Tigress and po relationship fanfiction twilight

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tigress and po relationship fanfiction twilight

This is NOT Twilight based. Rated T for Vampire violence, and blood. Rated: Fiction T - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 5, As soon as the bandit was out cold on the floor, Tigress took Po over to the. Movies» Kung Fu Panda Rated: T, English, Drama & Romance, [Po, Tigress], Words: , Favs: 23, Follows: 8, Published: Sep 26, Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance - Po, Tigress - Words: 2, . out onto the Valley again, now under a twilight sky, the dark blue sky is just.

He had to find tigress. Did something happen to her? Was she even alive? He stared to unconsciously walk faster 'calm down Po this is Tigress we're talking about, she wouldn't go down so easily. He had to find his way back. After 10 minutes of walking Po arrived at the once battlefield. Broken trees lay scattered and the ground was an uneven mess.

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He looked around and found the 5. They were alive, a little beaten up but alive. He noticed shifu was gone, he probably left to get medical help. He looked around in panic 'calm down' he thought. He was gonna ask the 5, maybe they knew where she was. He walked up to them, viper was the first to notice his presence. Master shifu left a while ago, he's getting a healer so he should be back soon.

They weren't deep but they still bled a little.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction twilight

Po was in the zone, he was determined to find her. Even after his legs started to cramp he kept running, she meant that much to him. You see po and tigress had a secret, a secret not even the 5 new about. They knew that if this secret went public it could risk there careers as Kung fu masters.

They were in a relationship. Tigress then hugged Po while stroking the back of his neck, and whispered something to him. I don't care if you're a vampire or not, you're still part of this family" Po became so happy when he heard Tigress say this, she considered him one of them. Shifu then got up from his seat and spoke to Tigress.

But Oogway defeated him in battle, and warded him off with garlic. Chinese for Damned and there he built his own army and destroyed villages all around China, calling himself the Prince of the Shadows, then he tried to destroy the Valley again, but Oogway then defeated him once again, and turned him to a marble statue, and placed into the Jungle's temple, never to cause havoc amongst China ever again.

I don't understand who could have revived Qui-Gong out of his eternal slumber, but it's important that we get him to return Po to mortal" Po then got up and spoke.

Tigress and Jesse will stay here to keep an eye on you, to help you control your blood-lust, and we'll go to the Jungle of the Kai-Su and capture him and have him return you to your former mortality" Shifu said as she pointed his flute at the Vamparized Dragon Warrior. Tigress then spoke up. So you and Jesse will stay here and make sure Po's thirst for mortal blood doesn't go out of control" Tigress then bowed instead of arguing, since Tigress hated to see Po scared, even if he is a creature of the night.

After Dinner was over, the others left to pack for the trip with full stomachs, Po however was sad since vampires don't eat mortal food, he rubbed his hungry stomach, hoping that he could eat something.

High up above the Valley sits the majestic Jade Palace, high enough to be touching the heavens above as a symbol of protection for the Valley. In the Student Barracks' kitchen, all of the Furious Five except Tigress are eating their dinner, bowls of noodle soup and dumplings, just the usual but they always enjoy it.

Sitting with them is Xiu, a beautiful slender red fox with a yellow vest and blue pants, she also wore black shoes, her eyes are very green, almost like grass.

Then there's Lihua sitting next to Mantis, she's a butterfly with black wings and big blue spots on them, she has blue eyes. Aren't they coming for dinner? She finished up her soup and then got up. She slithered out of the kitchen and left the others to eat. So Viper began looking for her sister-friend, she looked in the barracks but found no sign of her, in the training hall where she usually hangs out, but found no sign her there either. She looked around the Jade Palace and found her standing outside the front entrance with her arms crossed, looking out onto the Valley.

The sun's golden rays shone directly on her as it began to go below the horizon, some red and purple clouds caused by the sun's light hung just above the gold light. Tigress gazed to her right to see Viper but looked out right in front of her. Her face was emotionless, but Viper could now could sense if something's wrong. Tigress didn't answer, but she slowly breathed out, Viper wrapped her tail around Tigress' leg as a friendly hug.

Tigress looked down at Viper, seeing the snake's concerned eyes, she sighed. Tigress sighed again and answered, "Yes…" "But…you're concerned it may not go right? I'm not the dating type, and I know Po's putting some effort to make this a good date, I just don't want to ruin it by not being so…you know…" Tigress said, not used to saying the word. Viper raised an eyebrow and asked "Romantic?

tigress and po relationship fanfiction twilight

Tigress sighed, she looked down at herself, seeing she's still in her red training vest and black pants. Viper grabbed her arm. Tigress looked into the snake's eyes, and they're pleading with her. She tried to fight it, but she sighed and gave in. About thirty minutes later, Po is standing out in the Sacred Hallway of Warriors with his friends and new friends as they wait for Tigress.

Everyone's eyes were wide, and Po…he's truly amazed, this new makeover really brought out her beauty. Tigress blushed deeper, "Thanks Po. I'm glad you like it. You look…dashing as well. She grabbed Po's hand, they intertwined and began heading out. Po looked back at them, "Oh guys, we'll be back about ten.

Po and Tigress are walking down the Thousand Footsteps towards the Valley, enjoying one another's company as they walk hand in hand.