The maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

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the maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

In The Maze Runner, everything started going bananas when Thomas showed up—the closing of the Maze, Teresa's appearance, the escape, all that jazz. This is a clip of Maze Runner: Scorch Trials in HD. Hope you enjoy it:) (tiene subtitulos en español). The Maze Runner trilogy was never about who Thomas would end up with. you get to see the relationship between Thomas and Teresa, and you start wanting it Teresa never betrayed Thomas after the Scorch Trials (and.

It was revealed that Teresa and Aris could talk together using telepathy during Phase One in the Maze. Aris also has a part to play in this forced betrayal.

At the end, NewtMinho and Thomas refuse to trust or forgive Teresa, even though she tells them she did it because she didn't want Thomas to die. Teresa becomes upset because of this. In The Death Cure, Thomas still feels anger towards her, but still wants to be her friend. Rat Man gives the Gladers and the girls from Group B the option to get their memory back. Teresa immediately decides to get her memories back and tries to convince the others, but Thomas, Minho, and Newt refuse to trust her.

the maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

It is revealed that she and the others broke out and forced a pilot to take them to Denver after they got their memories back. Thomas asks Teresa why she didn't try to break him, Minho, and Newt out as well when she made her escape, and she says she had heard that they had already escaped. It's unknown how this rumor started. As they all escape, the Right Arm who doesn't care about lives lost as long as WICKED is taken out starts setting off bombs, triggering the collapse of the building.

Maybe not in a romantic way, but he knew the connection between them was still strong. But now with Brenda there, he has found a connection with someone else, someone who, although quite a bit too forward for my liking, he is attracted to. With Teresa having betrayed his trust, Thomas was able to transfer it to someone else, while Teresa had to deal with her consequences. And I have to say that Teresa is a much stronger person than many characters in these books.

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Teresa never betrayed Thomas after the Scorch Trials and probably never did before then eitheryet Thomas always had that doubt about her another reason I wish Thomas had gotten the swipe removed, especially when he at one point he communicated to Teresa how he wished he could remember how they were before. But after that, her thoughts were about Thomas, finding Thomas, helping Thomas, saving Thomas.

She said she would do whatever she could to convince to earn his trust again — well, she said to make up for her mistakes, but honestly, I believe she ultimately wanted his complete trust back. Unfortunately, and in an unbelievably heartbreaking conclusion, it would lead to her sacrificing herself for him, not once, but twice — the second time being the fatal blow. What kills me even more is that not everyone in the story knows or understands how much she did, and even the mourning for her just seemed so thoughtless.

I mean, maybe Thomas never really liked Teresa like a girlfriend anyway. Maybe she was always just a friend to him, but the fact is he knew how she felt about him and in the end, when not even a whole day had passed, he accepted Brenda completely. I actually cared about this person, because her personality is so realistic in many ways.

She admits to having made mistakes and accepts the consequences of her actions, even that of losing her closest and probably only true friend being that they grew up together and yet she tries with all her power to make up for it.

the maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

Let Brenda have Thomas. Like Brenda more than Teresa if you wish.

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But try not to hate Teresa. She takes the Gladers to a zipline and yells at them to get out now, as they have little time. She lingers behind to dig around for a trinket in Jorge's desk drawers and tries to make it back to the zipline with Thomas, only to find multiple WCKD armed soldiers closing in.

She leads Thomas across support beams in the warehouse to escape, sliding down poles leading to a sub-basement area as Jorge's bomb detonates. She locates a grate leading to the underground tunnels and leads Thomas to find an exit. As they walk through the area, she points out a strange webbed vine pattern on the walls. Both get jumpy at the sound of something coming towards them, only to discover it is a rat coming out of the pipe near them.

She kicks the rat, which lands near one of the Gone Cranks, coming to life and grabbing the rat. Once it realizes that it has company, it moves towards the pair, prompting other Gone Cranks to chase after them.

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Both find their way out of the tunnels and begin to climb up into a collapsed building. Due to the angle of the building, Brenda loses her balance near the top and slides into an abandoned room, landing on the glass with a thud. Thomas rushes to help as the glass begins to crack and break away. Meanwhile, a Gone Crank finds them, sliding into the room and trying to rip at Brenda's face and body.

She manages to dodge the assault until Thomas finds a wire and offers it to Brenda for support as the glass finally breaks and sends the Crank down several stories. After they escape the building, Brenda stops by a trash dumpster, tearing off a strip of cloth when she discovers that the Gone Crank scratched her while falling out of the building.

the maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

She dismisses that she's okay for now and tells Thomas that they need to blend in and find MarcusJorge's contact who knows about The Right Arm. They pass a building where a loud party is taking place and a blonde woman asks if they're here for the party. Brenda addresses a blonde man in a suit, asking for Marcus. The man lies, telling her that Marcus used to be in this building but is no longer alive.

The Case For Teresa Agnes

Thomas asks if the man has seen a group of teens and an older man, prompting the man to hand over a bottle of liquor. The man tells them that in order to enter the tent to look for their friends, they need to take a sip each. Brenda drinks first and Thomas is forced to down a long sip by the blonde woman.

The pair split up to look for their friends and meet back up on the dance floor. Brenda, in a daze, states that she can't find them and resists Thomas's idea to look elsewhere, saying that its too late and maybe they just need to let go and accept their fate. Brenda kisses Thomas and for a brief moment, he hallucinates that he just kissed Teresa.

the maze runner scorch trials thomas and teresa relationship

He moves away from her, saying that he can't do this because she isn't her, before blacking out. As Thomas comes to, he discovers Brenda sitting and watching as Jorge beats up the man in the suit, who is revealed to be Marcus.

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Brenda watches and listens as Marcus confesses that he's switched sides and works for WCKD, hosting the party to get them a little drunk so they're passed out when WCKD comes to collect them. Eventually, Jorge manages to get Marcus to confess where he last heard of The Right Arm's location and movement and he takes Marcus's car, Bertha, to get to the mountain area where The Right Arm is operating. Brenda starts moving slower, due to her injury from the Gone Crank.

Eventually she collapses in front of Vince when Harriet and Sonya take the group to the base. Vince threatens to shoot her until Mary Cooper intervenes, instructing Thomas to help carry her to the medical tent.

Mary draws blood from Thomas to construct a temporary treatment for Brenda. She administers the mixture to help Brenda's injuries but warns Thomas and Jorge that it is a temporary fix, merely a patch that will slow the progression, not fully cure it. As she lies on a cot, Thomas discovers the trinket box she went back for and she explains that the boy in the picture was her brother George. She recalls that WCKD picked them up when they were younger, running multiple tests on them.

Thomas leaves her to rest in the tent as he regroups with the Gladers. Later, The Right Arm base is ambushed by WCKD, thanks to a tip from Teresa who is convinced that they shouldn't have left the facility due to the bad state of world thanks to The Flare.

Brenda fights alongside the Right Arm volunteers until Jorge deems the situation bleak. Both pull Thomas aside, trying to persuade him to leave with them so they can get to safety. Thomas refuses and sends both of them away, saying that he won't leave the Gladers behind. In the midst of the standoff, Jorge and Brenda commandeer a Right Arm vehicle, crashing it into the soldiers, which buys some time for the volunteers and Gladers.