false princess is spoken in an even warmer, gentler tone than anything else he says, and most of what he says are words of comfort and kindness.

After the scene of Ion's death, Luke goes to look for Anise. She's in the cathedral and traumatized from the preceeding events including blaming herself for causing Ion's death. Luke going to comfort her is similar to the Mieu example higher above - Luke knows how Anise is feeling right now and is the only one out of the group, who can really talk to her without coming across as fake, having gone through a similar experience. The party forgiving Anise, possibly because all of them realised what a lot of players don't- Anise actively tried to make them hate her long before revealing herself as a spy, as Anise is the coldest and harshest to all traitors of everyone in the party.

She's the one who takes the longest to forgive Luke and is by far the coldest to him, the one who speaks out against trusting Spinoza and still thinks its stupid to trust him, she's the one who voices distrust in Guy when Guy reveals he worked with Van for years up until Akzeriuth's massacre It's not made a big deal out of, but Peony and Jade's relationship is weirdly nice.

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By the Fabre's neighbor, http: She was clearly a dangerous assassin. Even if I had to use my wooden blades to do so. Luke is indeed an idiot, because anyone that was even halfway aware of what happened and had any sort of survival instincts would have at the very least avoided her.

After all, she did attack his mentor, and more specifically, attack him. How does he know she would not try to do so while you rested? Because she said so? What honestly perplexes me about Tear is how she has the audacity to become angry with him at moments when anyone in their right mind would be upset at Tear for assisting him in teleporting him more than halfway across the world, and her excuse is "oh, I didn't know you were a 7th fonist.

Luke was the one who went to strike, she just defended herself. You would have noticed this had you paid attention. She detailed her findings in a vast prophecy known as the Score, which promised unlimited prosperity and wealth for the entire world at the end. In the centuries since then, two great nations known as the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and the Malkuth Empire have fought over the scattered Fonstones upon which the Score is written.

Between them lies the Order of Lorelei, a religious order dedicated to the safekeeping of the Score, who act as a neutral arbitrator. Tales of the Abyss follows the adventures of Idiot HeroJerkass and Sheltered Aristocrat Luke fon Fabre, a Kimlascan noble who has never been allowed outside of his manor since he was kidnapped from his vacation home seven years previously.

Due to the trauma from this incident, he developed retrograde amnesia concerning his entire existenceand had to be taught everything again from scratch, even basic skills like how to walk. His mundane existence changes dramatically when mysterious White Mage Tear Grants breaks into Luke's manor with the aim of killing his swordmaster, her brother Van Grants. Upon touching Luke, she and Luke are accidentally teleported halfway around the world, landing right in the middle of Malkuth.

Together, they try to return Luke home while gradually unravelling the secrets behind his status as The Chosen One of legend. In true Tales Series fashion, it doesn't take long for the first game-changing plot twist to hit. The game has an Animated Adaptation produced by Sunrise. The first episode aired on October 3, on TOKYO MX; in addition, another channel had an hour long special the following day, showing both the first and second episode. The anime adaptation was released on October 11, by Bandai Entertainment in North America, albeit sub-only, even though the video game has an English dub.

The game was originally released for the PS2, and a port for the Nintendo 3DS was released internationally. It was released in Europe on November 25th,marking the first time the Old Continent gets to officially play it. Subverted in that the people living here are facing the miasma crisis and as such, were forced to abandon its tunnels.

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Tear " kidnapping " Luke is never fully explored in regards to consequences, and neither is her loyalty to Mohs despite his hands in the problems they face.

Also, Mohs deliberate sends her to Akzeriuth, with the implication he knew there was no Seventh Fonstone and he just wanted her dead due to her actions nearly ruining his plans with Van but this is never brought up ever again, even in subsequent arcs when Mohs continues to be an enemy to the group.

The plot kicks off when Tear and Luke inadvertently teleport halfway across the world, placing Tear as a "kidnapper" by the view of those back home. Tear, Natalia, and Anise. All three are members of your party and readily leap into battle alongside the others, not to mention each of them has already experienced battle before the game and they also take part in several cutscene fights. The anime suffers a lot from this. It's never explained why Ion dies if he reads the Planet Score. In the game, this was explained properly, especially in skits.

After the first battle against Van, Jade and Guy say that Luke knows how to use his hyperresonance, something that was never brought up until that moment.

Guy just makes a brief Hand Wavesaying that "he's being practicing in secret". In the game, this was explained in a whole sub-plot in which Tear teaches Luke how to control his power, we learn Tear's past as Legretta's pupil another sub-plot barely shown in the animeand she and Luke grow closer making their romance more believable. Averted by Jade, who is twice the age of the rest of the cast but is often complimented on his ability to keep up with the younger heroes.

Lampshaded by his occasional comments about how his joints ache in his "old age" he's 35usually giving him an excuse to get out of manual labor IE crate-moving puzzles; ironically, when he does have to push a crate around, he does so with one hand, the other remaining in his pocket. I've been frail since birth A little less tropey once it's revealed that those three 'Aerith' examples are all from the same now-destroyed nation.

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People can change, not only on an individual level e. Lukebut the ultimate conflict between the heroes and the Big Bad is over whether society can adapt to a world without the score or whether it is doomed to fall back into its previous ways. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Done interestingly near the start of the game, when Jade, an older and far more experienced character, kneels down before Luke, who technically outranks him socially, in order to ask for help with accomplishing his mission to reach the king of Kimlasca.

Luke's immaturity in even asking this of him, and Jade's graceful acquiescence, is what allows Jade to keep his dignity in this situation, and the fact that he's willing to go so far underscores just how important their mission really is.

The Score, which predicts everything from national histories to what an individual person is going to do that day. The Liger Queen you kill in the beginning of the game.

tales of the abyss luke and tear relationship tips

Only because of the required cute creature in your party burning part of the forest down do you even have a reason for killing her.

She's also Arietta's "mother" You Bastard! What makes her death especially tragic is how All the other God Generals the party kills are at least able to give a moving Final Speech before succumbing to their wounds. Arietta, however, barely even has time to form a single sentence before dying. She's also the first human boss you actually kill, not counting battles that end with someone falling to their "deaths" only to turn up alive later.

And she's a little girl. And her desire for revenge is completely justified by this point. He dies after discovering his daughter is still alive, but is in fact an enemy princess. All Love Is Unrequited: Subverted; Luke thinks this is the case with Tear. All of the Other Reindeer: The older girls in the Order, who did their best to make Anise's life miserable, mocked her parentage, and insisted she was incapable of being a good Fon Master guardian.

Happens to Van and Tear while they are watchers in the Qliphoth. The other soldiers were jealous of them because they came from the Outer Lands and are descendants of Yulia. All Your Powers Combined: