Teacher and student subordinate relationship

teacher and student subordinate relationship

May 21, Keywords: teacher–student relationship, higher education, by two subordinate dimensions, affective and supportive), but also as. Having consensual relationships with subordinates is likely to interfere with the ability of common, the student–teacher relationship represents a special case, . Nov 24, have influence when building trust based on superior-subordinate relationship more. organizations, and teacher-student communication.

First, a systematic search was undertaken through selected databases in education, psychology and social science ERIC, Psyndex, Psych Info. Second, a snowball procedure involving follow-ups on some of the references cited by the studies identified in the initial search was applied.

Teacher–student relationship at university: an important yet under-researched field

The inclusion criteria used in this two-phase approach were that papers had to: The quality of TSR In this section, we discuss the conceptual and operational problems associated with the concept of TSR in higher education. This is followed by an examination of the multi-dimensional and context-dependent nature of TSR.

We then review empirical studies that have addressed various aspects of the nature of TSR.

Teacher - Student Relationship

Conceptualisation and operationalisation difficulties Conceptualising TSR in higher education is not easy, as the field is under-explored and multifarious.

This has resulted in several empirical studies that have operationalised TSR in higher education very differently, making it difficult to analyse them as a unified group and draw comparisons. Secondly, the few studies that have de facto focused on TSR as the variable-of-interest are primarily qualitative. They provide fruitful insights into, for instance, teacher and student perspectives on positively or negatively experienced TSR e.

Thirdly, in investigating TSR, much of the literature focuses on teacher-student or faculty-student interactions, without describing the quality of TSR. In several studies, the frequency of interactions was the main focus of investigation for an overview, see Lamport, Generally, investigations of the frequency of teacher—student interactions show that the more often students have out-of-classroom interactions e.

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Not all instances of interactions with university teachers are necessarily positive in nature, and thus do not automatically lead to positive outcomes. Furthermore, as Baumeister and Leary argued, interactions must be distinguished from relationships. Although some more recent empirical studies have made valuable attempts to assess the quality of teacher—student interactions e.

teacher and student subordinate relationship

Accounting for the multi-dimensionality and context-dependency of TSR Despite the aforementioned difficulties in comparing research findings, studies on TSR in higher education provide some initial insights into its quality.

From the school research, it is clear that TSR cannot be conceptualised as a one-dimensional construct; rather, it is multi-dimensional in nature. AT is a theory based on attachments or relationships; in contrast, in SDT, relationships are not the only factor at work, as the sense of relatedness is regarded as one of three basic psychological needs that influence human motivation.

One internationally recognised instrument used to assess TSR is the Teacher—student-Relationship Scale Pianta,which distinguishes between the TSR dimensions of closeness, conflict, and dependency.

SDT researchers who focus primarily on the relatedness need, also tend to apply a multi-dimensional approach to TSR and frequently refer to AT when putting the TSR construct into operation e.

teacher and student subordinate relationship

However, conceptualisations and derived operationalisations of the TSR construct differ substantially between studies. The lack of consistency in conceptualisations of TSR in school research limits the potential use of existing instruments validated in school contexts in the higher-education context. Two additional factors prevent the mere application of concepts from school-related TSR research to the higher-education context. One factor relates to the characteristics of the interactants and the educational environment, which have a direct impact on the quality or nature of TSR.

Moreover, teaching settings tend to be more fragmented at university, with less frequent interactions between teachers and students.

Inappropriate Relationships There are different kinds of inappropriate relationships between students and teachers.

teacher and student subordinate relationship

Some are quite clearly wrong. For example, an intimate relationship between an adult and a very young child.

teacher and student subordinate relationship

Other types of relationships might be a bit harder to denounce outright, but under U. For example, Nick and Taylor are falling in love at school.

Teacher–student relationship at university: an important yet under-researched field

Nick is Taylor's teacher, so they've gotten to know each other well over the year. As the year has progressed, they've become drawn to each other. Their age gap is small: Nick is 22 and Taylor is Is it still morally wrong for them to have a relationship? Maybe, but whether or not you feel that way, their relationship is illegal, and Nick and Taylor could be charged with several offenses. Possible Charges Sexual harassment involves a blatant abuse of power through creating a hostile environment or quid pro quo.

Quid pro quo, Latin for 'this for that,' is a form of harassment that involves an exchange of favors, money, or other incentive to entice the victim to perform sexual acts.

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For example, Nick would be committing quid pro quo if he improved Taylor's grades in exchange for sexual favors, or to use grades or assignments to manipulate Taylor into sex.