Thor and storm relationship

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thor and storm relationship

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what felt weird about Storm and T'Challa's relationship, but from Chris Claremont's perspective, it all boils down to. Ororo/Thor is the het rarepair of Ororo Munroe (Storm) and Thor Ororo and Thor have a canon platonic-friendly relationship and they are. He can control cosmic storms, temporal storms, heck, he can even make a storm inside you. In Marvel Comics, which are stronger: gods (Thor and Hercules) or beings with cosmic power (Silver Surfer)? (Thor comics/marvel) Did Odin allow Thor to use his hammer before his worthiness.

Thor gazed upon her gently. I am well aware of your abilities and power; you are a goddess to me, if you don't consider yourself truly one. Their heads drew close together and their lips, as if drawn by electromagnetism, met in an eternal instant. He smiled at her and for the first time in a while, Ororo felt her troubles receding. As the ocean moved in around the land outside her troubles vaguely receded giving way to other feelings… He kissed her once again, their lips moving in unison and she drew her arms up around him, holding him as he held her.

There was an intensity building in his eyes one that unnerved her yet also excited her. Ororo's mercurial eyes looked about to spill over as he kissed her again; his tongue dancing upon her's and trailed his lips down her neck to her collarbone. The Weather Witch bared her neck to the Thunder God allowing him to kiss her skin all over.

He tentatively tugged at the neckline of her shift and she allowed him to tug it down, baring her breasts. Thor took in the sight of Ororo leaning back on the bed, a cascade of white curly hair falling from her head, her nightdress pulled down to reveal round breasts and dark brown nipples exposed to the dim lights of the room. Ororo leaned back on her hands and uttered a small sigh as Thor savored and held her; she felt his strong hands caress her skin, his soft lips brushing her skin.

She inhaled deeply and felt herself growing vividly alive. Thor pulled her soft shift down more, down below the dip of her stomach and over her wide hips and muscular thighs, down her calves and feet, kissing their perfect little toes before tossing the gown aside.

He beheld her as one would a precious, freshly cut diamond. Her ebony form was a grand study of supple, wild curves, lying on the bed with tousled white curls in the candlelight. She lightly bit her lip and stared at him, who leaned at the foot of the bed. He had always felt the need to protect and serve the Weather Witch but now the intensity of how he wanted, no, needed to take her was unbearably intense.

Ororo saw him there, that look was so heated, more heated than she ever knew him to be. He looked as if he craved her. Thor untied his robe and let it fall off. She smiled as she beheld him. His body was a golden play of muscles from his arms to his torso, to the dip of his hip bones and down below to his impressive pride, standing at attention.

Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)

Thor, I had no idea! Now…you desire to serve me, no? He rubbed the muscles of her inner thigh and delicately tasted her, running his tongue along the folds and then plunging it deeper, lapping at her wetness. His hungry tongue found her center of pleasure and began to suckle and nibble.

Her head leaned back into the pillow and she closed her eyes, letting the sensations wash over her.

Ororo Munroe/Thor Odinson - Fanlore

Thor moved his finger and tongue on her in unison and Ororo cried out. Her cries made his manhood pulse and pull with eagerness. Thor moved his fingers, feeling her depths clasp tight. His own need tugged and tightened fiercely at him.

The animal hunger in those eyes… She hadn't let anyone physically in since T'challa…or mentally in either, for that matter. Ororo wanted so much to forget about him and she silenced those thoughts.

This God of Thunder was standing there as if he was starving and she was a gourmet five course meal laid out before him. Take me, God of Thunder! I want you as mine…" She smiled and kissed him again. He held and drove his quivering manhood into her slick, warm depths as her plush lips were on his.

His strokes were powerful and deep as he plunged into her again and again, loosing himself in the pleasure and rhythm of their love. Storm shouted out as Thor made love to her, thrusting deeply and fanning the flames of sensation inside her. She moved her hips in unison with his. He drove harder and she could have sworn the air crackled and sparked for a moment. Give me more, Thunder God! Her eyes began to shine white and he emanated glowing lines of electricity.

The bed creaked harshly and the mahogany wood of the headboard began to split a bit in a few places. A ping noise sounded as the lights snapped on briefly and sputtered out. She could have sworn a loud booming noise sounded somewhere but she couldn't really concentrate on it as she lost herself in a million wonderful spasms.

He felt himself heat up like wildfire and tense up, his muscles contracted with pleasurable sensations and he emptied his statically charged seed deep inside of Ororo in an unearthly powerful thrust. The headboard creaked and then almost separated, but remained in it's position.

There was silence again, save for the howling wind whipping up trails of cold rain outside. In the silvery darkness of the penthouse, Storm and Thor's deep breathing was the only thing that could be heard. His forehead leaned against hers, his wavy gold hair hanging, as they rested on and within each other. She was silent and a spark of panic rose as he feared he might have hurt her.

Storm savored feeling his weight on her… He climbed off and lay down next to her. Storm scooted herself next to him, resting her head on his chest and clasped his leg with her thigh.

thor and storm relationship

Together their hearts beat as they rested on the white sheets in harmony, a living picture of yin and yang. He put his arm around Storm. He refrained from pouring his heart, from saying how much he loved her, even though he dearly wanted to.

She couldn't deny that she felt safe in his arms as she inhaled his hearty scent…it reminded her of tall far away mountains and pine musk. One such time, Wakanda was attacked by Namor, the king of Atlantis, while he was possessed by the Phoenix Force.

Normally, Wakanda was highly defensible. With its power extended outward to help the Captain America side of the war, however, the attack devastated the country. Between this and the X-Men vs. Avengers event, a heartbroken Black Panther lashed out and annuled his marriage with Storm while she was away.

She was only given notice when she came back to try to help put Wakanda back together. He asked her to leave, saying their marriage was over. While the couple remained friends, their romance never recovered. The logic behind their relationship was to pair two very strong heroes together. However, Storm and Black Panther both had separate comics. It became hard to give the two equal weight and have them appear in the same places.

The inability to make one a supporting character instead of a hero hurt their relationship. Under Claremont's reasoning, their marriage falling apart was for the best for their hero careers.

With patience and the rights hands, and some more build-up before rushing to the alter, the two could really hit it off. Both are strong, regal, respected characters with a devotion to their past and traditions. Therefore their similarities in their beliefs could greatly outweigh the things going against them. Ta-Nehisi Coates, famous author of Between the World and Me, mantled a Black Panther series in which the couple shares romantic feelings once more.

The series ran for 11 issues from There's a possibility to keep the romance consistent and growing, however, as Coates has been in talks to helm a Storm comic series as well.

Time will tell if Coates finds the two juggernaut heroes falling in love all over again, and perhaps more organically than the last go-around. The two connect only to play chess and be colleagues in the superhero business.

thor and storm relationship

T'Challa has backed off and only wishes the best for Storm. He even encourages her to find love-- that is, as long as its not Wolverine. The King of Wakanda states Logan as the one and only person who he doesn't want Storm to be with. Of course, that hardly means Storm heeds his request.

He broke her heart, after all. His reasons were understandable, though. Because of his love for Ororo, he left his city less defended against Namor and the Phoenix Force.

He, the king, aided in his land's decimation. Furthermore, his queen was away and wasn't there to help defend Wakanda's people. While cruel, T'Challa felt betrayed and abandoned.

The Wakandan King decided to refocus on his people and remove the queen who was always away. The broken country left him a broken man, and at that time, he found Ororo's absence from protecting his people unforgivable. The heroine lived her youth as an urchin in Cairo, growing up alone.

Storm found solace in the X-Men because of her lack of blood relatives. With T'Challa, she went searching around the world and found family in America and Africa. Both heroes value family and traditions, even if they don't always follow them. Now, with the family she lost by her side, Storm was ready to marry the man willing to trek around the world to find them.

This gesture was easily one of the most romantic of their entire relationship. In the animated movie, The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, one of the main characters is their son, a young boy by the name of Azari.